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Crater Bob said:

Entrants must have a headset and speak English, and must stipulate as such in their session application. Please include your windows of availability in your application as well.

XBox One Party will be used for communication, to make this easier, HDMI your 360 into your XBox One's Cable TV HDMI port so your 360 pipelines into your XBox One OneGuide TV app.

Looking to get some of the major online achievements out of the way (finally), so if you're looking to get online wins out of the way, drop an application and we'll go from there.

Starting out with getting the 15 consecutive ranked online while stacking the 15 consecutive ranked online with a standard controller EACH, then trading wins to 500 ranked online wins.

If there's anything else you need, it will be worked on afterwards.

This will easily take more than one session, so this is just the icebreaker.
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Canada Crater Bob Crater Bob Xbox Live page[NO LEFT BUMPER] FURTHER weapon upgrades?! Stardew Valley 97.33% 358,104
3/4 Confirmed
Canada Maliicious Maliicious Xbox Live page 98.46% 540,196
4/4 Confirmed
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    Posted on 21 October 21 at 18:03
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