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This walkthrough is for all walkthrough 'Owners', as well as any 'Editors' that contributed significantly towards one or more walkthroughs. Thank you for all of your contributions!
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Sangriaz SangriazCompletion blogs coming soon for my latest completions. It took some time to make videos :D 1,766,855
Creator of Modernity in Doodle God Blitz (Win 8)
2 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehIf anyone who reads this status is having horrible thoughts and considering of taking their own life. Please, please, please just msg me on XBL. 1,342,645
Level 1 Completed on Normal in Crypt of the Serpent King
Road to Devastation in Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition
4 Beth Bear Beth BearHandydarkness you will be sooooooo damn missed you have no idea! One of the nicest guys I have EVER met RIP my dear friend.. one in a million!! 1,215,388
5 FPSDeath FPSDeath 1,213,671
Weapon Master in Arslan: The Warriors of Legend
6 The Fury I84I The Fury I84IClicker Heroes had an overnight update. It's now possible to use Forge Cores and Transcend, among other things 1,169,368
Hard Owned in geoDefense Swarm (WP)
7 Jack Bandit 24 Jack Bandit 24Going Live in 10 min. Come check me out if you can 1,152,472
Clean Mind in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China
8 Sashamorning SashamorningNeed to average 581 GS/day over the next week... of course, that's down from 800/day, but still... 1,137,772
Learner in Chess Ultra
9 JJBDude48 JJBDude48Callum learnt to teleport skit, some may find amusing - 1,055,575
Decimator in Dad Beat Dads
10 Mephisto4thewin Mephisto4thewinWhile we all enjoy this silly little hobby, there are far more important things. Team mate 2nd, friend 1st. Hope you have found peace. RIP Handy 1,044,077
Level 7 Completed on Easy in Crypt of the Serpent King
11 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyIf Kyle's gofundme reaches its goal for the funeral costs, I will do a giveaway for my white I Made This launch team employee Xbox One. Check my blog 1,008,519
Shroud of Souls in Neverwinter
12 SpiralGamerpro SpiralGamerpro"You can hear the water and it's all like watery" - ArcCsc 2017 970,413
Fashionista in Shred It!
13 Lavindathar LavindatharEveryone should watch this. Proud to be Mancunian. 966,282
Sounds of Animals Fighting in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition
14 ukinspro ukinsproWant to get online done on WRC 6, Ducati, FH2 & ROTTR - anyone interested in doing any of these? starting this week!! 962,213
Time to Slam in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
15 Awoo AwooSeveral essentially perfect runs of Four Sided Fantasy, and the last two achievements still won't unlock. How can garbage like this be allowed? 950,900
Freeze Frame in Four Sided Fantasy
16 lifebringer23 lifebringer23Does anyone who has blops 3 on the 360 want to help or needs the not big enough achievement in zombies let me know 950,870
None Left Standing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360)
17 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERJust had a fourth achievement glitch on me in Fallout shelter. Hopefully it will get patched 944,728
My Lucky Number in Friday the 13th: The Game
18 Tomjeh TomjehBeyond Good and Evil 2!! Hopefully it actually comes out one day! 942,063
Collector in ABZÛ
19 planting42 planting42RIP HandyDarkness 934,954
The Doof in ClusterPuck 99
20 Markyshizzle MarkyshizzleAnybody having trouble downloading or launching games today? I just did a full reset on my xbox including deleting every game, everything is stuck... 924,554
First Taste of Victory in NBA Playgrounds
21 Ryot Control Ryot ControlCATCHPHRASE!!! 918,532
Just a Machine in Uno
22 Sighris SighrisRIP HandyDarkness 913,499
Time To Get Serious in Forza Horizon 3
23 Yin YinWe shall always remember the night... 885,716
We Remember Human Life in Laserlife
24 Mtld MtldI'm done with Neverwinter. Back to grinding games for score :-) 881,856
Shroud of Souls in Neverwinter
25 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R GamingSo Assassin's Creed Pirates for Windows Phone didn't crash when I played without internet connection strangely. 858,411
One Down, One to Go in Watch_Dogs
26 TRACKEY TRACKEYDon't fear the reaper. 816,702
#Forzathon No Equal in Forza Horizon 3
27 CalculatdRisque CalculatdRisque 812,959
Choices Choices in Ori and the Blind Forest
28 WolfheartSpell WolfheartSpell 772,930
Untouchable in Naruto: The Broken Bond
29 Vitiated1 Vitiated1Zombies remains the worst thing to ever occur to gaming 757,945
Cold Warrior in Call of Duty: Black Ops
30 SSCP SSCP 751,123
Jailbreaker in Adam's Venture: Origins
31 UltimateDespair UltimateDespair 747,500
Disco Inferno in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition
32 Saluki 00 Saluki 00 741,020
A new challenger has appeared in Goat Simulator (Xbox 360)
33 Koldsned KoldsnedEager to start on the H2H comp. Shame I'm at work when the matchups go live! 728,677
Race to the Top in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
34 N18p73pwn3r N18p73pwn3ranyone having any Xbox Fitness workouts that include punches? Shoot me a msg pls.. 712,877
They're ACTION Figures! in Resident Evil 5
35 Finnan FinnanBoth main and dummy accounts hit gold in KI ranked. 1.5 weeks before reset to try and finish this with only killer rank to go 703,695
Sparring ARIA in Killer Instinct
36 Musquito MusquitoCompletion #2017-042: Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood (Xbox One) 696,997
Zen and the Art Part 2 in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
37 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1D Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes 696,876
10 Melee Kills in Perfect Dark Zero
38 Geoffistopheles GeoffistophelesAlright, time to buckle down and try to rewrite this Warframe walkthrough. 691,964
Lonely Vengeance in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
39 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir1Handydarkness I hope you find peace on the other side. 688,074
Swampland Victor in Titanfall (Xbox 360)
40 Beanpotter BeanpotterJust bought the new Zelda game and it's an absolute joy to play. If only it had achievements... 685,554
Knife sheath ++ in Wolfenstein: The New Order
41 LV 1 Blue Slime LV 1 Blue SlimeValkyria the 26th, and Marvel Heroes Omega and AereA on the 30th. Appears this Summer isn't going to suck. 671,900
Cubicide in Portal Knights
42 Nova Toad Nova Toad 670,001
Dragon Zombie in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
43 Jonker Jonker 664,873
Story Complete I in Sally's Spa (WP)
44 LGS I Hitman LGS I Hitman 658,299
Paradise Island in Tropico 4
45 Astute Vagabond Astute VagabondHi all. Long time no speak. Making an effort to wrap things up on 360 slowly but surely =) 655,818
Chain Reaction in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious
46 A Lazy Susan A Lazy Susan 648,367
Word Finder in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
47 Jayour JayourHaving to start South Park from scratch because I missed something at the start. Yay! 647,173
Standard-Bearer in Dragon Age: Origins
48 DragonYen DragonYenOne day I will learn that I need to check where my save is BEFORE returning to a long forgotten 360 game =\ 645,429
Your Brother's Keeper in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
49 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieFinished J of the alphabet challenge and still on track with the "Jessie plan"; one and only one letter completed each day. 632,739
Undead Team Spirit in Zombie Attack 2 (WP)
50 TrapMuzik99 TrapMuzik99 626,379
1-2-2-1 in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)
51 SebVin SebVinJup. 625,022
Racer's Paradise in Forza Horizon 3
52 Maka91 Maka91Join me LIVE at 7:30 EDT on as I host a special gamerscore milestone event! 623,933
The Nightman Cometh in DiRT 4
53 Matrarch MatrarchKudos to those who came up with the Alphabet Challenge! Excited for it to get started! 617,392
Never Let Them Leave in Emily Wants to Play
54 BaronVoNewman BaronVoNewmanCrimson bat available in KI. strongest guardian in the game imo 611,472
Dig Dugged in Dungeon Defenders II
55 zzUrbanSpaceman zzUrbanSpaceman 609,165
Life Story in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
56 Epsilon Theta Epsilon ThetaAnyone up for Air Missions: HIND MP? 608,373
Stop Hitting Yourself in XCOM 2
57 Ali060 Ali060Because of achievements it always feels like I'm playing every game online and with everyone. Strange I know but can't just be me? 607,381
Annihilation in Titanfall 2
58 FNSUITE GHOST FNSUITE GHOSTFirst I burned myself out with hack 'n slashes, now I think I just burned myself out with shmups.... what's next?!?! 600,088
Enthusiastic in studying in Bullet Soul
59 finallife6 finallife6Why I love Nintendo fans 'shows a title card of Metroid Prime 4 in development' "best E3 this year everyone else got nothing!!1!" 592,744
Spinning a Yarn II in Final Fantasy XV
60 Rob Dyrdek TD Rob Dyrdek TDLooking for a group to run through all of the Call Of Dutys with. 589,574
Officer requesting Backup in SpeedRunners
61 RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99First time logged into LoA in a while. Still laggy and saying I'm not connected, but it's better than nothing. Still want to hit Level 100 eventually 587,730
Lone Ambition in Teslagrad
62 Devious Jedi Devious JediDevious Jedi won 1,396 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 51 games, for a total of 67,146 TrueAchievement points (33,740 Gamerscore). 585,753
Social Engineering in Elite: Dangerous
63 neeker75 neeker75Looking for someone to boost Injustice 2 achievements on a daily basis (e.g,, 20 matches a day). PM me if interested. 583,896
