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general1179 said:
Looking for someone to actively boost this since double boxing isn't an option for me. I'll be making session reminders every week on this time.

We'll take 30 minute turns on who wins and keep swapping. We'll be using the pitch black mode on cold storage method, unless a faster method is discovered. Usually willing to go more than the 3 hour session time if necessary.

Mic is highly recommended in order to communicate efficiently; we'll be using the Xbox app/Xbox one for voice party.

Message me on Xbox if you have any questions.
GT: general1179
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Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
general1179 general1179 Xbox Live page 100.00% 223,629
2/4 Confirmed
Switzerland ListlessDragon ListlessDragon Xbox Live pageIt was me. I let the dogs out. 99.96% 492,662
2/4 Confirmed
Netherlands SSSteinMan SSSteinMan Xbox Live page 99.47% 1,303,444
2/4 Reserve
  • Posted on 03 March 21 at 03:30
    SSSteinMan has joined the session as a reserve
  • Posted on 04 March 21 at 10:29
    As discussed, see you at 23.00 GMT - I'll likely be available an hour earlier, so just ping me if you fancy starting sooner. Looks like it should be straightforward if tedious.
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