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exorr said:
The goal is to each get "Survive and Thrive" as well as "All Work Together" as these are the 2 that require 5 people. We need 3 others as I'll dual-box. If you can dual-box and join session send me a PM and I'll decrease the amount needed for the session.
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Status
exorr exorrUSA Xbox Live page 100.00% 663,302
2/2 Confirmed
BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiUSA Xbox Live page 82.57% 3,365,044
0/2 Confirmed
Xpovos XpovosUSA Xbox Live page 98.84% 928,032
2/2 Confirmed
Andre BigBoss 2 Andre BigBoss 2Brazil Xbox Live page 94.95% 1,158,431
2/2 Confirmed
KriSpy CharMZ KriSpy CharMZUSA Xbox Live page 99.17% 816,992
2/2 Confirmed
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    Posted on 16 May 22 at 15:48
    BiLLzuMaNaTi has joined the session
  • XpovosXpovos928,032
    Posted on 16 May 22 at 17:20
    I could double box, but I think I can also bring more actual bodies…
    Time not important; only life important.
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    Posted on 16 May 22 at 17:20
    Xpovos has joined the session
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,337,757
    Posted on 16 May 22 at 17:44
    I wouldn't be able to make it till probably 15-30 minutes after scheduled start, but if that's not an issue I'm interested. That said, I don't know the game well at all, and have no clue how difficult these actually are, so I may just not be a good booster for it anyways if it takes skill or knowledge.
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    Posted on 17 May 22 at 01:58
    KriSpy CharMZ has joined the session as a reserve
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    Posted on 17 May 22 at 11:22
    KriSpy CharMZ has been added as a participant from the reserves
  • exorrexorr663,302
    Posted on 19 May 22 at 01:01
    I am sending invites to all in the session tonight. Talk to you all tomorrow. Please be on mic or it will be difficult!
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