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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Stallion83 Stallion83Live now on Twitch. Good Ray Hunting (Achievements) 2,847,463
ACII | Podestà of Monteriggioni in Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection
2 UnawareBoss UnawareBoss 1,766,121
Norway Speed Jump - Level 2 in Speedboat Challenge
3 Pteppic42 Pteppic42 1,544,604
フェイバリットソング07(relations) in The Idolm@ster: Live for You!
4 TexhnolyzedMech TexhnolyzedMech 1,468,647
Herbalist in How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
5 Erathia96 Erathia96 1,416,316
Friend Zoned in Black & White Bushido
6 Totally Krispix Totally Krispix 1,249,368
Good Heart in Eventide: Slavic Fable
7 The Fury I84I The Fury I84INew badges are looking cool. Will need time to adapt, but I like the way they look smile 1,190,938
Total Recall in F1 2015
8 Protocol Droid Protocol DroidX-Box One X 1,131,051
No Cutsies in Octodad: Dadliest Catch
9 b30118218 b30118218GTASC Tomorow! 1,117,453
Perseverance in Candleman
10 Handydarkness HandydarknessThought provoking for those that say, "We got this, we'll plow right through it. Go team go." 1,071,334
Every Blob has its day in Deformers
11 Zizou030 Zizou030Zizou030 won 278 Achievements and 27 Challenges in 11 games, for a total of 24,752 TrueAchievement points (6,875 Gamerscore). 1,037,940
Samizdat in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
12 The Mascal The MascalI need 5 uncommon or rare items on Rocket League. Anyone? smile 1,031,862
Bright Personality in MX Nitro
13 ChrisD0811 ChrisD0811Been making really good progress in Rare Replay. Almost done all games prior to the N64 era, all snapshots and snapshot playlists complete. 989,644
Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
14 Lavindathar LavindatharEveryone should watch this. Proud to be Mancunian. 979,688
Heads Up! in For Honor
15 TricKyRicKy xD TricKyRicKy xDnot going to lie, the trailer for CoD WW2 zombies looks brilliant! 976,288
16 Matty to tha G Matty to tha G#1 in western Virginia 883,674
Successful Launch in DOOM
17 Zulghinlour Zulghinlour 870,543
Raven’s nest in Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood
18 BrutishMuffin BrutishMuffinLatest 100%: ACA NEOGEO The Last Blade 868,976
I'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman in Gems of War
19 Iced Hawk Iced HawkOn road again... 849,630
The Bigger They Are in Ice Age Village (WP)
20 xSRYANx xSRYANxSuperhot is so good, but has the dumbest achievements. Not fun after a certain point. 840,802
Medic Enlistment in Battlefield 1
21 SHIN GRIMM SHIN GRIMMI've seen some things you would not believe, stupid things, you wernt there man................ i've played gears 4 horde with randoms ! 837,861
Insult to Injury in DOOM
22 Flapjack waldi Flapjack waldi 794,791
Gladiator in Gems of War
23 wbs wbsEnvious of the people already playing Yooka Laylee. I would maim kittens to get to play it right now... 790,149
One Smart Cookie in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
24 Av3ng3d7X x360a Av3ng3d7X x360a 789,952
25 Peraveland44 Peraveland44cherche bon joueur pour les 2 dernier secret de bo3 778,033
Bare-Knuckle Champion in Assassin's Creed Syndicate
26 Valioukha ValioukhaEt Gamerscore de 400 000 G atteint pile ! 775,837
Hail to the King in Bomberman Live: Battlefest
27 Sharlak Intulak Sharlak IntulakIve primed almost all the chieves for a quick unlock if anyone of you should want it. im talking about the new dlc for Minecrap btw 766,352
Epic Raider in Destiny
28 Serious X Devil Serious X DevilGoing to try and finish my bean drive drop before the months over... lets see how i get on 704 achievements to go! 727,490
Legends of Sera in Gears of War 4
29 Zen Vendetta Zen Vendetta 717,471
Hope I Haven't Mist Anything in Happy Dungeons
30 Musquito MusquitoCompletion #2017-048: ACA NEOGEO THE LAST BLADE (Xbox One) 716,500
Cowpoke in Stardew Valley
31 Auston53 Auston53Check out my band at 712,452
1 2 2 1 in Microsoft Minesweeper (WP)
32 Finnan FinnanOnly non-positive feedback changed to positive but I still have less than 100% rating... 711,544
The hard way in Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
33 Cam is Kinected Cam is KinectedGTASC 2017 - Claim Prizes Here: :: this is nearly as bad as being eliminated for asking a question laugh 690,084
Smash 'N Grab Superstar in Dad Beat Dads
34 VixyNyan VixyNyan 683,665
35 Petrified PetrifiedSo far Uno on XB1 has been a great experience... it won't load past the Press A to Start screen. angry 681,038
Some Sort of Rocket in Fortnite
36 Zedarboy Zedarboy 679,853
Higher, Farther, Faster in Forza Horizon 3
37 xTCx xTCx 676,361
パルムの旅路 in Mushihime-sama Futari Ver 1.5
38 LGS I Hitman LGS I Hitman 669,788
All Alone in Halo: Reach
39 RDW040 RDW040These Xbox fitness achievements are gonna kill me... Why couldn't MS let me get back in shape before having to do this... 668,172
Awesome Combo! in Conga Master
40 mcsteel31 mcsteel31wtf 660,457
Renaissance Man in Far Cry 4
41 Rossco7530 Rossco7530 653,515
The Cold Light in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox 360)
42 Cees Cees 645,019
And Stay Down! in Assassin's Creed Unity
43 Rare Bishop Rare BishopIf anybody has Nitro or Overdrive crates in Rocket League, let me know. 644,096
Upgraded a Weapon in BioShock
44 OO111111 OO111111Just did a quick inventory on my game list on my computer, and I definitely have over 2,000 games. Now, to pop an achievement on all of them... X___x 641,696
First Oil in Blue Rider
45 Grimace221 Grimace221I really hope we get KOTOR with OG BC! 635,803
Declared a fellow Goonie in LEGO Dimensions
46 screamsoft screamsoft 634,871
The Rod of Arafel in Darksiders II
47 apac69 apac69psn..... 625,492
Mr. Sandman in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series (Win 10)
48 Paul Doyle Paul Doyle2nd person on TA to get The Golden Rookery and The Harverster on Deus ex MD 621,533
Oink, oink in The Dwarves
49 Kelle1994 Kelle1994Bezahlen kostet nicht's 617,596
Ride the Lightning in Fortnite
50 darkling1542 darkling1542Back to boosting the multiplayer.. 610,826
Mission: 06 Clear in Armored Core: Verdict Day
51 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 30012 month XBOX live Gold card $31.76 at 603,732
Help Me! in Assassin's Creed Unity
52 BlackEyedMonkey BlackEyedMonkeyugh. forgot to turn roblox on with only about 2 days left to 20 days played 602,257
You Spin Me Right Round in Roundabout
53 DEATHSxSPARTAN DEATHSxSPARTANI retire from achivements i will now only game on pc i will delete my TA account at end of the week last chance to say good bye going to steam 600,884
Well Trained in Paladins: Champions of the Realm
54 Yui Shojei Yui ShojeiAcumulando juegos ^^ 591,734
Challenge Accepted in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition
55 Mosher666 Mosher6664492/10000 Seriously kills 589,188
Captive in Blues & Bullets
56 Spilner Spilner 588,350
#Forzathon Prowling in Forza Horizon 3
57 xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxWow ok my connection to Twitter from Trueachivements has died for some reason lol 583,703
Beings from the 5th Dimension in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox 360)
58 DaCoders DaCodersAfter consecutive hours of playing Dragon Ball, I have a conclusion: What am I doing with my life. 582,867
Made You Look! in SMITE
59 Acap AcapLove my cat <3 576,577
Kill screen in Fez
60 The Yiddler The YiddlerMy son has passed a trial to get into the youth setup at Chelsea, so proud of him. 567,472
Good Times in Rocket League
61 ChubbySweethead ChubbySweetheadanyone have plants vs zombies 2 that can help with friend achievements 559,009
Read-only in Watch_Dogs
62 Pinski Pinski141414 gamerscore on 3/30/2015 550,697
Protector in Blast 'em Bunnies
63 NatasNaes NatasNaesAnyone know an easy quick z achievement? 549,599
Torment Sunset Wilderness in Lies of Astaroth
64 Lord Federal Lord FederalHouse of Wolves 546,329
Crash Test Dummy in Motocross Madness
Saddle Up in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
66 TheJoeDean TheJoeDeanbacklog just went up by about 15 games thanks to the 360 games on sale 538,672
A Full-Scale War in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
67 Kah xp Kah xpAgora sou a mulher com o maior gamerscore do Brasil :) 535,876
Eagle Eye in Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear
68 a holy chainsaw a holy chainsawEnjoying this LEGO shit more than I should be 518,600
