Achievement Hounds Podcast

Welcome listeners of Achievement Hounds, come join our leaderboard and see how you stack up among your fellow listeners as well as your hosts.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' Gamerscore
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 RedmptionDenied RedmptionDenied 1,272,715 Overkill in Phantom Dust
2 NastyMastaDaddy NastyMastaDaddyGiveaway for a Xbox One Console! The giveaway ends July 15th when I am streaming I will hit ONE MILLION GAMERSCORE. 996,090 Chipping Connoisseur in The Golf Club 2
3 Minioger MiniogerDarksiders 3!!!!!!!!!!÷/ $#$***^#÷omgwtfbbq!!!!! 950,225 Declared a fellow Goonie in LEGO Dimensions (Xbox 360)
4 Watty8883 Watty8883Spent another fiver in the sale or should I say £3.99 from cdkeys lol 763,714 Extended Vacation in Jet Set Go (WP)
5 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehI thought the sale ended tomorrow cry 738,491 Worth the Wait in Tom Clancy's The Division
6 Thulgrum ThulgrumTop 50 performance in GTASC team going into period 12, not bad for a 3 person team! 705,058 Death from Above in Black & White Bushido
7 BwF SmokeBudnSF BwF SmokeBudnSF 704,950 Sniper in Damnation
8 Rapture639 Rapture639Give a man a mask, and he'll become his true self. 691,450 Battle-worn Eagle in Killer Instinct
9 MightyMango MightyMangoCool, iO the game Xbox Live Login is broken. Hopefully I can get an older version to work 672,755 First Step in Kyub
10 DaRealShady DaRealShady 652,732 Whoa There! in Overwatch: Origins Edition
11 z0mb13k1773r z0mb13k1773r 646,370 Match wins in Active Soccer 2 DX
12 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterFinally figured out how to unglitch 101 Ways to Die. Stupid game... 645,355 Confectioner in Tetrobot and Co.
13 gambler6464 gambler6464 644,722 With a Pistol! in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
14 Death and Glory Death and GloryCrash Trilogy may be coming to Xbox One. Please be true. 639,521 DIY in FUEL (PC)
15 ROGUE 1992 ROGUE 1992Fuck. :( rip handy 634,740 All Alone in Tour de France 2017
16 Kovy88 Kovy88 633,069 Welcome to New Rush City in SpeedRunners
17 acedawg4 acedawg4RIP to a good friend that I had the pleasure of boosting the most boring games with! You will Def be missed brother! RIP HandyDarkness :( 631,463 Eyes on the Prize in Unnamed Fiasco
18 Handydarkness HandydarknessThought provoking for those that say, "We got this, we'll plow right through it. Go team go." 624,403 Every Blob has its day in Deformers
19 BlueThunder7398 BlueThunder7398 621,715 To be continued… in Momonga Pinball Adventures
20 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERJust had a fourth achievement glitch on me in Fallout shelter. Hopefully it will get patched 581,655 My Lucky Number in Friday the 13th: The Game
21 FFJUNKEY FFJUNKEY 570,155 Get out there and Fight! in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
22 VodkaFlockaFlme VodkaFlockaFlmeDeposit $20 through Amazon Cash, get $10 credit..not a referral link, just a heads up. 566,161 Match wins in Active Soccer 2 DX
23 RAVIOLICAPONI RAVIOLICAPONI........ 564,795 Support Enlistment in Battlefield 1
24 Fire Hawk D Fire Hawk DJuly GwG: Grow Up & Runbow (One) / Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days & LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (360) 548,315 Must've Left it Open in Assassin's Creed Unity
25 MADeyePadEYE MADeyePadEYERIP fellow ganker 542,052 The wheels start turning in Tour de France 2017
26 Shin Gatsurai Shin GatsuraiAnyone play project zomboid? 541,611 Outlaw 2's Hero in Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC)
27 KURSED SOULS KURSED SOULSoh shit we survived smile we finished last last round laugh not bad considering i don't have pro well done team 529,075 Pull the other one in Blackwood Crossing
28 moroniccow moroniccowBought 9 games on the ID@Xbox sale... I have a problem. 522,276 Escape The Lava Lakes in Eekeemoo Splinters of the Dark Shard
29 Alwindb Alwindb 521,677 Champion Of The Gods in Ryse: Son of Rome
30 Yojimbo Jim Yojimbo Jim 516,591 Eagle's Matchups in Killer Instinct
31 TomoyoN TomoyoN...Record of Argarest War... (30/50) [520/1000] 511,785 Synthesis Skill 100 in Final Fantasy XI
32 Sir Loinsteak Sir LoinsteakSo many indie games on sale, I can't wait to play some of them 506,364 AR Master in Breach & Clear: Deadline
33 AHP Elite Dawg AHP Elite DawgArk server NA 306 PVE North zone 2 is where ill be. 505,140 Super Victorious in Rocket League
34 Pixie Ninja Pixie Ninja 500,970 The Deep End in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
35 Mr Granstaff Mr GranstaffThe 'Kinect Required' filter has been returned to 'My Games' again. Thanks, Rich! 500,255 KenKen Pro in KenKen (WP)
36 Petturi Petturi 498,319 Alcatraz Escape in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
37 jimzy26 jimzy26... 497,781 Maximum Survivor in ARK: Survival Evolved
38 Officer Zero Officer ZeroI really want to get AC4 done with the online servers going on and offline recently. 497,550 About Time! in Saints Row IV
39 Montana97 Montana97Is one year sober today 492,587 I Love It When A Plan Comes Together in Breach & Clear: Deadline
40 BigNev44 BigNev44I'm done, i'm way over my gaming budget due to these sales, my wife is going to laugh her tits off at our next Family Meeting. 490,734 Skeleton Crew in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
41 Clarissalover ClarissaloverLooking for Kick-Ass 2 and the French Hot Wheels: Beat That! for 360. 490,160 Shutter Bug in Firewatch
42 grubbE grubbEGoal 500k before Xbox One X 488,020 Extra Deadly in Gigantic
43 Best ln Philly Best ln PhillyCan I finish Xbox Fitness in a week? 486,022 The Artful Dodger in Ultratron
44 Mikhail Krauser Mikhail KrauserBig loss to our community... Remember everyone. You're Not Alone. (1-800-448-3000) Suicide Prevention Hotline/Text 741741 482,890 Secret Finder in BattleBlock Theater
45 oxy71 oxy71221 teams down, 133 to go! 482,806 Strange Things in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
46 SilentBobsClone SilentBobsClonePAX East!!!!! 479,240 Overhead kick in Active Soccer 2 DX
47 wbs wbsEnvious of the people already playing Yooka Laylee. I would maim kittens to get to play it right now... 478,584 Battle-worn Eagle in Killer Instinct
48 Heaven In Vain Heaven In VainAny chance the ACA NEOGEO Games get bundled one for a cheaper price? 10.99 a game in canada lmao little much for less then 1 hour 477,885 Death Happens in Polychromatic
49 Koldsned KoldsnedEager to start on the H2H comp. Shame I'm at work when the matchups go live! 470,952 Deep Pockets in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
50 IL1971 IL1971 465,272 Learner's Permit in Final Fantasy XV
51 PhonySpoon PhonySpoonCan anyone comment on how hard of a completion Battlefront is? Super tempted to buy it at the ridiculous price right now... 465,076 Hunting companion in Hunter's Trophy 2 America
52 griffey95 griffey95Well, finally the day hit that typing gr into the address bar defaults to Gravity Tales and not TA. 463,419 First Mission in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
53 Kez001 Kez001 455,419 Trade Company in Dying Light
54 Buckmarley155 Buckmarley155 451,434 Community Welcome in Forza Motorsport 6
55 keoskey keoskeyWonder if minecraft on Switch will get Xbox achievement support 446,047 Storm Warning in Bridge Constructor
56 ShotyMcFat ShotyMcFat 445,214 The Mounted Trinity in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
57 NiteJokester NiteJokesterFun Times! 444,940 A Lot of Cheddar in Grand Theft Auto V
58 Unholy Angst Unholy AngstRiot Fest Lineup is mediocore 439,540 Star Seeker in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
59 Mattism MattismIs Halo 2 worth getting? 439,540 Acquire Hardware in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
60 RebuiltDog RebuiltDog 433,476 Chronomancer in Sixty Second Shooter Prime
61 CauldronOfDeath CauldronOfDeathSCREAM! AIM! & FIRE! AS THE CHEEVO TOTAL GROWS HIGHER!!!! 430,509 Classy! in Gears of War 4
62 Facial La Fleur Facial La FleurComing Soon: The Death of Passion and the Resurrection 429,493 Diamonds are Forever in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
63 NEO CRIMS0N NEO CRIMS0NEDF 5 Delayed! No longer will be coming out during summer. Non-specific 2017 release date. 419,156 Catch in Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360)
64 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir1I'm on vacation!!!! 416,719 Diamonds are Forever in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
65 Doomstuff DoomstuffWell I have officially beaten my best year! Its been a good year for me achievement wise. On to 400k! 416,435 Far From Home in Fallout 4
