Seriously 3.0 Club

This leaderboard was created to display the TA members who legitimately unlocked Seriously 3.0.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 ChaosSlayerX187 ChaosSlayerX187 1,788,605
Party Like It's 1999 in Gears of War 2 (JP)
2 Kovy88 Kovy88 1,098,022
Eagle-eyed in Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom
3 Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neThanks Microsoft for featuring me on the Xbox One Dashboard Germany in the Community section 1,057,630
4 Shiney Cheese Shiney CheeseEclipseFest 2017!!! WOOOO!!! 1,033,910
The Heart of a King in Final Fantasy XV
5 ArkhmInmate0801 ArkhmInmate0801 1,016,094
Quarter Muncher in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Bio-Beware! in Battlefield Hardline
7 Apocalypse Kane Apocalypse KaneI recently completed the Alphabet Challenge, one of the strangely funniest things I've done in a while! 915,002
Scientist in Warframe
8 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoN 895,476
A Gift from Beyond in DOOM
9 Jay Insomniak Jay InsomniakLooking for Resident Evil Revelations (360) Raid partner x1/skype voice only. 881,495
Reinforcement Denied in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
10 mukamuk mukamuk 848,681
Never Raced or Rallied in DiRT 4
11 Best ln Philly Best ln PhillyAnyone want Carnival Games Taiwan. PM me 844,361
The Artful Dodger in Ultratron
12 Nikke84 Nikke84What will be next? Fallout 4 DLC perhaps, just got the season pass on sale. 818,570
Piggyback Ride in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
13 hupheryspangler hupheryspangler 800,613
Apprentice Sniper in Sniper Elite V2
14 Dr S Needlez Dr S Needlez 793,744
Plort Tycoon in Slime Rancher
15 Magnificent X Magnificent Xback to playing fun games :) lost my mojo if i'm not in a team anymore :) goood luck to everyone still in gtasc 781,887
Media Baron in Quantum Break
16 Fancy Bacon Fancy Bacon 780,018
Super Fuel in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
17 LeglessHamster LeglessHamsterGears 2 & 3 done, Back to no 1 Seriously 7567/10000 778,928
Innovator in Dead Rising 4
18 CL1333 CL1333Retired from Gaming. Retired from Achievements... 777,904
Unnatural Selection in Grand Theft Auto V
19 Hoff 07 Hoff 07 770,861
Naked Lunch in The Escapists 2
20 gamerboyTHXtss gamerboyTHXtss 768,744
Not in the Mood to Die in Resident Evil
21 PLANET13 PLANET13Congrats, WSC Cubs. 764,514
NERD! in Goat Simulator (Xbox 360)
22 ComesBrothers ComesBrothers 759,777
Score 150,000 points in ACA NEOGEO FATAL FURY 2
23 Dragonborn Gear Dragonborn Gear 725,692
Safety First in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series
24 UprootedGosling UprootedGoslingCompleted Game #238 - Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection 723,325
Tablet Collector in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
25 KaveDweller KaveDweller 721,452
Final Echo in Bulletstorm
26 TurboDiesel Guy TurboDiesel GuyI'm a deaf gamer 719,763
Assault Enlistment in Battlefield 1
27 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomPower brick is back just in time for Lucio ball! 702,207
Birds of Prey in Call of Duty: Ghosts
28 MIXHONG MIXHONGGlitch Detector ** 701,555
Far Realm Denier in Neverwinter
29 Razza69 Razza69Being skanked by holiday arcade games!! 675,569
Stan's Soapbox in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox 360)
30 KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33Damn no internet for possibly 3-4 weeks starting Tuesday . I guess that's what I get when I move into a new house with no neighbors yet!!! 653,709
31 YA BILLY YA BILLY 653,294
Hostile Takeover in Fallout 4
32 ReAl ImPuLsE ReAl ImPuLsE 644,238
Secrets Within Secrets in Agents of Mayhem
33 Deadly Psycho Deadly Psycho 642,877
34 Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45Looking to Start the online stuff for Madden 12 on the 360 can anyone help me out with the MUT Trade and 80 MUT rating achievements ? 614,251
The Old Fashioned Way in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
