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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Stallion83 Stallion83This week's deals with gold easy gamerscore games rundown. https://tinyurl.com/yx9ok4cs 2,037,962 Orb Master in Crackdown 3: Campaign
2 Pigimus Prime Pigimus Prime 1,647,120 Master of Darkness in Goodbye Deponia
3 AbleHenry AbleHenry 978,365 Appreciated visitor in Glass Masquerade
4 Five1oh Five1ohTo infinity and beyond! 939,656 Rest in Peace in Creepy Road
5 acedawg4 acedawg4Can anyone help Power Rank me or have spare Weapons for Borderlands Presequel? 877,124 Wheelman in Crackdown 3: Campaign
6 Epic Louie Epic Louie 850,000 Caves Captives Captured in Adventures of Pip
7 Healtti Healtti 837,712 It's All about Time in F1 2015
8 IrishWarrior022 IrishWarrior022 834,111 Heavenly Creatures in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
9 The Mascal The Mascal200,000 gamerscore in Racing games smile 793,890 Easy Rider in Monster Energy Supercross 2 - The Official Videogame
10 Sky360 Sky360 792,005 Stalker killer in Assassin's Creed Rogue
11 Sillva SillvaWho wants to inv Silly Silv to their farm? ?? It's a small world! in Farm Together 758,180 Record score in ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003
12 Zombified ZombifiedYeah but does it glow? 756,870 Silent marksman in Metro Exodus
13 KURSED SOULS KURSED SOULS 756,543 Never too late to do well in Farm Together
14 OO111111 OO111111The Achievement Hunting Road Trip is officially complete. Full recap coming... probably never at this rate. dance 743,689 Sellout in Brutal Legend
15 ds9ds9ds9 ds9ds9ds9 734,690 Mexico in Glass Masquerade
16 TricKyRicKy xD TricKyRicKy xDNew milestone: 666,666G 726,515 It's funny to destroy little Fairy families in Daggerhood
17 Kovy88 Kovy88A great video about Dead Space 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ3iqq49Ew8 722,595 Specialist Agent in Crackdown 3: Campaign
18 Zedarboy Zedarboy 699,039 Master Sweeper in Minesweeper Genius
19 xTCx xTCxAnyone up for boosting Saints Row 1 Universal, DE and JP; Saints Row 2 Universal and DE? 676,759 Roboextinction in Abyss (Win 8)
20 cptn cookie 1 cptn cookie 1 676,485 Tier 4 Complete in Danger Zone
21 Matty to tha G Matty to tha GBattlefield Bad Co. dog tag session Saturday night. Join if you need (and can follow instructions lol) 673,075 They don't give health in Daggerhood
22 Pare ESP Pare ESP18/907 GTASC Team 2018!!! Muchas gracias Reaper!!! Has sido el mejor compañero en esta aventura que podia tener!!! Grande!!!! 672,818 Maestro in Transference
23 KOSTAS A M GR KOSTAS A M GRNINTENDO FAN 667,290 Raising firepower in State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem
24 Av3ng3d7X x360a Av3ng3d7X x360a 665,627 Not for glory... in Monster Energy Supercross 2 - The Official Videogame
25 Jeremy Jay One Jeremy Jay OneThere it is! 20k achievements 648,665 Persistent in One Eyed Kutkh
26 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN 647,239 Feeling O.P. Yet? in Crackdown 3: Campaign
27 Handydarkness HandydarknessThought provoking for those that say, "We got this, we'll plow right through it. Go team go." https: 624,598 Inkling of Power in Trove
28 hockeygodDVD hockeygodDVD 622,569 HI SCORE MODE 80,000 points in ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT
29 BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitar 617,304 This is not going to end well in Daggerhood
30 ZAKKE WYLDE ZAKKE WYLDE 611,125 Cartographer in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
31 BigNev44 BigNev44OMG! I want Cyberpunk NOW, the gameplay is intense! 609,931 Finders Keepers in Far Cry New Dawn
32 evil terrorr evil terrorrMensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in een gezellige Xbox discord groep. https://discord.gg/zHs5NWb 609,060 Liberator in Crackdown 3: Campaign
33 FAR QZ FAR QZ 602,770 Lost to the Ages in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
34 Axwell D Axwell DCurrently place 666 on TA! Call me the devil :D 602,024 I want one of those in Dead Island Definitive Edition