66 SOULcr3wdYomam SOULcr3wdYomamSo my ta has updated my gamerscore with the scan but my ta has not updated :( 415,585 Watermelon in Dig Dug
67 ravens75 ravens75 414,072 Nap Time in Assassin's Creed Rogue
68 EggBigot EggBigot 411,779 General in Gems of War
69 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 30012 month XBOX live Gold card $31.76 at 411,043 Iron of Death in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
70 BlackEyedMonkey BlackEyedMonkeyugh. forgot to turn roblox on with only about 2 days left to 20 days played 409,654 Risky's Business in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
71 LSC MrSandman LSC MrSandmanUgh that BC sale is gonna add so many freaking games to my already massive backlog :O What a problem to have, I know :P 408,843 Taps Aff in DiRT 4
72 Jess Stryker Jess StrykerThank goodness for the Madden Curse. 408,055 The Criminal is Dead in Killer is Dead
73 Lumpommer Lumpommer 407,825 Vampire Dragon in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
74 Arsenic 17 Arsenic 17Offline achievement noob questions... 1) Xbox One, no notifcations, but everything syncs when you are online, popping all at once or not at all? 407,360 Elder Knowledge in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
75 Jerith Geros Jerith GerosSo I'm catching up on E3... that Spiderman game might actually make me buy a PS4... 406,349 Racing the Clock in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
76 Markyshizzle MarkyshizzleAnybody having trouble downloading or launching games today? I just did a full reset on my xbox including deleting every game, everything is stuck... 405,853 First Taste of Victory in NBA Playgrounds
77 Luddy420 Luddy420New Diablo III achievements!! Yes! 404,555 Orion is your friend in Gryphon Knight Epic
78 Reaver Lion Reaver Lion 400,014 Double Fantasy in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
79 Kilgore21 Kilgore21Only Dredd can judge me! 399,000 Time Attack (Solo) Cleared in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
80 Cro11 Cro11I have around 10000 more gamerscore on the rpg leaderboard but didn't change positions. Everyone else moved up equally 389,971 I'm so Hardcore! in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
81 Giant Hunger Giant Hunger 385,988 Undead Head Harvester in Guns, Gore & Cannoli
82 BUBBYE BUBBYEI love achievements! 384,956 Prologue Drawings in Among the Sleep
83 Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45So this Achievement is a Pain in My Ass Dig in Dig Dug 384,240 Two out of Three in The Walking Dead (Win 10)
84 NBA Kirkland NBA KirklandBlades! 381,260 Checkpointless (Specter Knight) in Shovel Knight
85 TheRealPH TheRealPH 380,835 Match played in Active Soccer 2 DX
86 RunelordPCLab RunelordPCLab 379,093 Win 50 Races in Horse Racing 2016
87 Kunzite508 Kunzite508 376,307 Sparring Eagle in Killer Instinct
88 FEAR EPIDEMIC FEAR EPIDEMICLes hommes ne croient jamais les autres capables de ce qu'ils ne le sont pas eux-mêmes 374,796 Eagle Master in Killer Instinct
89 Hayden x360a Hayden x360a 374,146 There's Nowhere To Run. Give Up! in Tekken 7
90 theshadow theshadowLooks like I'm moving to Canada come January 20th because I'm sure my job will be eliminated. 373,554 It's Art, Ok in Sunset Overdrive
91 Mideus Rav Mideus RavCurrently Playing (on Xbox One) - Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ghost Recon: Wildlands 368,910 Gate Crasher in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
92 y2wulff y2wulff 368,733 Barbaric Recruiter in Small Arms
93 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1D Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes 368,431 Played 10 DarkOps Games in Perfect Dark Zero
94 WhtTrshTheMan WhtTrshTheManStarting up again and shooting for 500K 368,392 Self-Improved in Final Fantasy XV
95 SG Steelhead SG SteelheadHave you checked out Gamertag Nation yet? 367,885 The Price of Justice in The Walking Dead - A New Frontier
96 SourKraut1944 SourKraut1944Kasumi is Awesome! 366,588 Informer in Watch_Dogs 2
97 mseweryn mseweryn 364,785 Chapter 2 Finished in Spheroids
98 TheJoeDean TheJoeDeanRIP Handydarkness 359,856 The Harder They Fall in Gigantic
99 GHOST WORLD GHOST WORLDKept my achievement streak going with 30 seconds remaining yesterday. 355,574 Kube it to the max in Cubikolor
100 acaraba2 acaraba2Sweet new achievements in Diablo!!!! 354,775 Racing the Clock in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition