Gamers who haven't played Avatar:TBE

A leaderboard for gamers who haven't played Avatar: The Burning Earth.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Chronic Killer Chronic KillerIm down to boost any achievement that i dont have that can be boosted in under an hour. 1,466,259
Shepherd in Fe
2 Alwindb AlwindbRIP Dragon ball Super :( 1,392,518
Torment Sea Turtle Island in Lies of Astaroth
Forget something ? in TETRA's Escape
4 wbs wbsI have a 12 month gold card for a Brazil account to trade or sell. Gold is apparently region locked 865,014
Revenge Cart Shock in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
5 TheRealPH TheRealPH 828,346
Formula 15 in ONRUSH
6 LGS I Hitman LGS I Hitman 821,013
The Reviler in The Sims 3
7 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomAchievements still not live on shadow of the TR, jesus. 802,511
Apex Predator in Evolve
8 darkling1542 darkling1542Had to redownload account and load up my save to pop the broken achievements. 775,685
Conservative Plan in World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap
9 Nikolai420 Nikolai420 761,817
His Father's Son in Divinity: Original Sin 2
10 Grimace221 Grimace221That's a lot of Achievements Daybreak pack lol. 749,117
Gunslinger in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
11 FifthBloodHell FifthBloodHellDeadlight now done, moving on to Shadows of the Damned 747,616
You don't belong here in DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition
12 Mart79 Mart79 747,134
Scrap Mountain in Livelock
13 LuffyXxXhugo LuffyXxXhugo 737,654
14 RDW040 RDW040Nearly 3 years of keeping my streak alive, I finally forgot to get an achievement... Whoops 731,526
Makeshift Arsenal in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
15 x Mataeus x x Mataeus xAm I the only one not super excited about RDR 2? After the HUGE focus on MP in GTA V, I'm just not enamoured any more. 720,013
Stick 'em up in Dead Rising 2
16 FFX Brotherhood FFX BrotherhoodXB1: Borderlands 2; Could anyone help me beat Terramorphus and some DLC bosses like Hyperius The Invincible? 706,171
Maelstrom Arena Conqueror in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
17 hott Armante hott Armante 697,645
Bristles for All in Monster Hunter: World
18 Crimson Drifter Crimson DrifterWell, PUBG is on sale. Maybe its time to find out what its all about 693,100
Icosatrode in Anode
19 IllegallySam IllegallySamLooks like I've got my missing gamerscore back. Hopefully it stays that way. 693,041
Survivor in Anode
20 SlightlyErotic SlightlyEroticDark souls - causing the smashing of joypads since 2011... XD 690,445
Not a Scratch in Worms Battlegrounds
21 CheezNCrackerz CheezNCrackerz 682,461
Treasures from the Past in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
22 ImJustYourDaddy ImJustYourDaddyGot my drivers' license, so that's cool 672,640
Benchwarmers in 3on3 FreeStyle
23 IVIr IVIeNsA IVIr IVIeNsA 672,409
T-100 in Livelock
24 matdan matdanTo those saying Defiance 2 wasn't happening, you were dead wrong. 660,400
To the Top in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
25 l3obo l3obo 646,311
ARCADE Hero in Far Cry 5
26 Strategy One Strategy One10th in team GTASC, congrats guys 636,499
Shock Tactics in BioShock Infinite
27 Big Ell Big EllLevel 9 of the Achievement Hunting 101 Podcast records tonight! Any questions or burning topics you want us to cover? 634,878
Secrets of the Bone Forest in The Mooseman
28 MuppeT May Cry MuppeT May CryOverwatch base game 100% done, Without Boosting :D 632,189
Level 5 Completed on Easy in Crypt of the Serpent King
29 Bridge188 Bridge188 627,510
The Littlest Genocide in Left 4 Dead
30 TheJokerSN TheJokerSNDeus Ex - Mankind Divided 619,915
Attentive Listener in Rise of Insanity
31 FOXHOUND Kirby FOXHOUND Kirby 619,141
Gildiss Is A Goner in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle
32 Marius 4ever Marius 4everNever look back. 615,253
All Inclusive in Sniper Elite 4
33 xDisturbedx666 xDisturbedx666 611,925
Pebble in Livelock
34 Acap AcapLove my cat <3 607,660
