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MajorLoseGaming said:
Will try again this weekend.

Need to be level 30 to start.
Will try to alternate wins on Last stand, as well as go for the other achievements.

Can do survival or underground later or if not enough show up.
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MajorLoseGaming MajorLoseGaming Xbox Live page 100.00% 126,104
5/5 Confirmed
Ireland SeanOgMiSPARTAN SeanOgMiSPARTAN Xbox Live pageMax Payne 3 - 3 playthroughs down, 3 to go 99.65% 808,450
4/5 Confirmed
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    Posted on 23 November 21 at 18:50
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    Posted on 24 November 21 at 04:34
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  • Posted on 30 November 21 at 05:27
    Me and some Buds were having a good time messing around when someone must of reported us for swearing. I have a 14 day ban. It's a little harsh and was none of their business, whoever reported me. I can't even use multi-player. Division is multi-player only. So looks like I'm out. I appealed the case, but I guess someone didn't like hearing 2 adults speak ( by the way, the game itself throws the F bomb all the time so I don't get it ).
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    Posted on 05 December 21 at 01:09
    blob197 has left the session.

    blob197 said:
  • Posted on 05 December 21 at 10:50
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