I PLAY My Own Games !

No gamesaving, no hacking, no profile glitching, no Fallout PC hacking, nobody recovers my account and plays for me, my hand is on the control for EVERY game I play, and I PLAY them ;)

Getting help in co-op is fine.

Boosting is acceptable, but not much fun in my opinion.

Basically, just no cheating, play your own games. Simple concept.

Access will be public for the moment, any member may point out oddities in others profiles and a 5-person team will review them.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 rafaelgrn rafaelgrnSorteio de 12 meses de Xbox Live Gold no Conquistaria! Inscrições até as 15:00 do dia 25 de outubro https://goo.gl/gyHVtt 1,972,376
Precision Targeting in Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX
2 The Dauntless The DauntlessRETIRED: Officially retired from achievement hunting! 1,906,823
Instant Karma in FIFA 17
3 lucas1987 lucas1987Need $4700 of digital X1 games to catch up. Sucks falling behind 1,700,137
Boastful in Let's Sing 2017
4 Pteppic42 Pteppic42 1,653,318
Slay It Again, Sam in Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut
5 TexhnolyzedMech TexhnolyzedMech 1,478,905
Herbalist in How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
6 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 1,357,288
The Unusual Duo in Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince
7 Totally Krispix Totally Krispix 1,341,332
Nerves of Steel in Uno
8 The Fury I84I The Fury I84I 1,295,501
Master Detective (Episode 1) in The Raven
9 A 2rue LeGacY A 2rue LeGacY 1,231,200
To the Victor Go the Spoils in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series (Xbox 360)
10 Sky360 Sky360angry Done! Unlocking... 1,208,628
Complex Runner in Cyber Complex
11 Milo is Horror Milo is HorrorThis generation of buying gamerscore blows. 1,167,362
Surrounded on All Sides in Resident Evil 6
12 Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neGears 4 new achievements next Tuesday..Slayin(the new Seriously) 5000 kills in VS - Can be done against AI 1,115,572
The Servant's Curse in Don't Knock Twice
13 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN 1,111,148
To Move A Mountain in Darksiders Warmastered Edition
14 Lost Legends Lost Legends 1,075,347
Motazaar in Outcast - Second Contact
15 Handydarkness HandydarknessThought provoking for those that say, "We got this, we'll plow right through it. Go team go." https://youtu.be/USu8vT_tfdw 1,073,015
Inkling of Power in Trove
16 AceStAyWilDiN AceStAyWilDiNWhat's goodie hunters ?? 1,027,637
Invisible Master in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India
17 Mr BlackMagik Mr BlackMagikNext Achievements available to Preview Alpha members! https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/01/08/new-year-new-xbox-one... 1,018,865
Revival in Metal Gear Survive
18 Doom Angel Doom Angel 1,003,542
#Forzathon Hot Laps in Forza Horizon 3
19 Iced Hawk Iced HawkA només 33 jocs de completar la col·lecció de Xbox 360, he trigat alguns anys pero ja quasi el tenim. Llastima els arcade descatalogats. VCLLiS! .·. 963,235
Grand General in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (KR)
Played for a Week in Star Balls
21 Craig Furious Craig Furious 936,278
The Art of Camouflage in Monster Hunter: World
22 evil terrorr evil terrorrReached 500,000GS pretty proud of myself 917,419
Archeologist in Assassin's Creed Origins
23 KongQuest KongQuest 892,691
Top Dog in Okami HD
24 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91Need to get games done 864,140
The Nurse in Metal Gear Survive
25 Flapjack waldi Flapjack waldi 856,135
#Forzathon To The Slopes! in Forza Motorsport 7
26 wbs wbsI have a 12 month gold card for a Brazil account to trade or sell. Gold is apparently region locked now. 836,814
Creatures of the Night in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
27 Jason8uk Jason8uk 822,992
Veteran 7 in Infinite Minigolf
28 Slevin24 Slevin24Slevin24 won 3,039 Achievements and 18 Challenges in 116 games, for a total of 138,362 TrueAchievement points (75,234 GamerScore). 805,493
How Prestigious in NHL 18