35 SCOTTISH F0RCE SCOTTISH F0RCEset my ta to no dlcs so i only need to beat main games time to clean up 597,772 Vanquisher in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
36 WileyOldFox WileyOldFox 597,460 Career Pro in The Golf Club 2
37 keoskey keoskeyI want a new game to continue Chloe and max's story. Life Is Strange: After The Storm 587,068 Road Racer in Crackdown 3: Campaign
38 MikeProcurator MikeProcuratorwon 3,012 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 140 games, for a total of 163,849 TrueAchievement points 571,545 Hey Father, Watch This in Far Cry New Dawn
39 Its Uncle Kev Its Uncle KevCrack3 Wrecking Zone is a hot utter bug fest 565,870 Apex Support in Apex Legends
40 Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45I hate hiding myself from the world it makes me feel sick but you never know who can you trust and cannot so that's why i do it. 563,360 Fixer-Upper in Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360)
41 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91Need to get games done 561,451 Humanity FTW in Crackdown 3: Campaign
42 gabrielguns gabrielgunsTop900. 99.3% dlc i own 95.17% all dlc :) f.e.a.r 2 878.075/1.000.000 561,390 Apex Defense in Apex Legends
43 SHIN GRIMM SHIN GRIMMGears 4 grind continues, Piece of cake with the right team. What else you got coalition? 560,308 Death from Above in Battlefield V
44 mcsteel31 mcsteel31ready 550,165 Last Step in Access Denied
45 Apocalypse Kane Apocalypse Kane 538,902 Monster Mash in Fallout 76
46 Inferno118 Inferno118 536,766 Curiosity in Assassin's Creed Unity
47 wbs wbsI have a 12 month gold card for a Brazil account to trade or sell. Gold is apparently region locked 528,172 Peak-a-Boo in Rad Rodgers
48 Angel Da Vinci Angel Da VinciI'm the devil. I can do what i want 515,297 The Land Down Under in Gems of War
49 DastardlyPIP DastardlyPIP 513,901 Airborne Exterminator in Warframe
50 bps21 bps21 512,815 Systematic Deconstruction in Crackdown 3: Campaign
51 Petrified PetrifiedAfter 272 days played on Ark I think it may be time to give it up and get back to going for 500K gs 509,980 Freerunner in Crackdown 3: Campaign
52 Valioukha ValioukhaBonne Année 2019 à tous et toutes ! Happy New Year 2019! Feliz Año Nuevo 2019 ! Frohes Neues Jahr 2019 ! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu 2019 ! 493,338 Is This The End? in Tyler: Model 005
53 W1cked Girl W1cked Girl 486,873 Italy in Glass Masquerade
54 NBA Kirkland NBA KirklandThere's a glitch that makes completing this game MUCH easier: Honor Student in Quantum Conundrum 486,614 Baller in Peggle 2 (Xbox 360)
55 Zashule 1765 Zashule 1765So the Steam version of FF9 has different achievments than the X1. Go me on being smart. 483,590 Earning the Queen's Favor in Final Fantasy IX
56 xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 483,450 Every Nook and Cranny in Titanfall 2
57 Singularity69 Singularity6912 Days of Xmas - The perfect time for achievements to refuse to unlock... 482,749 Lift the Curse in Assassin's Creed Origins
58 KY PRO 2008 KY PRO 2008Iusy 477,310 Highlands Explorer in Borderlands 2
59 RDW040 RDW040Nearly 3 years of keeping my streak alive, I finally forgot to get an achievement... Whoops 474,390 Freerunner in Crackdown 3: Campaign
60 Vaughn057 Vaughn057 472,498 Leon "S." Kennedy in Resident Evil 2
61 x Mataeus x x Mataeus xDaggerhood took me 21 minutes to get the cheevs. Game is much longer though oO 471,139 Your Lucky Day in Final Fantasy IX
62 Chardcore ChardcoreRemember when I used to get achievements? Pepperidge Farm remembers. 470,373 Never Tell Me the Odds in Forza Horizon 4
63 IVAN83LIVE IVAN83LIVE100 Xbox One Games Completed 470,114 Liberator in Crackdown 3: Campaign
64 kaptin Darling kaptin Darling 469,825 Record score in ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003
65 meatman75 meatman75First chieveo was "UNO!" on 12/30/07. 100K 5/15/11, 200K 5/11/14, 300K 9/18/16, 400K 7/22/18! 500K? Q1 2021? 464,060 Monomania in Crackdown 3: Campaign
66 EpicSure Shot EpicSure Shot. 462,954 Knife Edge Death Match in Realm Royale
67 Auston53 Auston53Anyone have a copy of Skate 2 DE I could buy? 460,455 Complete all levels with at least 1 star in Spiral Splatter
68 Fallout8194 Fallout8194 458,315 Spoiled dinner in Metro Exodus
69 JeffGOMES JeffGOMESSorry for the surfer in the world ... MEDINA is from my Brazil (Champion 2018). 458,079 Weapons Master in Resident Evil 6
70 Kiwiwalker KiwiwalkerBaRt was my most annoying nephew, he now is downgraded to just annoying 456,595 It's Just A Dream in Tyler: Model 005
71 beezelBug beezelBugTake THAT Minecraft! now just the other 6 other versions to complete 456,148 The Eight Bomberman Bros. in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
72 Rare Bishop Rare Bishop 455,334 Finding Old Friends in Anthem
73 Falcon74 PL Falcon74 PLMy coffin has 7 gears 452,125 The Result of Previous Training in HITMAN 2
74 SWEDENDUDE SWEDENDUDECompleted Games 2019 - #23 446,285 HI SCORE MODE 3,000,000 points in ACA NEOGEO WORLD HEROES PERFECT
75 Hydrolex Hydrolex 443,305 What a Trip in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
76 EdenWeekes86 EdenWeekes86 442,404 Nope, I'm still trapped here... in Daggerhood
77 omgeezus omgeezusTruly enjoying Final Fantasy IX - love being able to return to a great game with the addition of a fun achievement list! 439,082 Mr. Sandman in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series (Xbox 360)
78 TurboDiesel Guy TurboDiesel GuyI'm a deaf gamer 439,008 Hi, Mom in Gears of War 4
79 Polished Turd69 Polished Turd69Word to the wise when going for the achievement for only open 3 item boxes in resident evil 7 dont p 437,560 Ka-ching! in Just Dance 2018
80 ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85Congrats to Ray aka Stallion83 for hitting 2 million gamerscore!! 434,210 Party Police in Crackdown 3: Campaign
81 Ali060 Ali060Because of achievements it always feels like I'm playing every game online and with everyone. Strang 432,297 No Traitors in Red Dead Redemption 2
82 xaero xaerorip streak. thanks Smash Ultimate. 430,660 Your Exceptional Qualities Are Obvious in Quantum Break
83 BarriedU BarriedU 429,131 To The End in Call of Duty: WWII
84 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1DFar Cry 2 is such a boring game. 427,469 Sinclair's Solution in BioShock 2
85 Dave Bodom Dave BodomKingdom Come finally 1000G 426,770 No Matter What in KINGDOM HEARTS III
86 Dakrkplayer2 Dakrkplayer2achievement whoer 426,765 The Fallen in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
87 EnjoyingMike EnjoyingMike 419,445 Treasure Hunter in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
88 xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxI'm excited over the possibility that there is going to be a Fable 4 on Xbox :) 419,064 Seconds, Please in FIFA 14
89 mfeforever mfeforever 417,407 I found you! in Jack N' Jill DX
90 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 300 416,933 Riding In Style in Crackdown 3: Campaign
91 MuppeT May Cry MuppeT May Cry500.000 Gamerscore for 2020 :0 416,090 Don't Catch Cold! in ONE PIECE: Burning Blood
92 Pigimiss Prime Pigimiss Primemerry xmas everyone!!! p.s. i love my boyfriend for my new surface!! 414,390 Watching The World Burn in Crackdown 3: Campaign
93 CovertDog CovertDog 413,548 Knock em Dead in 7 Days to Die
94 MrCoolness3 MrCoolness3 408,543 The Tower of the Elephant in Conan Exiles
95 Mart79 Mart79 408,209 Never too late to do well in Farm Together
96 songoku05 songoku05 407,105 That's better in Vampyr
97 Wazari x360a Wazari x360a 405,834 Ultimate Collector in Forza Motorsport 7
98 Triblade Triblade 403,790 Just A Memory Now in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
99 HucBerCranPerry HucBerCranPerryYou stupid dude 403,415 Subway Hero in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
100 SneakyStabbalot SneakyStabbalotIn 2018 won 1,307 Achievements in 99 games, for a total of 75,515 TrueAchievement points (59,600 Gamerscore). 402,475 Lower the Bridge in Metro Exodus