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Intended achievements for this session
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  • Explorer (Multiplayer)

    Win 5 Team or Solo matches on each original MP map with at least 5 different gamertags in the room

    Explorer (Multiplayer)
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Session notes
Skwierczu PL said:
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you join at your own risk :)
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Poland Skwierczu PL Skwierczu PL Xbox Live page 93.28% 35,206
0/13 Confirmed
USA Extr3m3 G4m3r Extr3m3 G4m3r Xbox Live page 98.16% This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site 0/13 Applied
Slovakia PoliceOffice775 PoliceOffice775 Xbox Live page 95.50% 42,874
10/13 Applied
Netherlands darkling1542 darkling1542 Xbox Live pageIf you want a game to rage from play El Shaddai 98.28% 1,536,493
0/13 Applied
Colombia ccamilon ccamilon Xbox Live page 91.95% 53,556
4/13 Applied
  • Posted on 28 October 21 at 15:09
    I would join if we could do leaderboards achievement. I have 3 dummys with me
  • Posted on 28 October 21 at 15:09
    I meant leaderboard achievements
  • Posted on 29 October 21 at 07:50
    Would be nice if some players that have more 3 dummys or can double or triple box. Or that can double or triple box with 4 dummys. Even better if they are highter rank (16,20,24 and 25) that have 4 dummys with double or triple box. Max players for lobby is 16. Idk if we will get 16 players if yes it would be nice
  • Magthrower12Magthrower12130,798
    Posted on 30 October 21 at 11:47
    Team/solo you only need your main and another dummy account, all leaderboard achievements can be done on your own and is actually pretty simple to get it going. Message me if you have any questions
  • Posted on 30 October 21 at 20:01
    I know that. The more players the bettersmile
  • Posted on 31 October 21 at 13:53
    It would take forever with few dummies with more players it would go faster. And when the players are higher rank it would go even faster for solo,team and universal.
  • Magthrower12Magthrower12130,798
    Posted on 01 November 21 at 10:31
    Good luck going for these achievements. Glad I got these when I did laugh
  • Posted on 02 November 21 at 16:09
    Thank you. All luck is needed for these 3 achievements.
  • HPfantic12HPfantic12120,278
    Posted on 20 November 21 at 04:57
    Hey Magthrower, I hear you got famous for the GRAW leaderboards. I’m also looking to get the more than myself achievements and the champion stuff done
  • Posted on 20 November 21 at 18:28
    Me too
  • Magthrower12Magthrower12130,798
    Posted on 25 November 21 at 14:31
    You probably will never get these achievements. The leaderboards are too high
  • HellCreeper666HellCreeper6661,038,732
    Posted yesterday at 05:11
    "Captain HellCreeper!!! No... just HellCreeper."
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