35 Strategy One Strategy OneBillion achievement session: Boosting Gaming Session for Prominence Poker 612,279
Winning is a Habit in Microsoft Mahjong (WP)
36 TheBigTicket94 TheBigTicket94 610,553
Belly of the Beast in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
37 DEATHSxSPARTAN DEATHSxSPARTANI retire from achivements i will now only game on pc i will delete my TA account at end of the week last chance to say good bye going to steam 599,710
Well Trained in Paladins: Champions of the Realm
38 shelbygt5252 shelbygt5252 594,829
Right On Time in Hydro Thunder Go (WP)
39 SlightlyErotic SlightlyEroticAnyone else know why minecraft just closes down when you try to play? Boots to the menu and that's it.. 583,486
Voices in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
40 liner bronson liner bronson 583,238
Purple Badger Don't Care in King's Quest
41 Crimson Drifter Crimson DrifterAnyone have Heavy Weapon to help out for 30 min.? three no shows :/ 580,431
This is My City Now in Sunset Overdrive
42 RubensX RubensXHalo: TMCC = 404/600 ••• Killer Instinct 200/450 578,011
The Joys of Freedom in Assassin's Creed Syndicate
43 Irondan316 Irondan316The big section of my move is complete. Internet is now up & running. The streak lives on!! toast 575,216
The Hunter Has Become.. The Other Thing in Slime Rancher
44 BeaveHuntr BeaveHuntr 574,520
Boat Enthusiast in Sonic Mania
45 KY PRO 2008 KY PRO 2008see yah what did say 2 years ago? that world of tanks would hit 2k gs n look at it now 571,805
My name is Nobody in Knock-Knock
46 MuppeT May Cry MuppeT May CryBurned out on achievement hunting... 563,543
Eat your Vitamins in DOOM
47 Lyre220 Lyre220TA ratio > 2 562,356
All About the Points in Dead Rising 4
48 LitaOsiris LitaOsiris 560,435
Ground Control in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
49 II Evil Il II Evil Il10.000 kills sur Gears 1 de retour j'espère qu'il ne sera pas buggé cette fois-ci ^^ 549,873
Volley in Overwatch: Origins Edition
Surface survivor in Phantom Dust
51 TheDeuterostome TheDeuterostomeDon't care anymore... 539,850
Space Oddity in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
52 MitoticActivity MitoticActivityFor interested FF fans. 536,910
Time to Mine! in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
53 Bk LuCKY ChaRMS Bk LuCKY ChaRMSwow thank you just dance 2014 not counting any of the scores im getting toward my profile wtf 536,054
Project Purity in Fallout Shelter
54 Stinkman68 Stinkman68HALO Master Chief Collection 599/600 Achievements 532,014
Belly Full of Stones in The Wolf Among Us
55 The Index Case The Index Case 528,619
Crafty in Gears of War 4
56 ExoRcisE Me ExoRcisE MeOut of Business 527,423
I've Got the Power in Tom Clancy's The Division
57 KillerLegend90 KillerLegend90613/623 gears achievements ill have the series done by friday august 25 2017 526,466
I’ve Got You In My Sights in Gears of War 4
58 Vestri Sator Vestri Sator 517,719
From Beyond the Stars in Grand Theft Auto V
59 I Destrotor I I Destrotor I 517,444
I want those ones. in MONOPOLY Deal
60 Mister Dak Mister Dak 517,093
The Loyal Warrior in Dynasty Warriors 6
61 Surfer2308 Surfer2308 515,771
True Tourist in LEGO CITY Undercover
62 Captain Redeye Captain Redeye 515,642
Master of Shadows in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
63 SWEDENDUDE SWEDENDUDEThe Defenders were really great 512,925
The Battle for Beacontown in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
64 FreshPrince513 FreshPrince513I didn't just get a jersey signed by Reggie Jackson, I even ate dinner with him(6/24/11). 509,165
Maxed Out All Character Levels in Blue Dragon
65 gamesmaster9001 gamesmaster9001 503,609
Stick That In Your Archive in Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond
66 Funnnkyyy FunnnkyyyGOW 2 Japan horde map sessions set up. Please join to help if you can 499,635
You Go Ahead, I'll Be Fine in Gears of War 2 (JP)
67 Tsukimi TsukimiDid I ever tell you the definition of insanity? 499,233
Community Organizer in Fallout 4
68 FireRaiser1985 FireRaiser1985 496,999
Game of Bones in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
69 Ross Hodge Ross Hodge 496,073
Covenant: Forest Hunter in Dark Souls
70 Ratify RatifyGot completions? 491,253
You're going to meet Death now... in Zombie Army Trilogy
71 Tommy2Shotz Tommy2Shotz 489,548
I Live. I Die. I Live Again! in Gears of War 4
72 Silvesta Silvesta 480,932
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. in Gears of War 4
73 Hayz7890 Hayz7890 479,211
Change of Sheets in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
74 turkeyfly turkeyflyGears 4 Horde Frenzy starts Friday. 477,376
Liu Hui in Equalicious (WP)
75 BondoHair BondoHairRide to Hell: Retribution may be the worst game of all time. 473,408
Appreciation in Sunset Overdrive
76 T0rtureTactics T0rtureTacticsMight be getting back into gaming. My ps3 is set up. Need to go buy FFX now... 448,824
Real Racer! in Bang Bang Racing
77 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9Just thought I'd let you all know that I ain't dead....yet. 448,269
Tourist in Halo 3: ODST
78 Pharcyde PharcydeSeriously...Suck my balls!! 442,424
Tightening the Noose in Murdered: Soul Suspect
79 Mobius Evalon Mobius EvalonWatch_Dogs 2 had exactly one fun and interesting mission in it 435,610
Gone With The Windflare in Gears of War 4
80 Icewinds IcewindsHappy Wars fini, 127 heures 23, 7404 kills, 527 victoires 434,699
What do you want most in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
81 Ferrara316 Ferrara316Selling a boat load of XBOX 360 games, going to post them on here soon. Message me if interested in any. 433,335
Covenant: Way of White in Dark Souls
82 DownInFlames85 DownInFlames85Went back to Deniable Ops in SC: Conviction, it's still fun as hell to play! 429,033
Wheeee! in Serial Cleaner
Skills That Make Me a Nightmare in Gears of War 4
84 Dark Assasin732 Dark Assasin732Anyone willing to run through halo 1 and 2 on legendary under 3 hours with me? They are keeping me away from completing Halo MCC. 418,519
The Innocent and the Predatory in Batman: Arkham Origins
85 DmA 5800 DmA 5800GHWT servers are back up, get busy people smile 416,492
Return Kustomer in Mortal Kombat X
86 beavis beavisA picture of me and Master Chiefing playing Halo: 412,183
Born to Hoon in Forza Horizon 3
87 PRO GLiTCHxx PRO GLiTCHxx 412,063
Legacy in Halo 5: Guardians
88 ReliantGung ho ReliantGung hoNext games to beat: Destiny, Cities: Skylines, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, Battlefield 1, GTA IV, Fable II, Assassin's Creed, BioShock, Black Ops 407,061
Supremacy in Destiny
89 JENDORF JENDORFDon't be afraid to send me a message if I have a game that you need help with. 404,275
Shaolin Skills in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
90 YAT0 YAT0 397,873
Honed and Ready in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
91 SaibeWan SaibeWanGTA everyday. 397,535
It's All In the Writing in Dying Light
92 RATM Nietzsche RATM NietzscheHappy New Year to all my friends here! 397,420
Online Player in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
93 o BLazE ZerO o o BLazE ZerO oKneel before me, when in my presence! 396,281
Old Flame in The Evil Within
94 VxM xENS1F3RUMx VxM xENS1F3RUMx 394,087
Pounsus Interruptus in Gears of War 4
95 xRosierrox xRosierroxRanked #1 worldwide at both modes in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved! 392,785
Skills for Duels in SoulCalibur V
96 tjpatterson146 tjpatterson146 391,739
What will you become in Star Wars Battlefront
97 Coadster1 x360a Coadster1 x360aGonna take a while to get used to the new badges. 391,062
Casino in Sonic The Hedgehog 2
98 visheyry visheyry 390,609
A Part Of Something Bigger in LEGO Marvel's Avengers
99 x I LAZ I x x I LAZ I x 390,056
Halls of Fabrication Completed in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
100 Dragonwhisp3rer Dragonwhisp3rer 380,225
Go for the Gold in Halo 5: Guardians