You Win Or You Die in Gears of War 4
69 Eskobar M92 Eskobar M92Bought Hitman the first season 513,966
Space Oddity in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
70 Spartan UK Spartan UKI am a gamer! Not because I don't have a life... But because I choose to have many 511,822
Apex Predator in Evolve
71 DrAllsopp DrAllsoppSix hours progress on spy chameleon gone because of shit programming losing the save file. 500,585
Cool It in Alan Wake's American Nightmare
72 omgeezus omgeezusTo Seahorse Seashell Party - My beloved team, thank you for an incredible run this year and a top 50 finish! 499,491
Betrayed in Saints Row IV
73 F3AR Avenger F3AR AvengerSucks been ill , my mind wants to play something but my body wont let me and i feel so exhausted -_- hope i dont feel like this all week! 498,224
100 Total Wins on Xbox LIVE in REAL STEEL
74 dvdmanpa dvdmanpa 497,813
Fibbage XL: Don't Know What To Believe... in The Jackbox Party Pack
75 SneakyStabbalot SneakyStabbalotwon 91 Achievements in 8 games, for a total of 4,463 TrueAchievement points (3,495 Gamerscore) despite The Division :) 496,401
Close to the Edge in The Walking Dead - A New Frontier (Win 10)
76 your not jeffy your not jeffyfederal aka darryl heater jr. you will be missed bro you were a great person and friend. we love you. RIP DUDE <never changing bump lol 491,059
Boots on the Ground in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
77 HilariousHarvie HilariousHarvieHard Mode has glitched out on Guacamelee right near the end :( NOT HAPPY 487,140
Flippity Flaps in Costume Quest 2
78 HazeMonster HazeMonsterT&T 472,942
Imperator in Saints Row IV
79 CONKER1182 CONKER1182 465,705
To the Victor Go the Spoils in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series
80 Ueki420 Ueki420Retiring from achievement has been fun guys! I'll be around to play once in a while. 464,110
Survival Riptor in Killer Instinct
81 W1cked Girl W1cked Girl 462,451
Double Extend in New Rally-X
82 nacd nacd 461,004
Fourth Gear in Parking Mania (WP)
83 Major Berga Major BergaDay 770 belongs to Pumpstar.. You rock dude..!!!!! Thanks for the help... 458,449
Four of a Kind in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
84 Kimitchii KimitchiiBack! 445,665
Curious Cadet in Star Trek Online
85 jiraya00 jiraya00 442,428
Hostile Takeover in Fallout 4
86 Sakura460 Sakura460 441,252
Chimp on the Barbie in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
87 Proscaline ProscalineDiving was lots of fun. I highly recommend it. Screw completion. For now. 438,977
Insult to Injury in DOOM
88 DevilWithin08 DevilWithin08Scalebound cancelled!!!! Was one of the games I was really looking forward to :( 438,213
Obsession in The Town of Light
89 Hyp3r Duck Hyp3r Duck 436,309
Ultimate in Minesweeper (WP)
90 Fogizzle FogizzleALL GH/DJ HERO TITLES 100 % MAXED 434,711
Cat Scratch in SMITE
91 Ferrara316 Ferrara316Selling a boat load of XBOX 360 games, going to post them on here soon. Message me if interested in any. 433,127
Covenant: Way of White in Dark Souls
92 Always Saucy Always Saucy 428,169
Dragon Hunter in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
93 Sky Dragon 570 Sky Dragon 570125G glitched in The Crew. Anyone want to help me with the online achievements? 425,089
Aye-aye, captain! in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
94 LCDS Titeuf LCDS Titeuf 422,544
Hail to the King in Bomberman Live: Battlefest
95 CUNHELL666 CUNHELL666 422,526
Cheating Death in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
96 Pr0jectMichael Pr0jectMichael 418,131
Start of Something Good in Mad Max
97 LAZY SHIKAMARUX LAZY SHIKAMARUXNote to anyone boosting DOOM, you can't just call out "Blue do this, Red do that!" Everyone is blue on their screen. 417,086
フェイバリットソング11(First Stage) in The Idolm@ster: Live for You!
98 flip407 flip407...and I'm back for a week! Time to catch up on a few games... 416,924
Homerunner in Gone Home: Console Edition
99 Nerd For Truth Nerd For Truth 415,468
Off the Beaten Path in Titanfall 2
100 woopigsuey woopigsueyholy shit now my xbox is backwards compatable 414,858
Black-out Boomer in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands