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Intended achievements for this session
Title update - Operation 3: Gridiron
Title update - August 2020 Update
Session notes
Duo Zero Seven said:
Some experienced horde to take advantage of the exp boosting madness!
(I know it's not the most effective, but it should be fun, we can add each other as friends and also get the allies exp at the same time!)

Session Goals:
- Controlled bursts (suggestions on map?)
- Brothers in arms (Hopefully someone has at least one of these)
- Perky's revenge (I think we should be able to do this)
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (someone can be Jack, it'll be a nice assisted achievement)

We can also attempt I'll form the head!

Any of the other listed achievements we'll probably make progress towards depending on your class and how much effort you put in :)

Any comments or ideas please message me, I'm always open and flexible!
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
New Zealand Duo Zero Seven Duo Zero Seven Xbox Live pageLooking for Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 players! Message me! 100.00% 601,006
5/16 Confirmed
USA METALGAMER8 METALGAMER8 Xbox Live pageNeed help with Borderlands (360), Dying Light, Division 1, Rainbow 6 Siege, BF Bad Company 1, Friday The 13th, Dead By Daylight, and Wildlands, thanks 90.20% 150,567
11/16 Confirmed
England mcdideys1997 mcdideys1997 Xbox Live page 0% 374,139
7/16 Confirmed
Russian Federation HEXBaTAETyMA HEXBaTAETyMA Xbox Live page 98.30% 39,992
8/16 Confirmed
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  • Posted on 07 February 21 at 10:38
    DrViper665 has joined the session
    Posted on 08 February 21 at 01:53
    I think we can all take turns on the Jack achievement (Reduce Reuse Recycle) for those of us who don't have it yet. Can someone show/tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance I haven't played as Jack in a long time.
  • Posted on 09 February 21 at 02:54
    mcdideys1997 has joined the session
  • Posted on 12 February 21 at 15:41
    HEXBaTAETyMA has joined the session as a reserve
  • Posted on 13 February 21 at 05:04
    DrViper665 has been removed from the session.
  • Posted on 13 February 21 at 05:05
    I have removed DrViper665 due to his very low review score, and his two most recent sets of feedback being a no show. I would rather not have someone like that in my session.
  • Posted on 13 February 21 at 07:37
    HEXBaTAETyMA has joined the session
  • Posted on 13 February 21 at 16:45
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  • Posted on 13 February 21 at 19:30
    JaceTheAce81 has been removed from the session.
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