29 Testave Testavemoved to PC gaming. add Testave on Steam. 796,338
Build bridges in FIFA 18
30 mfeforever mfeforeverTaking a much needed break from boosting... 791,209
#Forzathon Going Faster in Forza Horizon 3
31 gamerboyTHXtss gamerboyTHXtss 786,928
Adept Nurse in Dead by Daylight
32 liddd liddd 778,448
Roses vs Violets in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
33 BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitarUnlocked 2,087 achievements for 74,190 gamerscore in 2016. 775,070
Don't Panic in Saints Row IV
34 The Stranger316 The Stranger316 763,062
Grapple with Goons in LEGO CITY Undercover
35 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomhttps://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/gears4-2017-dec7updat... 758,632
Red Night in Virginia
36 Nikolai420 Nikolai420 758,395
Forged in Fire in Warframe
37 the nayster the naysterif carlsburg made men...... 756,941
Call the Ball in World of Tanks
38 griffey95 griffey95Well, finally the day hit that typing gr into the address bar defaults to Gravity Tales and not TA. 753,460
The Bigger They Are... in Monster Hunter: World
39 Auston53 Auston53Check out my band at facebook.com/acediasband 752,415
Cleanup Duty in Overwatch: Origins Edition
40 sjeemone sjeemone 746,077
Better Than Bacon in Gears of War 4
41 HucBerCranPerry HucBerCranPerrymy d pad is working time to finish marvel trials 722,867
Level 15 in Gears of War 4
42 ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85 722,584
Vault Raider in Hand of Fate
43 Baby Shibs Baby Shibs 713,768
We have wintered in This War of Mine: The Little Ones
44 Akire 93 Akire 93 703,092
Lighthouse Keeper in Candleman
45 Grimace221 Grimace221Nintendo just showed the world people will buy anything that says Nintendo on the box... Even the box itself lol. 685,033
Snuggles for All in Monster Hunter: World
46 LuffyXxXhugo LuffyXxXhugo 668,365
Bristles for All in Monster Hunter: World
47 Hydrolex Hydrolex 642,188
Weapons of the Apocalypse in Battlefield 1
48 KngDavd KngDavdAnybody up for some NBA 2K17 ? 636,127
One-win wonder in Animated Puzzles Star (Win 10)
49 Renato UNSC Renato UNSCDestiny 2 \o/ 634,499
Pest Control in Warframe
50 matdan matdanAuto-dim and these updates constantly make things worse to navigate is frustrating to say the least. 633,593
Executive Wash Room in Defiance
51 xaero xaerowill i hit my gamerscore goal with only 3 weeks left in the year? EDIT: i did woo 628,728
Bronze x10 in Mega Man Legacy Collection
52 liner bronson liner bronson 625,837
A Year Long Excursion in Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10)
53 EvilTommy EvilTommy 620,876
Unbreakable in Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics
54 x Mataeus x x Mataeus x2018 completion #18 - Energy Cycle. So sue me. 619,360
Candy Cornucopia in Costume Quest 2
55 crazycarnage67 crazycarnage67Trying to clear out my 360 hard drive 617,667
Flippity Flaps in Costume Quest 2
56 RichRichie1989 RichRichie1989THE UK has voted to come out of the EU HOORAY 615,309
Erased fingerprints in Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP)
Not Your First Rodeo in Halo 5: Guardians
58 Acap AcapLove my cat <3 606,096
I'm In The Zone in Gears of War 4
59 xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxVampyr gets a release date - 5th June. 604,827
The Punchline in Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series
60 Mazter0fPuppetz Mazter0fPuppetz 594,694
Master Angler in Warframe
61 Ultima22 Ultima22MY gamerscore just went down 60K??!!?! 592,889
100% Legit in Watch_Dogs 2
62 shakaste shakaste 580,854
Special Class-A in Strider
63 RETROPANTY RETROPANTY2017 year of the bullet hell 569,444
Long Way from Texas in Call of Duty: WWII
64 CrispyReaper CrispyReaper 568,626
The Coven Overthrown in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
65 IllegallySam IllegallySamJust broke 250,000 gamerscore! 568,472
Star Struck in Gears of War: Judgment
66 SilentRich69 SilentRich69 565,457
Overdesign in Assassin's Creed Origins
67 W1cked Girl W1cked Girl 564,168
Prayers for the Dead in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series
