South West England

For all those players based in Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Come join!
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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Gambler Gambler 1,919,582
I'll Show Them! I'll Show Them All! in DIRT 5
2 TexhnolyzedMech TexhnolyzedMech 1,917,958
Total Loss in Baja: Edge of Control HD
3 The Mascal The MascalGrid. The king is back! 1,701,532
The End in Aery - A Journey Beyond Time
4 TricKyRicKy xD TricKyRicKy xDBleeding edge is probably the worst game I’ve ever played. To top it all off, a glitched achievement. 1,662,038
Long Jump in DIRT 5
5 Chaos Mythology Chaos MythologyMay not play well with others but will get the job done 1,475,949
Cleanup on aisle 4! in Zombie Army 4: Dead War
6 Snitty 1 Snitty 1 1,270,667
Major in Gears POP!
7 Sensei Neo Sensei Neo 1,258,710
Icebreaker in HITMAN 3
8 Effigy Effigywon 563 Achievements in 55 games, for a total of 42,573 TrueAchievement points (28,626 Gamerscore). 1,082,951
Entamaphobia in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
9 WarmedxMints WarmedxMints 1,028,969
A Momentous Occasion in LEGO The Incredibles
10 Jobber Jobber 952,379
Stuff of Legend in Yakuza 0
11 wbs wbsGaming Break 934,404
Music Lover in Donut County
12 Bootybandit1 Bootybandit1#7513rd person on TA to 100% Vampyr and 1st in the UK 903,761
The Warlord in Wasteland 3
13 Lil Miss Cherry Lil Miss Cherry 859,053
Back to Back in Minecraft Dungeons
14 Spilner Spilner 849,090
Are you a God? (Say yes) in The Crew 2
15 St1ng r St1ng r500k at last, 14 years in the making and like every other 100K increment done it on a Gears game! 840,593
Brush with death in Family Feud
16 Proxy Lionheart Proxy LionheartShameful post but if anyone has Twitch and would like to drop me a follow I'd really appreciate it. 793,960
FFX: Sphere Master in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
17 Pine Reaper Pine ReaperAny guides for the updated Slime Rancher rush mode? 790,979
Gobsmacked in Torchlight III
18 Small Victories Small VictoriesNew Years Gaming Resolution - Get on that backlog for Xbox, finish those PSVR games, and finish those Wii U and DS games. 790,962
Smooth Operator in Maid of Sker
19 Devious Jedi Devious JediDon't care what others say. Battlefront 2 is a great game. Solid single player with a great story an 766,346
Time to Shine in Marvel's Avengers
20 Games Master Games MasterWunderbar! I have every Call of Duty achievement once more :) 762,406
Back to Back in Minecraft Dungeons
21 Smoky Brenneth Smoky BrennethNo stream tonight; the swelling in my face is now painful, and a 10 on the scale at that. Dentist tomorrow 🤞😳 703,139
You Tried in Five Nights at Freddy's 2
22 RyanJDC RyanJDCCompletion #293 Spyro Trilogy. Thought id like this, started it when it came out decided to go back and finish. nowhere as good as crash trilogy 699,745
In the Mirror in Celeste
23 Sm4rty93 Sm4rty93Shout out to my Team, The Original Backloggers for Finishing 9th GTASC 2017 smile 620,222
Calling It In in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
24 flip407 flip407I’m not starting anything else until I complete a few unfinished games in my collection. Any GoW co-op / boosting offers welcome. 614,519
Awakening in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
25 H4rdcorekillah H4rdcorekillah 610,792
Vladislav, Baby Don't Hurt Me in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Win 10)
26 Ultramarine360 Ultramarine360Witcher 3 game of the year edition 597,580
Sharpshooter in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
27 DevilWithin08 DevilWithin08 593,447
Good Catch! in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
28 TheDonovanViper TheDonovanViperThat's me out of the achievements game for a while. Need a new PC so I am selling the majority of my physical games. Now, to eBay! 585,407
Perfectly Generic Achievement in Starbound (Win 10)
29 dabaldie dabaldieI want my missing WP achievements back... :( 567,198
Go Viral in Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection
30 SAS eddriver19 SAS eddriver19 536,872
Challenge Accepted in Destiny 2
31 Dropkick Hope86 Dropkick Hope86 529,822
High Performance in The Surge 2
32 KernowMan KernowManAnyone wanna/need to do gears 4 campaign? 513,967
Stuntmasta' in DIRT 5
33 Deranged Asylum Deranged AsylumWe're giving away a code for Hello Neighbor on Xbox One right now 504,338
Got Big Game in Borderlands 3
34 Gerthmeister GerthmeisterHey everyone,those people with an Xbox one x,what tvs are you using? As was considering getting a SA 494,339
Gone Camping! in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
35 Lamboliochen LamboliochenWhy is it some of my games are unable to load. both witcher 3 and fallout 4 472,665
The Enemy of My Enemy in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Grenadier in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr
37 Lord Barty MBE Lord Barty MBE 457,659
Three pointer in Golf With Your Friends (Win 10)
38 LiLNinjaHamster LiLNinjaHamster 454,481
