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This walkthrough is for all walkthrough 'Owners', as well as any 'Editors' that contributed significantly towards one or more walkthroughs. Thank you for all of your contributions!
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Sangriaz SangriazDoes anyone know if Final Fantasy Pocket for Win10 is discounted as well? 2,180,294
Ice Sculptor in My Brother Rabbit
2 Dwaggienite DwaggieniteI can help EVERYONE get Max: The Curse of Brotherhood [Unreleased] Achievements No acct transfers needed. 1,708,571
Unexpected Visit in Shenmue
3 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehFinally done all challenges on Sega Genesis Collection after my completed challenges being reset. Had to do them in 1 it's not unlocking 1,641,181
Joey to the world!! in 3on3 FreeStyle
4 The Fury I84I The Fury I84I 1,467,583
I Made a Garden of Skulls in Charlie Murder
5 JJBDude48 JJBDude48Just got the Din Kong not speaking to me glitch on Punch Club. Been great fun but ruined right near a bunch of end game achievements I now can’t get! 1,456,116
Beat Beginner in SUPER BOMBERMAN R
6 FPSDeath FPSDeath 1,404,323
Capo in Dollar Dash
7 Sashamorning Sashamorning[popcorn] 1,364,839
Full Arsenal in Yaris
8 Mephisto4thewin Mephisto4thewincurrently in the gold medal position for two events. Doubt it will last. 1,334,679
Renegade in Construction Simulator 2
9 Jon Balcerzak Jon Balcerzak 1,274,681
Welcome to the LUMINES! in Lumines Remastered
10 marklynx marklynx 1,271,161
Doam in Virginia
11 Beth Bear Beth BearThanks for all my Birthday messages everyone :) 1,243,051
C2 | Kick the Tires! in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
12 SpiralGamerpro SpiralGamerproNice, time for the Trials Rising Closed Beta rock 1,238,710
Stare Into The Abyss in GoNNER
13 Sighris SighrisI really want a dark cloud 1/2 HD port.... 1,221,027
Marcato in AereA
14 Aging Fanboy Aging FanboyAnyone feel like helping me with Destiny 1? I'm already lvl 40, 300 light lvl. Thanks! 1,214,849
Heading South on a White Bronco in Red Dead Redemption
15 Awoo AwooI like it when I want to look at the comments on someone's site-first completion of a game, but they have both their feed and friends list hidden... 1,202,174
Ride It All Night Long in Gears of War 2
16 Lavindathar LavindatharFar Cry 5 New Game Achievement.... k then. #whydotheydothis 1,140,356
Worlds Collide in Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier
17 ukinspro ukinsproFriends List getting lighter - Had second thoughts, but then its kinda fun now 1,137,711
In the Spotlight in ONRUSH
18 planting42 planting42And so The Great Journey begins: 1,133,034
No Refund in 3on3 FreeStyle
19 Yinga Garten Yinga GartenHappy Dungeons shutting down on June 12th 2019, time to start the grind. 1,062,401
20 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir1Forgot how much I like Bioshock! Definitely have to finish those sometime. 1,059,537
BlueGrass Is Still the Best in Tower of Guns
21 Mtld MtldViral event is great! Thanks for organizing this! 1,058,910
Got Pwnage? in Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
22 Markyshizzle MarkyshizzleBrutal Legend is BC! Yes! 1,053,872
Thick as a Baby's Arm in Brutal Legend
23 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyIf u have AD in Neverwinter now is the time to convert to Zen to be ready for black friday. Zen sale on marketplace has pushed ADX down to the 360s. 1,049,924
Dawning Light in Neverwinter
24 InjuryProne19 InjuryProne19InjuryProne19's blog post - All Streaks Must Come To An End... 1,042,080
Benedict Arnold in Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier
25 lifebringer23 lifebringer23Why do people in sessions feel the need to ruin the session and void the achievement for everyone. I hate people 1,034,822
Jetboat in Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition
26 WolfheartSpell WolfheartSpell 1,026,698
Heart of the Awoken in Destiny 2
27 Vitiated1 Vitiated1Why does Microsoft refuse to have an OUNCE of quality control? The games on the Xbox One are an absolute joke 1,023,863
Sharpshooter in Far Cry Primal
28 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERAnybody want to do saints row gat out of hell for Xbox one co-op? 1,005,557
It's A Trap! in Friday the 13th: The Game
29 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R Gaming 1,002,702
To Infinity … and Beyond! in Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure
30 UltimateDespair UltimateDespair 990,916
Cryogenic Slumber Party in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
31 Tomjeh TomjehDammit I wanted to get Tomb Raider: Underworld (JP) Achieve 976,744
High-Stakes Play in Destiny 2
32 N18p73pwn3r N18p73pwn3rVan Helsing II, why are you so cruel? 969,802
Boomtown in Knee Deep
33 Ryot Control Ryot ControlCATCHPHRASE!!! 964,335
Short Controlled Bursts in State of Decay 2
34 FNSUITE GHOST FNSUITE GHOSTUgg I suck at Metal Slug.... 963,982
Tailor Made in A World of Keflings (Win 8)
35 Yin Yin 938,391
Decorated in Unravel Two
36 Nova Toad Nova Toad 928,451
Stone Cold Skiller in Forza Horizon 2
37 Triple Triad777 Triple Triad777Pubg is so broken. Just got to 2nd place in solos and it didn’t even give me progress to the top 10. Hit someone with a vehicle...nope no progress. 918,972
Indestructible in Livelock
38 TRACKEY TRACKEYDon't fear the reaper. 899,707
Xenocide in Defense Grid 2
39 Beanpotter Beanpotterdive Finished! 930 cheese mints for recovery. 873,377
Electric Warrior in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
40 RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99Bean Dive complete - 292 games dived, 3075 to recover. Ended the dive on Mega Man X Collection and my 2000th Game on TA now. Recovery Time! 870,493
Passive Aggressive in RAGE
41 Palesius Palesius...on the long hard road to 99%... 864,208
The Judge in State of Decay
42 CalculatdRisque CalculatdRisque1 million credits for completing a race in Forza 7 this weekend 858,161
Following Orders in The Final Station
43 New Paralyzer New ParalyzerFinal Fantasy's finally 853,269
Adept Adam in Dead by Daylight
44 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1DAnyone down for COD Ghosts (360) DLC Pack 3 Wednesday and Thursday morning Eastern time? 828,684
Pursuit of Excellence in Defiance 2050
45 Maka91 Maka91Transference 100% Walkthrough - 828,229
Never Tell Me the Odds in Forza Horizon 4
46 Koldsned Koldsned 821,006
First death in Riddled Corpses EX
47 LGS I Hitman LGS I Hitman 819,229
I Double Dare Ya in The Sims 3
48 Jonker Jonker 806,848
Divisional Commander in Call of Duty: WWII
49 Geoffistopheles GeoffistophelesAlright, time to buckle down and try to rewrite this Warframe walkthrough. 804,696
Fast and the Fury Us in LEGO Marvel's Avengers
50 BaronVoNewman BaronVoNewmanI'm excited for all the Halloween events in upcoming games 801,923
That Lucky Old Sun in Fallout: New Vegas
51 Jayour JayourGamer Goals - Live Calculation 797,260
Wonder in Rise of Nations: Extended Edition (Win 10)
52 Saluki 00 Saluki 00 790,581
Live a Little in Grand Theft Auto V
53 LV 1 Blue Slime LV 1 Blue SlimeSo few RPGs released on the 360, so many released on the One. 785,106
God Savior in Titan Quest
54 Finnan FinnanAny happy dungeons players here? How long to max? Enough time before closure? 777,502
Power is Everything in Monster Hunter: World
55 Legohead 1977 Legohead 197793 down, 102 to go. (581 achievements) 84.5% Recovered 765,237
Blast Master in Polychromatic
56 SSCP SSCP 762,837
David And Goliath in Far Cry Primal
57 Musquito MusquitoCompletion #2018-014: FullBlast (Xbox One) 761,615
My Weekend Job in Sky Force Reloaded
58 oI 420 RUSH Io oI 420 RUSH IoMultiple Classic Final Fantasy Titles Coming to the Xbox One 760,916
Legends Grow in Destiny 2
59 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieUHH 4 match up: Freamwhole vs Chad and Jessie 760,143
Seven Minutes in Heaven in Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition
60 A Lazy Susan A Lazy Susan 754,394
Legendary Hero Ⅷ in Lies of Astaroth
61 Matrarch MatrarchHad another fun match up this week with RandomlyEvasive. Competitive match ups are the best despite the slight stress. :) 753,401
Speak No Evil in Sacred 3
62 TrapMuzik99 TrapMuzik99 747,525
The Collector in Crysis 2
63 neeker75 neeker75ACA Neogeo games are on sale! We've lived long enough to see this happen! 743,449
Champion in FIFA 19
64 Nyte Rayne 2 Nyte Rayne 2Another game/DLC glitched...glad I don't care about my completion pct. 738,539
Die Another Day in Gems of War
65 JamP0und32 JamP0und32 734,230
Can’t Live Without It in TrueAchievements
66 zzUrbanSpaceman zzUrbanSpaceman 727,594
Treasures from the Past in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
67 Killersquirelz KillersquirelzI wish I knew how close I was to completing Magic Duels. That quest achievement will pop one day and completely surprise me. 723,321
Mega-Hero in Megamind: Ultimate Showdown
68 Svectra SvectraAnyone up for the 1,000 miles achievement in Forza 6 MP? Shouldn't take long using the drag exploit. 715,286
Tell Me A Story in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China
69 ErnaP ErnaPFirst Shelf filled 709,345
The Dark Soul in Dark Souls: Remastered
70 Sera Di Siah Sera Di SiahSomeone on the internet said a slightly triggering word to me, now I'm mentally scarred for 2 months, am depressed and need therapy for PTSD. 706,741
Remember, Remember in Black The Fall
71 FFX Brotherhood FFX BrotherhoodXB1: Borderlands 2; Could anyone help me beat Terramorphus and some DLC bosses like Hyperius The Invincible? 706,026
C3 | Leave No Gem Unturned in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
72 Ali060 Ali060Because of achievements it always feels like I'm playing every game online and with everyone. Strang 697,224
You've got a friend in me in FIFA 18
73 DragonYen DragonYenOne day I will learn that I need to check where my save is BEFORE returning to a long forgotten 360 696,960
The Doctor in Tom Clancy's The Division
74 TheBi77erEnd TheBi77erEnd 694,581
Legendary Hero Ⅷ in Lies of Astaroth
75 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 694,034
They Made Me Do It in MotoGP 09/10
76 checo316 checo316Sea of thieves achievement list 60 of them 688,695
Dungeon Crawler in Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders
77 Tucky90 Tucky90Crash Trilogy done, Amazing fun and Nostalgia, bring on Spyro 686,497
Heart of the Serpent in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
78 TJDoc85 TJDoc85Hokage! 685,099
Hellfire in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
79 HarrySon9 HarrySon9I wish I would get my download code for Curse of the Moon. Xbox is the worst, man. 680,040
More red points! in Graveyard Keeper
80 Spilner Spilner 677,557
#Forzathon Ten Bounding Roos in Forza Horizon 3
81 Lord Von Chimp Lord Von Chimpif the UHH is telliing me anything, it's that I really need to get on with Dragon Age before UHH 5 673,140
Know Your Role: Soldier in Gears of War 4
82 ImJustYourDaddy ImJustYourDaddyThey're probably throwing parades in Cleveland right now 670,872
I <3 stars in League of Evil
83 Astute Vagabond Astute VagabondHi all. Long time no speak. Making an effort to wrap things up on 360 slowly but surely =) 667,543
They See Me Rollin'... in Super Lucky's Tale
84 Epsilon Theta Epsilon ThetaCompleted Sword Coast Legends on Hard. No achievement, save gone... 667,015
Brutal fisherman in Graveyard Keeper
85 Tatey Tatey 666,025
86 finallife6 finallife6 660,765
Derby Champ in R.B.I. Baseball 18
87 ScoobyDoobyD0nt ScoobyDoobyD0ntrest in peace. you left me too soon buddy 660,686
The Might of the Righteous in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
88 matdan matdanTo those saying Defiance 2 wasn't happening, you were dead wrong. 660,408
To the Top in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
89 Proscaline ProscalineI get to restart Everspace from scratch! Yay! 657,900
BUG SQUASHER in The Bug Butcher
90 TheOnlyMatto TheOnlyMattochievement horse 657,848
ACR | Worth A Thousand Words in Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection
91 SebVin SebVinJup. 655,075
Air Sick in Forza Horizon 3
92 xPut Name Herex xPut Name HerexAfter five years, I've decided to put the hammer down and leave the Moderator Team. It's been a plea 653,248
Don't Put Me In The Dark in Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition
93 FullMoonBeaver FullMoonBeaverThink things will be changing for my personal life much quicker than anticipated. 653,056
Farmer in Spintires: MudRunner
94 Shh I am Batman Shh I am BatmanLooks like I'll be losing my first UHH Match-up with a last minute trip to San Francisco. >.> Wheee 649,718
Resurrection Day in Zombie Army Trilogy
95 iBRooTaL Ryan iBRooTaL RyanR.I.P Mom & Aunt Jenny 2 family members in the same day. 649,287
Seizing the Opportunity in HITMAN
96 Jedi Pirate Oni Jedi Pirate OniCan anyone help me with MS Mahjong July 12th daily? I can't do the golden tiles, it's the only one o 641,351
C-30PO in Livelock
97 PhatDaemien PhatDaemienWould you kindly... 638,939
Daydreamer in Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)
98 Strategy One Strategy One10th in team GTASC, congrats guys 636,439
Shock Tactics in BioShock Infinite
99 Devious Jedi Devious JediDon't care what others say. Battlefront 2 is a great game. Solid single player with a great story an 635,011
The Emperor in Gems of War
100 Big Ell Big EllLevel 9 of the Achievement Hunting 101 Podcast records tonight! Any questions or burning topics you want us to cover? 633,920
Speak No Evil in Sacred 3