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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Stallion83 Stallion83LIVE now streaming Shaq Fu! Shaqtin' A Fu http://www.Twitch.tv/Stallion83 68,318 1000 headshots in Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition
2 weffalump weffalump 36,814 Who Run Bartertown? in State of Decay 2
3 Bond OO7 Bond OO7https://www.Twitch.tv/gamers_be_like 33,592 Rider's Licence in Assassin's Creed Origins
4 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehHeads up for anyone who purchases games from the Argentina Store, from the 20th June 21% tax will be added so get those pre orders in! 33,220 Corruption Corrected in Neverwinter
5 acedawg4 acedawg4Anyone else getting a TON of errors on TA mobile nowadays? Every few pages I navigate the page gets screwed up and unable to recover! 33,181 The Cat Came Back in Dead Exit
6 BwF SmokeBudnSF BwF SmokeBudnSF 30,819 The Heat is Off in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
7 Xenodolf Xenodolfthe fear of the blood tends to create fear for the flesh 29,890 Biggest Rohn Jambo in Dead Effect 2
8 JieXY JieXYCountry flag change countdown: 11 days. 28,724 Aya! Aya! Cthulhu fhtagn! in We Are The Dwarves
9 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN 27,805 Firebug in The Surge
10 AbleHenry AbleHenry 26,301 Bright Park in TurnOn
11 jjbcbus jjbcbusjjbcbus won 3,129 Achievements and 6 Challenges in 302 games, for a total of 109,333 TrueAchievement 26,018 Every Penny in Omega Strike
12 Kovy88 Kovy88I just want to see some Ori and the Will of the Wisps gameplay. No other expectations. 25,368 Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin in Dark Souls: Remastered
13 SHIN GRIMM SHIN GRIMMGears 4 grind continues, Piece of cake with the right team. What else you got coalition? 25,072 Hammerburst Mastery in Gears of War 4
14 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91Need to get games done 24,902 Farewell in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series
15 Matty to tha G Matty to tha Ggrinding gears 24,838 Bomber in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
16 wbs wbsI have a 12 month gold card for a Brazil account to trade or sell. Gold is apparently region locked 24,055 Not as Mean as They Look in Disneyland Adventures
17 AceStAyWilDiN AceStAyWilDiNWhat's goodie hunters ?? 24,041 Queensbury Rules in Assassin's Creed Syndicate
18 xSTAGGERxLEEx xSTAGGERxLEExgrind time 23,721 Between rock and a hard place in Little Triangle
19 TricKyRicKy xD TricKyRicKy xDA new splinter cell please!!!!!!!!!! 23,635 No, You Are in Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
20 ToadStyleVenom ToadStyleVenom 23,515 Record score in ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97
21 Sky360 Sky360 23,207 TMI in Dreamfall Chapters
22 Bomber37 Bomber37 22,606 Practitioner in The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker
23 Valioukha ValioukhaRAPPEL : fermeture des serveurs de Battleblock Theater le 25 juin 2018, Just Sing le 29 juin 2018, UNO & Friends le 30 juin 2018 ! 22,229 We are the Champions in Gems of War
24 SmokenRocket SmokenRocketWow! Grand Canyon is a must see!! 22,011 We are the Champions in Gems of War
25 Jason8uk Jason8uk 21,687 M-I-C-K-E-Y in Disneyland Adventures
26 evil terrorr evil terrorrReached 500,000GS pretty proud of myself 21,144 A Storm is Brewing in The Walking Dead: Michonne
27 N18p73pwn3r N18p73pwn3rNext larger project: Portal Knights 20,853 Payback Time in Evolve
28 RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99The month of Witness being GWG is over. The WT already has more than double the thanks than any other I've written. So appreciative of the support! 20,360 The Maker in Shift Quantum
29 OO111111 OO111111One must imagine achievement hunters happy. dance 20,336 HI SCORE MODE Hole No. 4 in ACA NEOGEO TOP PLAYER'S GOLF
30 Petrified PetrifiedAfter 272 days played on Ark I think it may be time to give it up and get back to going for 500K gs 20,089 Too Many Legs in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
31 Heaven In Vain Heaven In Vainsupposed to be playing games for gamerscore to hit 500k by end of year. lucky to play anything tho t 19,827 Little Sister Savior in BioShock
32 the nayster the naysterif carlsburg made men...... 19,300 Booyah in Big Buck Hunter Arcade
33 Pare ESP Pare ESPGame save corrupted on Dirt Rally!!!! lots of hours lost....thanks codemasters 19,239 I am Flaming Dragon, Sensei! in Jump Stars
34 Auston53 Auston53Check out my band at facebook.com/acediasband 19,222 Veteran Club Members in NHL 18
35 RichRichie1989 RichRichie1989THE UK has voted to come out of the EU HOORAY 18,857 Zoo Believer in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
36 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1DLiterally just completed Gorod Krovi EE and as the final cutscene ended, the game crashed. No cheevo :( 18,841 Wonderful in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
37 misterman08 misterman082nd in gamerscore in Michigan for Racing games 18,792 #Forzathon Pass the Pack Performance in Forza Horizon 3
38 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 30012 month XBOX live Gold card $31.76 at http://www.gamingdragons.com/en/112/a0b4515f 18,741 All Is Fair in Politics in Assassin's Creed Syndicate
40 bps21 bps21 18,187 Tree of life in Samsara
41 Pigimiss Prime Pigimiss Primemerry xmas everyone!!! p.s. i love my boyfriend for my new surface!! 17,896 Denied! in AO Tennis
42 Singularity69 Singularity69Anyone considering purchasing Titan Quest - DON'T. Packed full of the same bugs from the 2006 PC version! The caravan feature is broken. 17,607 Archeology 101 in Far Cry 3
43 mfeforever mfeforever 17,546 Le Mans Gold in Forza Motorsport 5
44 Chardcore ChardcoreRemember when I used to get achievements? Pepperidge Farm remembers. 17,490 Card Superior in Lies of Astaroth
45 CrispyReaper CrispyReaper 17,129 Activated in Tom Clancy's The Division
46 Jeremy Jay One Jeremy Jay OneJourney to 500 completions completion #442 FC 5 16,964 Untouchable in LEGO The Incredibles
47 Acap AcapLove my cat <3 16,827 I'm In The Zone in Gears of War 4
48 bigdaddy1622 bigdaddy1622 16,531 We are the Champions in Gems of War
49 Miss Baby Kim Miss Baby KimYou can follow and watch me on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/missbabykim19 16,467 Toasted in Shadow Warrior
50 MANGLER MANGLERToo many games, almost no time to play!!! 16,262 One Good Turn in Mafia III
51 RyU913 RyU913 16,258 I Have the Power in Gems of War
52 donut77 donut77HARBL 16,241 Justice for All in Injustice: Gods Among Us
53 Cer3bra1Asassin Cer3bra1AsassinNew Job def caused a hit to Gamerscore this yr 16,132 Unwanted Attention in Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter
54 omgeezus omgeezusI AM ON A COMPLETION FRENZY 16,080 Speedreader in Gone Home: Console Edition
55 brjr1005 brjr1005 15,845 Road Trip in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
56 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 15,834 Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
57 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomStreet fighter 30th anniversary and bloodstained lists 15,826 Flag Owner in The Darkness (DE)
58 VixyNyan VixyNyanhttps://youtu.be/v2PAI5JNAT8 = MegaMan 11 release confirmed: 2018-10-02. FuseMan & BlockMan revealed. Double Gear adds slowdown & overcharge ability~! 15,742 CARAVAN MODE 200,000 points in ACA NEOGEO AERO FIGHTERS 2 (Win 10)
59 Dalthon74 Dalthon747777 achievements in 777 games! 15,741 Getting Started in InkSplosion
60 Badson42 Badson42I made it to level 49! I hope my last year in my 40s is fun 15,662 Qualified in Gravel
61 KY PRO 2008 KY PRO 2008oh well 15,583 I taught you self-reliance. in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
62 xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 15,555 Love to lolita in Lilith-M
63 SITH RICK SITH RICKwon 122 Achievements in 16 games, for a total of 8,101 TrueAchievement points (5,348 Gamerscore). 15,554 Diebrarian in Fallout 4
64 gabrielguns gabrielgunsF.E.A.R 650.000/1.000.000// alguem quer fazer a conquista the bombardie no world of tanks ? 15,364 Maize Runner in Maize
65 Hydrolex Hydrolex 15,329 Glub Glub Glub in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)
66 XI AlphaMale IX XI AlphaMale IX1 year sober! 15,298 I Have the Power in Gems of War
67 meatman75 meatman75First chieveo was "UNO!" on 12/30/07. 100K 5/15/11, 200K 5/11/14, 300K 9/18/16, 400K 9/xx/18?? 15,230 Extinguished in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
68 Jay20047 Jay20047 15,060 Farewell, Tien... in Dragon Ball FighterZ
69 Chilli Thunder Chilli Thunder 15,004 Spice of Life in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
70 guns vs kittens guns vs kittensBlack the Fall 100 % Walkthrough in 1 Hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQIN-5ftJTY 14,953 Friend Finder in South Park: The Fractured but Whole
71 Hungry Howie XL Hungry Howie XL 14,915 Aki Kimura in Need for Speed Payback
72 xFREE HANDSKISx xFREE HANDSKISxadd me on XBL :) 14,846 In Your Image in NBA 2K17
73 MuppeT May Cry MuppeT May CryTI 2018 Started... bye bye Xbox 14,816 Perfect Score in DreamBreak
74 DaddyP Not3D DaddyP Not3D300,000. 14,803 Gnawing Covenant in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
75 The Dirktator The Dirktatorhas he really returned? 14,693 A Serious House in BATMAN – The Telltale Series
76 Wizzbang6 Wizzbang6Polish Sausage 14,632 Nature’s Friend in Zuma's Revenge!
77 loco alien 505 loco alien 50544/65 Onyx Medals (Seriously 3.0) 14,509 I Have the Power in Gems of War
78 Frostbite FrostbiteNew Status Update.... 14,487 Walk The Path in Far Cry 5
79 DX Jedi DX Jedi 14,415 Two Chapters in Gears of War 4
80 DevilWithin08 DevilWithin08Scalebound cancelled!!!! Was one of the games I was really looking forward to :( 14,397 Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight in Dark Souls: Remastered
81 MyFryHole MyFryHoleSoooo, can I play Fallout 76 now? 14,364 Broadcast This! in Gears of War 4
82 Surfer2308 Surfer2308 14,337 Rank: Half-time champ in One Hundred Ways
83 Achvement AchvementYayy finally out of the gtasc thank god. That was my first year and that was boring to wait around for the next week. 14,192 Fallen in The Fall
84 EdibleChunk EdibleChunkTrying to clear up some HDD space. 14,064 Treasure Hunter in Gems of War
85 HilariousHarvie HilariousHarvieHard Mode has glitched out on Guacamelee right near the end :( NOT HAPPY 14,043 Vengeance, and running! in SpeedRunners
86 Agent Cobra 7 Agent Cobra 7 13,955 Studios Horde Challenge in Gears of War 4
87 F3AR Avenger F3AR AvengerI miss playing the Batman Arkham Games! Hopefully a new one or something similar gets announced at E 13,954 Best of the Best in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
88 Crunk McCrunk Crunk McCrunkhttp://twitter.com/beatmason 13,946 Free the Snow! in KILLING FLOOR 2
89 Zaki HUN Zaki HUN 13,929 It's Gonna Cost Ya in DiRT Rally
90 W1cked Girl W1cked Girl 13,868 Old is New in Gorogoa
91 TriHard Gamers TriHard GamersSo close to once again reaching 80% completion 13,747 Blood Oath in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
92 Tekiinoaru TekiinoaruJohn 3:16 13,745 No brakes in Aaero
93 Grasclown GrasclownNeed someone to boost the 99 ranked wins in stormrise, anyone? 13,736 Phantom in Assassin's Creed Syndicate
94 Redders 420 Redders 420My internet went down for a few hours yesterday and I actually had to talk to my family. They seem n 13,667 You, The Master Of Unlocking in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
95 Gogore WoD Gogore WoD 13,638 Bounty Hunter in Resident Evil Revelations 2
96 dvdmanpa dvdmanpa 13,521 Fibbage XL: Don't Know What To Believe... in The Jackbox Party Pack
97 FERN4NDO9 FERN4NDO912 Days of Christmas - Challenge 7: Top 14. Pretty happy with that 13,498 Zen and the Art of Reloading in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
98 KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33I just dont get why people that complete the neo geo games so quickly dont make guides for caravan o 13,309 Two out of Three in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series
99 Mad In Craft Mad In Craft 13,275 The Council of Kangs in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
100 Boss Complex Boss Complexhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77eA8F8Z_tw - new POPE 13,209 Conduit Connection in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified