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Session notes
ItsTimmah said:
Going for the 10 Co-Op wins portion of All-Purpose Warrior.
Boomstick can be done on Co-Op map 2.
Once everyone has all 3 maps done we will just play Co-Op map 2 since it is the easiest to beat.
Willing to help with other multiplayer achievements if we have time left over.
If you have a mic we will be using Xbox One party chat.
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA ItsTimmah ItsTimmah Xbox Live page 99.60% 406,264
5/5 Confirmed
Germany Alex the Rook Alex the Rook Xbox Live pagevery busy, too many games! ;) 99.96% 709,060
4/5 Confirmed
USA sev05 sev05 Xbox Live pageTry Von coin! 97.92% 434,627
4/5 Confirmed
Chettlar Chettlar Xbox Live page 98.77% 233,901
4/5 Confirmed
Spain Secrecy 30 Secrecy 30 Xbox Live pageNot paying money for sequels, games with political agenda or sjw bullshit inside. 99.14% 951,581
5/5 Reserve
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    Posted on 09 October 21 at 23:33
    Alex the Rook has joined the session
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    Posted on 10 October 21 at 00:44
    sev05 has joined the session
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    Posted on 10 October 21 at 05:51
    Chettlar has joined the session
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    Posted on 10 October 21 at 09:23
    Secrecy 30 has joined the session as a reserve
  • ItsTimmahItsTimmah406,264
    Posted on 16 October 21 at 16:00
    Secrecy, not sure how many more coop wins I need but I know it's 5 or less. If I finish early I can send u an inviye to finish thhe session.
  • ChettlarChettlar233,901
    Posted on 16 October 21 at 16:19
    I should be off work 30 min before with plenty of time to get on since I live right next to work. But if they keep me an extra half hour because it's very busy today I might be slightly late. Shouldn't be too severe. I'll be home as soon as I possibly can. I have the Xbox app too if you need to message me.
  • Secrecy 30Secrecy 30951,581
    Posted on 16 October 21 at 17:12
    Thanks. I will be available during session. Send a msg if group need one more
  • ChettlarChettlar233,901
    Posted on 16 October 21 at 17:59
    Be home in 5
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