68 ChaoticReign747 ChaoticReign747 549,501
Go for the Bronze in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
69 shortbubble shortbubbleFinishing up Zoo Tycoon Finally. 545,164
One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall in Monster Hunter: World
70 stuntmanjbc stuntmanjbcstuntmanjbc earned 2,102 achievements in 2017 for 73,910 GamerScore worth 104,623 TA 542,313
O’Malley in Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones
71 GloryHunter82 GloryHunter82Time to get these dived games played! 536,899
Eyedol's Matchups in Killer Instinct
72 Big Ell Big EllRemember how awesome 1998 was, with Mark McGwire vs Sammy Sosa? Neither will make the Hall of Fame. Neither will Barry Bonds. 535,232
Long for a Savior in Teslagrad
73 oCorpseGRINDERx oCorpseGRINDERxFinally back online! Moving house has destroyed my gaming time! 532,761
Master of the Colosseum in Ryse: Son of Rome
74 Fatal RusH Fatal RusHTime to clean up my ridiculous RPG backlog, first up: The Witcher 3 and The Witcher 3 GOTY. 532,296
The Sapphire Star in Monster Hunter: World
75 JASON3535 JASON3535Counting down the days to the 1st repair on new Xbox one. 527,155
Mod Master in Skylanders SuperChargers
76 Hobobicus HobobicusThe ONE has rekindled my lust for achievements. yay 521,406
Setting the Bar in Rock Band 4
77 a holy chainsaw a holy chainsawEnjoying this LEGO shit more than I should be 521,299
Old Friends in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
78 cra x360a cra x360a!!!Dark Souls!!! 521,026
Cradle Robber in ReCore
79 Campo Campo 520,528
#Forzathon Major Blitz in Forza Horizon 3
80 ImJustYourDaddy ImJustYourDaddyJesus, just scrolled down and noticed my 'best achievements'. Apparently, True Heroes in ZHEROS still has a 518,774
Headshot! in ZOMBI
81 YazFromAlcatraz YazFromAlcatrazI'm buying NBA 2k18 (360) pre owned later this afternoon from Gamestop and will be returning it in a week. Looking to boost the online wins soon. 515,089
Getting Familiar in Wheel Of Fortune
82 SatNiteEduardo SatNiteEduardoThe Crew is a masterpiece - masterpiece at how to totally screw up a great concept 512,995
Perfectionist in Battleborn
83 MagicalChild MagicalChild 511,678
All missions accomplished in Ridiculous Marathon (WP)
84 MissingC3C4 MissingC3C4The "Black Box" keeps me SANE 509,280
Killer Is Dead in DreamBreak
85 Buddabane BuddabanePlaying Sea of Thieves closed Beta 508,860
Traffic chaos in Railway Empire
86 Leon ACE Leon ACEThinking of going on a tech free trip.. bye bye achievement streak :) 507,829
I suggest a new strategy in Star Wars Battlefront
87 FireRaiser1985 FireRaiser1985 504,320
Temper Temper in Monster Hunter: World
88 aka Kryptonian aka KryptonianSeriously, fuck you Toylogic. 503,647
Miles On The Clock in L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)
89 nacd nacd 491,530
Flyswatter in Battlefield 1
90 The Wicked Soul The Wicked Soul 488,300
Training Wheels Off in Need for Speed Payback
91 OneAngelOfDeath OneAngelOfDeathblub blub...were goin down captain! 476,603
Workbench Wonder in ReCore
92 Crunk McCrunk Crunk McCrunkhttp://twitter.com/beatmason 466,039
UFC 73: Stacked in EA SPORTS UFC 3
93 i T e c h n o Z i T e c h n o Z 465,509
Weapons Specialist: Katana in Reagan Gorbachev
94 Boss Complex Boss Complexhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeUphUT_ljg 462,180
One for All in Halo 5: Guardians
95 Redders 420 Redders 420My internet went down for a few hours yesterday and I actually had to talk to my family. They seem like nice people. 459,270
Buddy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
96 Murphyslaw0527 Murphyslaw0527Murphyslaw0527 won 133 Achievements in March, for a total of 2,935 Gamerscore and 6,950 TrueAchievement points. 456,573
Diamond Feats in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition
97 Mobius Evalon Mobius EvalonI want pouncers to be be everything in the year of the dog event 456,356
All Day Every Day in Titanfall (Xbox 360)
99 WheresUrH3ad WheresUrH3ad 452,167
Angling for a Bite in Monster Hunter: World
100 Frostbite FrostbiteNew Status Update.... 451,390
First Visit in Assassin's Creed Origins