True TA Ratio

Welcome to the original TRUE TA Ratio Leaderboard. Based on TA Ratio and only including members with at least '100' Games started to ensure a TRUE ratio value.


If you have over 100 games please also apply for the 'True Completion Percentage Leaderboard' (url id=2536) and if you have a TA Pro Account please also apply for the 'TA PRO ACCOUNT LEADERBOARD' (url id=4044).
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TA Ratio
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Firdaus II Firdaus II 4.5983 Shooting for First (2) in KartRider: Drift
2 Cetinas Cetinas 4.4899 Ambition of the Brave in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
3 PRTM CLUESCROL PRTM CLUESCROLmy dad's hosting a VR chat party and I've to invite all my "cute guy friends" ??? 4.4745 CAPSO! in DJMAX Respect V
4 Infamous InfamousIs This Team Casually Winning? 4.1642 Mo Heroes, Mo Problems in Bloons TD 6
5 Juif Juif 3.7233 Legendary Trial Master in Sea of Thieves
6 ChiflaGoodluck ChiflaGoodluckTaking a break from "LaD 0" for a day or a few to play the final "Sonic Frontiers" TU. 3.6020 Worked Hard for the Money in Yakuza 0
7 Shadykilla420 Shadykilla420Wish i cared even a little, but i dont. 3.5743 Who Needs Tygan? in XCOM 2
8 Mystical Dragon Mystical Dragon 3.5028 Tomb Raider in Warstride Challenges
9 morrison rnd morrison rnd 3.4849 Great Serpent in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY Edition
10 Luke17000 Luke17000Kairosoft Games (Game dev story and others) being available for xbox / windows is a big W 3.4658 Sommelier in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
11 Moldy Tacos5000 Moldy Tacos5000Breathedge! Subnautica in space except hilarious instead of creepy. 3.4630 Life Weaving in Overwatch 2
12 Isilmer Isilmer 3.4429 Smithy's Tools of the Trade in Monster Hunter Rise
13 Gottle GottleDifferent Gear, Still Speeding. 3.4327 Aces High in Need for Speed Payback
14 GalatticoRGB GalatticoRGB 3.4326 Horrific Pacific in Stranded Deep
15 SSSteinMan SSSteinMan 3.3598 Golden Melody in Lies of P
16 Lw N1GHTM4R3 Lw N1GHTM4R3 3.2818 Battle-Hardened in Splitgate
17 BPBPBPBPBPBPBP BPBPBPBPBPBPBPLoving single life after 20 years of torture! dance headspin toast 3.2596 One Small Step in Starfield
18 Im Vincyo Im VincyoYou don't get high by surpassing others. You reach the top by surpassing yourself. 3.2501 Mental Athlete in Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum
19 PHT999 PHT999 3.2336 Tarzan in Party Animals
20 IEXECUTION BKI IEXECUTION BKIGTASC 2020 Individual 6th Place, 9th Total TAD Scored 3.2299 Kuala Paradise in Gungrave G.O.R.E
21 KiN6TiM KiN6TiM 3.2259 Friendly-Fire 20 in Prodeus
22 superjek superjekAll Call of Duty games Completed on Console (Including X1, X360 & Region Variation). 3.1458 Record of Utmost Valor - Arena in Monster Hunter Rise
23 Chizzy ChizzyI might die before I get Billionaire in Prominence Poker lmao 3.0969 Payback Time in Evolve
24 mozgom mozgomDisco dancer 3.0894 Tatar Victory in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
25 Seitzz SeitzzPlease feel free to add me or ask any questions 3.0426 Tactical Retreat in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
26 DubstepEdgelord DubstepEdgelord 3.0309 Small Consolation in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
27 MasterHouze MasterHouzeIdea to get chat room to work 3.0304 Who Wants to Live Forever in Metal: Hellsinger
28 induvielgamer induvielgamer 3.0182 Beekeeper in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
29 Sir Saiyd Sir SaiydDead Man Tell no Tales! 3.0150 Tread Softly in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
30 Chuchu Beleza Chuchu Beleza 2.9931 The Hard Way in PAYDAY 3
31 Mikosaki Mikosaki 2.9586 The Passenger in Aliens: Dark Descent
32 thepack1221 thepack1221SLASO here I come! 2.9476 Stand back in Metro Exodus