Hatch Me If You Can in Forza Horizon 4
39 angelicdevil88 angelicdevil88Who is getting the New xbox series X :D 452,335
Psychic Sleuth in The Medium
40 sum1 superior sum1 superiorWhy don't you just play the fucking game for me Bungie!! Thank god your not doing any more Halo's!!! 431,636
Somebody in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
41 OMGWTH00111111 OMGWTH00111111Is anyone having issues with achievements not popping? Started skyrim and did the requirements for one in gems of war and nothing popped?? 419,141
All Clear? in Tetris Effect: Connected
42 INSURGENTALPHA INSURGENTALPHAJust noticed I've finished my 2018 Bean Dive. Now just another 600 odd achievements to finish my 2017 Bean Dive. 411,455
Not even once in Cricket 19
43 KiDLUCiF3R KiDLUCiF3R 378,223
All's Fare in Love and War in Grand Theft Auto V
44 Sjt75 Sjt75 375,894
The Quick and the Dead in Cyberpunk 2077
45 xRoller187x xRoller187xim back 373,874
Turned Into a Master of Opportunities in PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2
46 Nekrose Nekrose 373,002
Fire it Up in Wasteland 3 (Win 10)
47 JerkyJacko JerkyJackoHave a shave...... 365,008
Strategic Extraction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2
48 Yoruno Ookami Yoruno OokamiI game, there for I am. 350,570
Back to Back in Minecraft Dungeons
49 TheIllusiveGirl TheIllusiveGirl 333,198
Need A Friend? in Bear With Me: The Lost Robots
50 Excalibur0126 Excalibur0126 325,127
Farewell, Pascal in NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition
51 REDEYEDTOFFEE 2 REDEYEDTOFFEE 2Back to stay !!! 309,240
League Champions in eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE
52 L1ttlemike L1ttlemikeIgnoring DLC for the foreseable future 300,596
Ultimate Refinement in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
53 Bennios BenniosI made a guide :) Gatherer in Geometry Wars³: Dimensions 296,781
Worthy in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
54 Gleaming Cube Gleaming CubeThere is a potential Donkey Kong kill screen coming up if anyone is interested? 286,316
A Solid Foundation in Fallout 76
55 UK Blood Hound UK Blood Hound 286,187
Pro Internationals Champion in Wreckfest (Win 10)
56 mundz94 mundz94i am giong to be out most of today but I'll be on earlyer for last push tomoz 284,522
Party Patrol in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
57 chris xvx chris xvx 274,551
Made to Order in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
58 MancBowen MancBowenmultiplayer achievements suck!!! 271,594
Student of the Red Arts in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game
59 MARSHALL FACE MARSHALL FACEgamerscore 111111 245,690
Student of Upgrades in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game
60 Benn1e Benn1eHalo 5 hmmmmm 245,079
Double Trouble in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
61 ReTrO GaMeR 77 ReTrO GaMeR 77Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? I Lied!!!!!!!!!!!! 242,173
The Prison in Little Nightmares
62 Hoofy Rogers Hoofy RogersJust checked my bean dive recovery. Currently lower than when I dived. 600 Cheeves needed...oops 239,635
Long Jump in DIRT 5
63 Ditto51 Ditto51Halo's 360 servers are being shut down in December 2021! 206,008
Top Table in RISK
64 How Darn Smooth How Darn SmoothRan over one of the guys from Rockstar with a moped last night in GTAIV multiplayer :) 166,716
Last One Standing in Project Winter
65 Cornish Pixie88 Cornish Pixie88 163,662
A Fair Day's Pay in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
66 CAMOKIEREN CAMOKIERENare any of my friends playing FH4 on release would be nice to hit out some of the online achievements early 139,992
Came to Win in Microsoft Sudoku (UWP)
67 A Wise Ninja A Wise NinjaFirst year of uni complete! (Where's my badge?) 137,428
Elder Knowledge in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
68 MR CODMAN1976 MR CODMAN1976I am thinking Xcloud Is excellent 135,096
Rap Sheet: Trespasser in Day of the Tentacle Remastered
69 taskforce nick taskforce nick 110,505
Covenant: Mound-makers in Dark Souls III
70 DRUID 666 DRUID 666 87,084
Still Standing in EA SPORTS UFC 2
71 tehcrow7 tehcrow7 86,270
Savvy & Strong in Tetris Effect: Connected
72 Dr English Dr English 77,966
On Fleek in Borderlands 3
73 DuctileHook8257 DuctileHook8257Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball. 75,240
Decorator in Dragon Age: Inquisition
74 diirrtydubcakeZ diirrtydubcakeZ 61,337
Drink Deep in CODE VEIN (Win 10)
75 ImmyTheKat ImmyTheKat 54,912
Peak Jumper in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
76 Jobforajayme Jobforajayme 54,342
No Goal for You! in FIFA 13
77 Argonaut1975 Argonaut1975 52,461
Deep Cut in Call of the Sea
78 Elainye Elainye 46,620
Bad End 2 in Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet
79 richy28 richy28MW2 and MW3 completed in the same night, BOOM 44,961
Forerunner in Halo 4
80 Coffee F1 Coffee F1 14,682
The Fox and the Pound in Super Lucky's Tale
81 Coffee Music 69 Coffee Music 69 4,468
Bronze Collector in Forza Motorsport 7