I'm In The Zone in Gears of War 4
35 SilentRich69 SilentRich69 605,881
Inquisitive in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
36 RadiantViper RadiantViper 590,985
Clear the stage with Frau in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
37 Virtuous Panda Virtuous Pandawhy do story driven games need 2/3 playthroughs when the story/puzzles remain the same on subsequent 589,586
Wet Wisp Wonderland in Snake Pass
38 PrePaidGh0st PrePaidGh0stHmmmmmmmmm....... 589,111
I Prefer Them Alive in Resident Evil 6
39 Ashen Seraph Ashen SeraphMostly enjoying Blue Dragon..... those missable achievements though..... 587,094
Mechat Shooting Stage 3: Perfect in Blue Dragon
40 Dawnchaysr Dawnchaysr"So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause..." 585,182
C3 | Mech Wrecked, Again! in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
41 SaidaiKanpeki SaidaiKanpeki 581,181
Tower of Babble in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
42 DrAllsopp DrAllsoppso I have the achievement for collecting all amulet pieces, but not the one for collecting 6 pieces. More broken achievement unlocking. 579,578
Big Spender in Iron Brigade
43 DEATH14796 DEATH14796Hellblade is SOOO tempting to pick up on sale!!! 562,093
Bargain Basin in ReCore
44 Msross MsrossHey nong man 558,976
Overachieve much? in Fallout Shelter
45 Boots Orion Boots OrionBut it a big if. 558,599
New silverware in FIFA 16
46 Convercide Convercide 557,226
The End in A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV
47 oCorpseGRINDERx oCorpseGRINDERxFinally back online! Moving house has destroyed my gaming time! 553,306
Armed to the Teeth in Alice: Madness Returns
48 Mario163 Mario16310 years of Achievement Hunting! 552,869
What Once Was Lost in Middle-earth: Shadow of War
49 Jimbob73 Jimbob73 549,389
Smart and Resourceful in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
50 abelxcain abelxcain 544,384
100% in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
51 cooper101183 cooper101183 539,276
Traveler in The Raven Remastered
52 nacd nacd 537,954
California Drifter in Forza Motorsport 5
53 SrK Johny SrK JohnyA falta de algún nuevo juego, saga Batman Arkham completada 533,348
Enough for a library in Battlefield 1
54 cra x360a cra x360a!!!Dark Souls!!! 527,280
Peace was never an option in Ruiner
55 Dimmock DimmockOh bugger me, saints row is backwards compatible now. Good a reason as any to play through it again :D 520,343
Heart Breaker in Elite: Dangerous
56 Rh4psody Rh4psodyMax Payne 3... New York Minute HardCore... CONSEGUIDO!!!!! ^_^'' 515,846
Chain Gang in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
57 Topherion TopherionSome folk find no joy in life; there is no pleasing them. 512,038
Old Dog, New Tricks in Shadow Complex Remastered
58 HFD R3m0t3 j03 HFD R3m0t3 j03 509,724
Surfacing in Lost Odyssey
59 FalconGR LIVE FalconGR LIVEDue to lack of time I have stopped caring about cheevos and gs! I mostly play on steam now when I ha 506,713
Defender in Gems of War
60 DECSTAR 1 DECSTAR 1lets put away the xboxes and play outside 506,187
Apprentice in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
61 Crunk McCrunk Crunk McCrunk 499,728
Not now chief, I'm in the Zone in ONRUSH
62 XXRPGGAMEMANXX XXRPGGAMEMANXXGlitched achievements are the bane of my existence. 495,727
Area Effect in Quantum Break
63 skav00vie skav00vie 493,023
Legendary Hunter in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
64 KiN6TiM KiN6TiM 492,989
Microsleeper in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut
A Friend Indeed in Alan Wake
66 action frampton action frampton 484,131
The Grand Canyoneer in Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
67 Living Legends Living LegendsWant motivation to boost? Wait for server closures like me headspintoast 483,511
Veteran in Battlefield 1943
68 Basham BashamBasham won 2,163 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 208 games, for a total of 106,611 TrueAchievement 483,252
Holy Shtako! in Defiance 2050
69 i T e c h n o Z i T e c h n o Z 482,589