33 MaDDaWQ MaDDaWQ 2.9375 Festival of Speed in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered
34 Zinfande1 Zinfande1Merry Christmas! After a dozen attempts and countless hours, finally got True Heir of Timur in EU4 2.9339 Stellar Cartography in Starfield
35 darkheaven5 darkheaven5 2.9207 Power Seeker in F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch
36 Skeptical Mario Skeptical MarioSpelunky 2 is finally coming to Xbox!!! 2.8973 All the chests in Supraland: Six Inches Under
37 ModernTwist329 ModernTwist329 2.8640 Level 5 in Gears of War 4
38 Knight Maximus Knight MaximusMemento Mori 2.8638 A Daring Devil in It Takes Two
39 WHESLEY91 BR WHESLEY91 BR 2.8528 Dragon Defeat in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
40 DAMOIZGOD DAMOIZGOD54 Down - 11 Left.... 2.8524 Adaptable in Forza Horizon 5
41 shakaste shakaste 2.7786 Are You Not Entertained? in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
42 Fuuldrin FuuldrinElden Ring est une tuerie <3 2.7676 Turnabout Sisters in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
43 charliethegamer charliethegamerBack to square one 2.7635 New Kid on the Block in Halo Infinite
44 GuilhermeMTr GuilhermeMTr 2.7619 Lightning Reflexes in Dying Light 2: Stay Human
45 darkling1542 darkling1542Had to enable and disable recurring subscription multiple times now to log into live... 2.7554 Kill 10000 Enemies in Prodeus
46 crooked444 crooked444 2.7518 10 Quick Match Wins in Party Animals
47 Will072 Will072 2.7451 Senior in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
48 The Manic Moose The Manic MooseBack 4 Blood nightmare done, sea of thieves done. 2.7339 I Use Them For Smuggling in Starfield
49 herbal1st herbal1st 2.7323 Well They Shouldn't Have Died The First Time in Neverwinter
50 jordaUwU jordaUwU 2.7029 Second Act in Dead by Daylight
51 KinectKid333 KinectKid333 2.6845 Poetry in Motion in Alan Wake's American Nightmare
52 Jerkkhammer Jerkkhammer 2.6845 Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors
53 Vengence38 Vengence38I’m getting into the strange habit of winning the absolute hardest achievements in the world. My next target is Wave 100 in Robotron: 2084. 2.6827 The Perfect Mission in Resident Evil 4
55 Pitooh Pitooh 2.6781 Power Up Audio Pro Tour in Descenders
56 Extrapolates Extrapolates 2.6713 Coming of Age in DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition
57 Tomassir TomassirSimple life, happy life. 2.6622 Everybody Dies in Resident Evil 6
58 Vin Risen 360 Vin Risen 360Cloudberry Kingdom Completed 100% completion! :D Video: 2.6585 Ready to Session in Rocksmith 2014 Edition (Xbox 360)
59 Noaxis Noaxis 2.6572 Illuminations in Yakuza: Like a Dragon
60 SyncTheTempest SyncTheTempest-_-;; 2.6547 Revenge of Black in Lies of P
61 BOLSA68 BOLSA68“You Can’t Kill the Messiah.” - Kane 2.6535 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Prey
62 BlazingXero BlazingXero 2.6310 Ride into the Sunset in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III
63 Ephidel EphidelFinally back up to 99% completion rate. Just a handful of crap left. 2.6204 Discharge in Quake
64 SaidaiKanpeki SaidaiKanpeki 2.6124 Headhunter in Rogue Company
65 Dr Marty Dr MartyCompletionist. Focusing only on console games. No stacks. DLC only if it's good. 2.5993 Nothing Left in A Plague Tale: Requiem
66 Dingo Salad Dingo SaladY'all should join the "Unobtainable Achievements" leaderboard if you think that broken chievs should 2.5937 Seven Minutes of Terror in Xenoraid
67 SmokiestDadn SmokiestDadnrestarting grid legends due to needing 1 single race but it glitched. beware 2.5915 For the Time Extend crew! in GRID Legends
68 Nicholas Nicholas#8183Pinball FX 3 Release date Sept 26. 2.5906 Adaptable in Forza Horizon 5
69 l Tom Nelson l l Tom Nelson lMoved to steam - TheNobitsuraKage (Rip to my unplayed backlog) 2.5900 myClub: 1st Ranked Match Win in eFootball PES 2020
70 ID a n t e xT ID a n t e xT 2.5871 Playing to Win in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
71 Chris s 360 Chris s 360 2.5860 Gambler in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
72 tony coconuts tony coconuts 2.5823 Operator in Prey
73 xs Silence sx xs Silence sxTA should have an "achievement glitchiness index" for each game. Just how bad is a given game at achievements not unlocking when they should? 2.5773 It's My Party in Deep Rock Galactic
74 SOS I99I SOS I99I 2.5742 Scrap Collector in Remnant: From the Ashes
75 Connolly800 Connolly800Finally beaten Kameo's time attack levels, thanks to a retired friend. Cheers Robot Genius! 2.5628 Learning to Fly in Burnout Paradise
76 EliTe I Will EliTe I WillLooking for a couple people to get all of Far Cry 2 online cheevo's done 2.5628 Value for Money in Football Manager 2023 (Windows)
77 Shadow 00 Fox Shadow 00 FoxAnyone know what happened to the TA leaderboard of solutions posted? 2.5573 Lord of the Seas in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
78 Lyre220 Lyre220TA ratio > 2 2.5536 Momma Said I Can't Die in Gears of War 4
79 Sascabar Sascabar 2.5399 Sí, Patrón in HUMANKIND (Windows)
80 Johnny Sinister Johnny SinisterLeaving today for a field training exercise. I will be away from Xbox for about 2 weeks. Apologies to my GTASC team. 2.5388 Munchkin in Despot's Game
81 archer139 archer139Ok let's get dangerous 2.5379 So Uncivilized in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
82 henry54918 henry54918Completion 95% & TA Ratio > 2.0 2.5338 Bye-Bye, Buu in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
83 xix bam360 xix xix bam360 xix 2.5336 Veterinary Wonder in Jurassic World Evolution 2
84 WarpedSanddog WarpedSanddogJust had my 40th wedding anniversary. Think about that one for a sec. 2.5298 Nature lover in MXGP 2020 - The Official Motocross Videogame
85 MasterNero14 MasterNero14Little Nightmares 3 😍😍😍 2.5272 Who Wants to Live Forever in Metal: Hellsinger (Xbox One)
86 Mister Buds Mister Buds 2.5263 Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Origins
87 Profilia Profilia 2.5263 Legendary Trial Master in Sea of Thieves
88 Untold Legend22 Untold Legend22I'm probably racing something 2.5199 Wearing a sombrero on the podium in Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO
89 Vanillacake13 Vanillacake13 2.5158 AC3 | Completionist in Assassin's Creed III Remastered
90 Elusive Quarks Elusive Quarks 2.5103 Curious Map in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
91 AngryYeti420 AngryYeti420Dabbing that concentrate and playin gamez 2.5043 You spelled Champion wrong in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
92 Skullys33 Skullys33 2.4936 Win Hell on Earth in KILLING FLOOR 2
93 mitkohalo3 mitkohalo3. 2.4931 Friends with Benefits in Forza Horizon 2
94 GMN GMNDetest luck based achievements!! 2.4873 Our Hero in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
95 Caranthial CaranthialInsieme per la vittoria! 2.4854 Free from the puppet string in Lies of P
96 MassoodT MassoodTWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going. 2.4854 Adventuring Time in Minecraft
97 MegaManSurvives MegaManSurvivesDiablo 2 Resurected finally done, just got to level 99 Hardcore nonladder! 2.4850 Running On Empty in Mortal Kombat 1
98 a Ma N ii aC x a Ma N ii aC x 2.4809 Min, Meet Max in Forza Horizon 5
99 Freedumb0612 Freedumb0612 2.4795 Decorated in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
100 xMANNY FRE5Hx xMANNY FRE5HxBeen gaming casually for a while now. Demon's Souls Remake is fantastic and playing Fornite with my son is a blast. Hope everyone is doing well! 2.4775 The Desire of the Corrupted in Blasphemous
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