Overlord in Injustice 2
64 Spilner SpilnerCrackdown 3 and AC:Origins preordered, disc for now but likely digital nearer the time 583,689
Dragonslayer in Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan
65 Strategy One Strategy OneClick and read -----> Subscription to a Genre for News stories 576,922
Super Star in Total Conquest (Win 8)
66 JamP0und32 JamP0und32 573,358
You Are the Support, Son in Gears of War 2 (JP)
67 UnsungGhost UnsungGhostCan't wait for Crackdown 3 to drop. 573,115
Just Gettin' Started in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
68 Kahless Clone Kahless Clone 572,355
Inconceivable! in Gears of War 4
69 xPut Name Herex xPut Name Herex"Don't Buy a Game in 2017" Challenge finally broke. Grabbed Tropico 5 Complete Edition. Still under the $60 reserved for RDR2 though? smile 569,959
Comeback City in Madden NFL 17
70 W1LLYMAN W1LLYMANThanks to everyone past and present that have made this small piece of the internet a nice escape from reality! 569,190
Fourth and Forty in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
71 Legohead 1977 Legohead 1977Boom! 568,714
Hallo-winners in Costume Quest 2 (Xbox 360)
72 OniKawazu OniKawazuCan anyone help me with MS Mahjong July 12th daily? I can't do the golden tiles, it's the only one of 93 I'm stuck on. 567,788
Epic hero in Clicker Heroes
73 checo316 checo316gears of war judgement gold armor progress on last rare prize box 10,625/13,400 565,572
Learner in Chess Ultra
74 Svectra SvectraJust got platinum in all The Crew missions and the achievement won't pop. Great. =/ 555,421
Many Re-star-ts Later in Castle Invasion: Throne Out
75 HarrySon9 HarrySon9Too many games come out in October. Gonna have to get Evil Within, Wolfenstein, and Mario. 554,146
Maximum Aperture in Life Is Strange
76 Foerl Foerl 554,085
Mine! in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
77 FFX Brotherhood FFX BrotherhoodI wish I was good with ARIA on KI 550,777
Moai Better Blues in Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
78 Team Bisset Team Bissetnew format is garbage more space for ads just to get people to buy pro 545,628
Lands Of Learning in Trove
79 TheBi77erEnd TheBi77erEnd 541,189
Ran the Gauntlet in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
80 REJECt444 REJECt444If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention. 537,549
Heavily Fortified in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
81 Juicyjams JuicyjamsCatch me on xb live, how bout dat. 536,405
100 Card Club in Xbox Fitness
82 Tucky90 Tucky90Just great when a game adds a no death campaign run then a glitch that stops you over 2/3rds of the way in. 535,435
Aerial threat in FIFA 17
83 Kinkii Mono Kinkii Mono 533,946
Herd Hero in Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games
84 Hickster Hickster 530,660
The Womb in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
85 matdan matdanAnyone know about this Shadow of Mordor update? cant find any info on what it is for 529,652
Complete Chapter Three in The Turing Test
86 bigdaddy1622 bigdaddy1622 527,016
WHEEL-A in Level 22
87 oI 420 RUSH Io oI 420 RUSH IoAnyone up for dual boxing the wins on red faction guerrilla? Would like to get a team together for it 525,999
Wakka Wakka in Pac-Man 256
88 Pedle Zelnip Pedle ZelnipDead Rising -- DONE! Definitely the hardest double-dip I've done. Still a classic game though. 524,690
Narrow Margins in BATMAN – The Telltale Series (Xbox 360)
89 Mrsod MrsodHow is Neverwinter? 517,940
Embrace the Flame in Dark Souls III
90 Eff GX Eff GXAscension < Transcension < Confusion ... ;-) 512,318
Mastery: Energy Gatherer in Hamster Universe (WP)
91 Dale Norris 25 Dale Norris 25Halo Wars 2 can go screw itself now nothing is unlocking 511,552
20 Day Roll in ROBLOX
92 Elyoh ElyohFarewell golden completion percentage, see you again in a year cry 511,264
Life Story in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
93 Jakeythedude Jakeythedude 510,543
Masshole in Fallout 4
94 LAFTA LAFTARound 72 on Der Eisensrache! 509,952
The Iris Embraces You in Overwatch: Origins Edition
95 Nuckinn NuckinnLizard Squad taken down by another hacker group. 505,980
3 Day Roll in ROBLOX
96 PrimeBigTime PrimeBigTimeFinally down to 50 unfinished games. Time to start something new! 505,550
Stormcaller in Destiny
97 Dimmock DimmockThat new dragonball fighting game looks like street fighter, marvel vs capcom and the budokai games had a baby.. I want it. 504,244
The Hu-Man Stone in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
98 ErnaP ErnaPThe Nightmare is over. For now... 502,609
I've Got Box of Steel in The Evil Within (JP)
99 ShadowManGMR ShadowManGMR 501,060
Super Snowballs in Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (Xbox 360)
100 Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111In the top 200 for achievement streaks =D 495,958
Designer in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege