Cheaters should be banned from TA!

Join this leaderboard if you think cheaters should be banned from this site and not be able to take part in ANY activities that honest members have access to. No GS only tracking! No Partial tracking! No cheat a little 3 strike bullshit! One clear hacked/gamesaved achievement then goodbye wave
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Pigimus Prime Pigimus PrimeScorpio is home and set up! 1,958,014
A Dominating Presence in Star Wars Battlefront II
2 rafaelgrn rafaelgrnSorteio de 12 meses de Xbox Live Gold no Conquistaria! Inscrições até as 15:00 do dia 25 de outubro 1,904,330
Godhunter in Oh My Godheads
3 The Dauntless The DauntlessRETIRED: Officially retired from achievement hunting! 1,883,092
Seeker Champion in Forza Motorsport 7
4 UnawareBoss UnawareBoss 1,882,243
A Dark Secret in Echoes of the Fey: The Fox's Trail
5 Sangriaz SangriazHappy birthday to the Hidden Levels. I am proud to be part of the team. Thank you! 1,840,526
Long Time No See in Tapping Skill Test (Win 10)
6 SiegfriedX SiegfriedXDepois de muito custo e muitos DLCs... Primeiro lugar brasileiro de jogos completos. :) 1,637,387
7 Pteppic42 Pteppic42 1,636,320
一緒に、正義の巨大ロボを造ろう in Robotics;Notes
8 d4rk antares d4rk antares 1,629,288
Ashes in The Maw in Little Nightmares
9 Funkyboy K Funkyboy K 1,609,277
Master Forger in Middle-earth: Shadow of War
10 xXCorrado80Xx xXCorrado80XxUnd wieder ein verbuggter Erfolg auf dem Handy :/ 1,526,443
Investment Portfolio in Paladin
11 Stealth David Stealth DavidSo who wants to review Okami HD for me early code will be provided for free 1,525,168
Beginner Prospector in Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
12 TexhnolyzedMech TexhnolyzedMechMaking a comeback soon :) 1,476,348
Herbalist in How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
13 Tachibana HANZO Tachibana HANZOall done the ninja gaiden's series. 1,472,670
The Data Breaches in Grand Theft Auto V
14 allhands238 allhands238 1,378,934
Wrong Number in Game Chest: Logic Games (WP)
15 SUPER FLY 1988 SUPER FLY 1988 1,347,138
Around The World in Gears of War 4
16 NO1KEV NO1KEVThe new dash is... shit! 1,315,764
No Rest for the Living in DOOM
17 Punk Core Gamer Punk Core GamerPlay for fun 1,309,613
The Wanderer in Narcosis
18 Sonderfall SonderfallHunting achievements... 1,307,690
One of a kind in Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood
19 gambler6464 gambler6464 1,239,492
Obscure Foundations in Inside
20 Grobanite GrobaniteEndlich "Diamant" in Prominence Poker! *WHOOP WHOOP* 1,141,313
Tarkatan Champion in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
21 NeXsim NeXsimBlackwater SUCKS 1,116,407
Curse Your Enthusiasm in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
The Best of Us in BATMAN – The Telltale Series
23 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN 1,098,630
Overcooked in Sky Force Reloaded
24 AndreFlash83 AndreFlash83So many AWESOME games to play and we been held by our backlogs cry 1,093,386
Crimson Completionist in Joy Ride Turbo
25 Sly Breezy Sly BreezyWhat Do People Think Of My Trophy Case Plz Let Me Know Thxs 1,085,505
Shooting Star in NBA 2K13
26 Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neSo i broke my left arm.. any ideas what game is doable with one hand..please comment 1,082,691
I Need A Faction in War Planet Online: Global Conquest (Win 10)
27 A7X Unleashed A7X UnleashedSorry everyone I appear to be a bully because I felt it was a disgrace that someone posted peoples TA pages on facebook taking the piss out of them 1,074,268
Philumenist in White Night
28 Handydarkness HandydarknessThought provoking for those that say, "We got this, we'll plow right through it. Go team go." 1,073,834
The Final Chapter in Friday the 13th: The Game
29 LLTC1807 LLTC1807 1,067,766
Pimp Car in Zombie Driver HD
30 DA CH0ZEN ONE DA CH0ZEN ONE 1,062,167
Flotsam and Jetsam in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
31 AbleHenry AbleHenry 1,061,644
Rise of D-X scenario cleared! in WWE '13
32 Lost Legends Lost LegendsI have an issue on site where I'm not receiving any notifications when sessions go up for games in my boost list . 1,042,148
Liberator in Velvet Assassin
33 Shin Gatsurai Shin GatsuraiAnyone play project zomboid? 1,040,013
Words of Cunning in Rise of the Argonauts
34 boldyno1 boldyno13rd place finish in GTASC 2017, well done team. 1,032,392
Terraria Student in Terraria
35 Effigy Effigywon 563 Achievements in 55 games, for a total of 42,573 TrueAchievement points (28,626 Gamerscore). 1,031,943
Sous Chef in Stardew Valley
36 Doom Angel Doom Angel 996,727
Rare Collector in Forza Motorsport 7
37 RAILBAIT RAILBAITTyrone Born, Raccoon City Bred. 985,494
Yeti Catcher in Overwatch: Origins Edition
38 WhiskeyWarriors WhiskeyWarriors 959,102
Welcome to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V
39 Matty to tha G Matty to tha Glooking for co-op partner for Gears 4 & Gears Ultimate campaigns 953,558
Brought to a Close in TurnOn
40 TJ Richter TJ RichterRayman Is.................................................................................... Awesome 936,769
Against The Odds in Sky Force Anniversary
41 Craig Furious Craig Furious 935,475
In dodge we trust in Blood Bowl 2
The Power in These Waters in Battlefield 1
43 Snitchnose Snitchnoseback from holiday now i need $$$$ 916,061
Undertaker in Call of Duty: WWII
44 xX Gambit69 Xx xX Gambit69 XxPost Nolan Wonder Woman best DCU film 915,259
CHARGE! in Forza Horizon 3
Level 4 Complete in Tachyon Project
46 Chris Scarce Chris Scarceglad i never started overwatch 905,381
Storm Is Not an Obstacle in TurnOn
47 Mister Buds Mister BudsGot it. 902,726
Killed the wrong guy in Hitman HD Pack
48 RAVIOLICAPONI RAVIOLICAPONIGot my Xbox One X, don't really notice much of a difference. 900,140
Heathens in Injustice 2
49 AirNath AirNath 900,120
Rough Seas in Battlefield 1
50 Throni360 Throni360GwG Dezember. Guter Witz! 890,277
It's A Bling Thing in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
51 greyghost777 greyghost777 881,839
Bitter Victory in Lichdom Battlemage
52 KongQuest KongQuest 873,307
Chivalry is Dead in Dead Rising 4
53 prowlerdante prowlerdanteBack from the dead (kind of). Will be dividing my attention between PS3/Vita and Xbox 871,601
Best Birthday Ever in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
54 MILINKYO MILINKYODone! unlocking 860,347
Mission Accomplished in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
55 DAN G 1 DAN G 1 856,035
Divisional Commander in Call of Duty: WWII
56 TRACKEY TRACKEYDon't fear the reaper. 854,057
Aim for the Head in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
57 DaMikeSC DaMikeSC500,000 down. Woot. 853,017
Fruit Annihilation in Fruit Ninja (2013) (WP)
58 Arran R W Arran R W 849,321
Voluntary QA in Goat Simulator (Xbox 360)
59 Steve Redman Steve RedmanDoes anybody have any Ferrari's they can lend me in Forza 4? Will give them back when I unlock the achievement. Just need like 5 or so 846,614
This is no mine... it's a tomb. in LEGO The Lord of the Rings
60 Flapjack waldi Flapjack waldi 831,981
Bedroom Optimization in Yesterday Origins
61 Dr S Needlez Dr S Needlez 827,107
Certifiable in Rocket League
62 wbs wbsI have a 12 month gold card for a Brazil account to trade or sell. Gold is apparently region locked now. 826,690
I Got It, I Got It! in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition
63 dreamweaver1984 dreamweaver1984My Bday is sunday, Please pick a charity and donate to it, doesnt matter if its just 1$ comment and post links of your fav charities 825,348
Market Mogul in Elite: Dangerous
64 IL1971 IL1971 825,179
Golden Boy in L.A. Noire
65 grubbE grubbEJust watched the Amazon facility I work for ship out nearly 7,000 xbox one x scorpio editions....and none will be coming to me =( 817,874
Compass Master in Azkend 2: The World Beneath
66 ghostlymostly ghostlymostly 813,109
Alley By Myself in NBA LIVE 18
67 keoskey keoskeyI would live to see a fallout and elder scrolls even grand theft auto telltale games 802,523
Free the Snow! in KILLING FLOOR 2
68 RunSmith14 RunSmith14Check out Gamertag Nation. It's great. Heres my referral link 801,437
Get Off My Lawn in Fallout Shelter
69 AJBowie AJBowie 798,073
Decked Out in Forza Motorsport 7
70 New Paralyzer New ParalyzerSome of these NeoGeo games are really forcing me to "git gud" and I have no choice but to practice practice practice. 796,893
LIVE in Hollywood in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
71 jackanape jackanapeBack under 96% thanks to more fucking DLC. Getting sick of playing the same games over and over. 795,584
Let There Be Light in Final Fantasy XV
72 Magnificent X Magnificent Xback to playing fun games :) lost my mojo if i'm not in a team anymore :) goood luck to everyone still in gtasc 794,234
Big Sister in Need for Speed Payback
73 MR BIG DOGG 90 MR BIG DOGG 90 791,402
Teamwork in Mass Effect: Andromeda
74 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1DThat Walking Dead midseason finale. Damn! No spoilers in the comments please but let me know what you thought. 785,429
Bathed in Flames in The Evil Within
75 evilknight23 evilknight23Message me on xbox live not on here! 782,161
Blind Me with Science in Super Lucky's Tale
76 ComesBrothers ComesBrothers 777,349
Snake Killer in 0 day Attack on Earth
77 A 0 UB3RLOZ3R A 0 UB3RLOZ3Rdam just got my xbox one s stolen?? 764,799
Shut Out in Little League World Series Baseball 2010
78 CovertDog CovertDog 760,247
Knock em Dead in 7 Days to Die
Remember Me in The Walking Dead: Michonne (Xbox 360)
80 ssssssssssssss1 ssssssssssssss1 752,283
Working Class Hero in Black The Fall
81 liddd liddd 750,107
Veteran in Mobile Suit Gundam Operation: Troy
82 Auston53 Auston53Check out my band at 745,900
Level cap reached in Pinball FX3
83 BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitarUnlocked 2,087 achievements for 74,190 gamerscore in 2016. 741,859
Sweet Sister in Child of Light
84 hockeygodDVD hockeygodDVD 741,254
Paradise Lost in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series
85 TRU x BEANS TRU x BEANS 740,930
Would You Like Some Crumpets With That in Injustice 2
86 II SkyLander II II SkyLander II... 737,333
Chronon Surge in Quantum Break
87 HellCreeper666 HellCreeper666GRAW Universal, Team & Solo Leaderboard Champion rock 733,435
High Fashion in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)
88 Nikolai420 Nikolai420 731,819
General of the Army in Call of Duty: WWII
89 Molneze MolnezeAnyone else addicted to collecting Funko Pops? 729,836
Camper in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
90 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantom 728,653
Night Survivor in Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360)
91 Heaven In Vain Heaven In Vainsupposed to be playing games for gamerscore to hit 500k by end of year. lucky to play anything tho these days 727,087
No 'I' In Team in NBA 2K18
92 Dabigamc DabigamcOk I understand a new voice actor for Frank West but has he had full cosmetic surgery? 725,310
Moulderbane in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
93 Tag Im It Tag Im ItKinect > Wii and Playstation Move 722,700
Froggy Throat in King's Quest
94 Rocha12 Rocha12new From game? sure. GTFO? why not? 722,592
Cranetastic in RAID: World War II
95 HucBerCranPerry HucBerCranPerrymy d pad is working time to finish marvel trials 721,560
The Points Do Matter in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
96 VixyNyan VixyNyan = Holy smokes!! I'm in tears right now~ ;w; Mega Man 11 announced, for XB1, PS4, Switch, PC coming out in late 2018~ 718,022
BORNNAM in Battle Garegga Rev.2016
97 TombOfAnubis TombOfAnubisTheTombOfAnubis.Com 710,319
Parallel Park in Burnout Paradise
98 oI Mr Sm1th Io oI Mr Sm1th IoGamerscore Completion 99.58% 706,740
Title winner in DUCATI - 90th Anniversary
99 Noaxis Noaxis 701,466
Tooled Up in Crysis 2
100 A 0 E Monkey A 0 E Monkeyearned 0 achievements in 2015 for 0 GamerScore worth 15332 TA 698,992
Strive for Perfection in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8)