Moonlit Overture in Shining Resonance Refrain
70 DeadSilverSky DeadSilverSkyI was born in a house with a million rooms, built on a small, airless world on the edge of an empire 480,144
GOLIATH in The Surge
71 MidnightEpic MidnightEpic 479,973
Tomb Raider in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
72 UnholyDarklotus UnholyDarklotusUnholyDarklotus won 190 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 24 games, for a total of 4,718 TrueAchievem 479,874
Kick the Bucket in Forza Horizon 2
73 Durera DureraLooks like all the collect all <spells> achievements in DS2 are buggered for me -- none of the progress % match what I've actually got in game. 477,136
Locked And Loaded in Wasteland 2: Director's Cut
74 SunfireDragon SunfireDragon1,359 achievements in 2017 for 35,639 GamerScore worth 76,389 TA 475,570
Warrior Special in Prince of Persia
75 BloodwCinnamon BloodwCinnamon 472,916
Linguistics in Full Metal Furies
76 Mobius Evalon Mobius EvalonHmmm, I see a lot of the same assets in the Defiance 2050 trailer that were in the first game 470,798
Begin with a BANG in Tom Clancy's The Division
77 MaDDaWQ MaDDaWQLol Need for Speed/leaderboard Series 469,216
People Person in Rocket League
78 a box of fish a box of fish 466,865
Dead Letters in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition
79 Kilroy3001 Kilroy3001 464,203
Home Field Advantage in Project CARS
80 Ov3R fR4g Uk Ov3R fR4g UkSo GS is close to my goal and my blog writing/reviews have been going up more frequently yet I don't feel like I want to grind anymore :/ 464,034
Stronger together in Shift Quantum
81 Dark Assasin732 Dark Assasin732Far Cry 5 is a great game! 458,046
Expert Wenja in Far Cry Primal
82 Kazuma Spitfire Kazuma Spitfire 457,073
Good Samaritan in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
83 Kamera Kamera 447,246
Oops. What happened? in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
84 RATM Nietzsche RATM NietzscheHappy New Year to all my friends here! 441,952
C3 | Is There a Problem, Granny?! in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
85 dabaldie dabaldieI want my missing WP achievements back... :( 433,580
No defiant last words Dr. Jones? in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
86 NawtyCawty NawtyCawtyWhy is it that my UHH list is always terrible in every round in every year lol 433,387
Self-destruct in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
87 Tomo281286 Tomo281286 431,427
Beat Planet Technopolis in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
88 MulticronX MulticronXBattleborn #1 MM #3 HW2 #4 TF 2/9/3/5/22 GTA4 823 MSHS:TIG 17 Skylanders 23/25/4/2/14/12 de Blob 2 GoW4 2 430,836
New Game in Town in Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series
89 el teby el teby 430,570
Tifosi in Need for Speed: SHIFT
90 HOFFY HOFFY 430,395
What Was The Point? in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
91 Brecks07 Brecks07 430,306
Bag Full O' Cache in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
92 Willyb0211 Willyb0211 428,083
Untouchable in 3on3 FreeStyle
93 caotic storm caotic storm300,000 oh and er... call of juarez 1 completed and now 2 begins 425,721
Welcome to Fabletown in The Wolf Among Us (Xbox 360)
94 DemonATX1337 DemonATX1337Excited for UHH4 and BC titles! 425,564
Farmer boy in Clicker Heroes
95 Van Damme 1984 Van Damme 1984 421,440
Okay, Now I'm Ready in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
96 The Inner Clown The Inner Clown 420,772
Hatch Me If You Can in Forza Horizon 4
97 JohnnyInterfnk JohnnyInterfnkNo Spider-Man on Xbox. ::sadface:: 418,638
Hornblower in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
98 Jay20047 Jay20047 414,744
Here Comes a New Challenger in Paladins: Champions of the Realm
99 dat luke guy dat luke guyAnyone want to work on multiplayer in zombie army trilogy, battlefield 3 and bad company 1& 2? 414,149
National Stadium Pro-1 in DiRT 4
100 TechnoTomato TechnoTomato200k gamerscore achieved - 02/06/18 414,074
#Forzathon Combustion Bliss in Forza Horizon 3