I was FIRST to complete a game!

If you were the first person to complete a game you are welcome to join, just say the name of the game you completed 1st, all you need is to say 1 game if it's more than 1. If you know someone else who is first for something tell them about this. Message me on TA if you want in, at the moment I am having email trouble.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 smrnov smrnov 4,201,457
Luggage Code in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (PC)
2 Dallasthedude DallasthedudeCurrently in Korea! Need any Korean games? Ask fast! Last day here! 2,667,813
Remember Reach in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
3 Sangriaz SangriazAnyone own Neverwinter Nights on Xbox One can help me out? Trying to find out if it supports Korean language subtitles. 2,653,450
This light is painful in Oliver's Adventures in the Fairyland
4 ChaosSlayerX187 ChaosSlayerX187 2,587,079
Just Like Storming a Castle in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
5 Franco 4 127hrs Franco 4 127hrsThe redesign is horrible. Why change something that isn't broken? 2,315,882
The Fruit in Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
6 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehXbox Series X has made me so hype. At first I thought it was ugly but didn't realise how small it was. Senua's Saga looks stunning. Just WOW 2,069,605
Runaway in Sea of Solitude
7 Clad master Clad master 2,061,540
Self Reference in Oniken
8 BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiAchievement Land Podcast - Episode 35 - Project xCloud: https://youtu.be/RvaXem7To7E 1,981,811
They Came From the Lake in Just Cause 4
9 MANIAN 3D MANIAN 3D 1,938,496
For Honor! in For Honor
10 Funkyboy K Funkyboy K 1,771,650
First On the Scene in Control
11 SUPER FLY 1988 SUPER FLY 1988https://www.popinabox.us/referrals.list?applyCode=DEVIN-R5T 1,766,835
Benefits Are Nice in Need for Speed Heat
12 Sashamorning SashamorningXbox Series X looks amazing... but another crappy name. Can't they just keep it as Xbox Scarlett and have a blood red edition? 1,721,527
Vending Champion in Baseball Riot
13 Alwindb AlwindbRIP Dragon ball Super :( 1,668,544
Darkness & Light in Jump Force
14 xXCorrado80Xx xXCorrado80XxUnd wieder ein verbuggter Erfolg auf dem Handy :/ 1,665,689
The Collector in Forza Street (Win 10)
15 Grobanite Grobanite 1,649,337
Plan B in Sunset Overdrive (Win 10)
16 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 1,575,166
Zabirum Seeker in Earthlock
17 Clarissalover Clarissaloverhttps://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/dbpqhg/comment/f... 1,465,136
Our Home in A Plague Tale: Innocence
18 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterJust not gaming like I used to... 1,441,421
Scourge of the Ruins in Wandersong
19 Awoo AwooSeems like they overlooked this in the beta site... 1,435,624
Not the Best Choice in The Outer Worlds
20 DeathGuard 123 DeathGuard 123Achievement unlocked, I became a dad! 1,419,859
Without a Trace in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
21 MightyMango MightyMangoTruly feel like achievements aren't "worth" what they used to be. Miss the 1000/200 days badly. 1,401,281
One for the road in My Friend Pedro
22 The Mascal The MascalGrid. The king is back! 1,367,847
Twisted in GRIP
23 Shiney Cheese Shiney CheeseI'm better than you, and you know it! 1,353,473
Proper Handling Procedures in Control
24 InigoMontoya80 InigoMontoya80BIg BOOM inbound! 1,352,803
Ghandi in The Darkness (JP)
25 Chief On Kush Chief On Kush#top200 #passingfools #foolscantpassme #passmefool #5yearbreak 1,347,613
Hero in Royal Roads
26 Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neGears 5 done 1,345,699
Send Me Out... With A Bang in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
27 x TheWorstGamer x TheWorstGamerTrueAchievements.Com 1,300,953
Mad Hatter in Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove!
28 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir1Awesome Pea is not awesome ... 1,300,074
Repo-man in Big Crown: Showdown
29 Beth Bear Beth BearThanks for all my Birthday messages everyone :) 1,288,086
United in Victory in Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle
30 ds9ds9ds9 ds9ds9ds9 1,251,798
Demon Inside in Injustice 2
31 ChrisD0811 ChrisD0811Boosting Gaming Session for MotoGP 10/11 1,239,387
Owl Knows Best in Riverbond
32 Flava1975 Flava1975Anybody interested in finishing up Medal of Honor, let me know!! Thanks!!!! 1,217,925
An Unquenchable Thirst for Battle in SOULCALIBUR VI
33 NeXsim NeXsimBlackwater SUCKS 1,208,802
The Great One in Black Desert
34 MADeyePadEYE MADeyePadEYEX019 free food and beer 1,204,228
Level 7 Completed on Easy in Crypt of the Serpent King
35 AceStAyWilDiN AceStAyWilDiNDoes anyone have The Legend of Korra for the Xbox 360? Physical or redeem code. 1,171,158
Demonic Despair in Killer Instinct
36 RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99Well the Talos stack coming to Windows 10 means I probably need to motor on that Talos WT now... 1,154,658
Pocket Performer in Party Arcade
37 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R Gaming 1,139,300
Fear Nothing in Secret Neighbor
38 MaliceMike2121 MaliceMike2121 1,134,690
Supernova in The Outer Worlds
39 lifebringer23 lifebringer23Finally got back to 80% completion rate 1,111,185
Haggar Would Be Proud in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
40 NBA Kirkland NBA KirklandBelow leaving Game Pass soon. Lots have started it. You can get 300gs in < 10 minutes. https://youtu.be/kC_HwP7CYQo 1,105,032
True SDREW44 in The Z Axis: Continuum
Normal in Xenon Racer
42 KongQuest KongQuest 1,104,050
FFX-2: Still a Ways in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
43 OdorlessFurball OdorlessFurballWho keeps giving money to all the C and D students to keep making trash games? 1,100,493
Groundhog Affray in Dead End Job
44 Sabin VI Sabin VI 1,094,066
Chasing Jill in Resident Evil 2
45 Vo1da Vo1da 1,070,222
Alley-oop in Candle: The Power of the Flame
46 FEAR EPIDEMIC FEAR EPIDEMICI keep you guessing. 1,040,839
Chasing Jill in Resident Evil 2
47 SCOTTISH F0RCE SCOTTISH F0RCERIP celtic force 1,028,054
Vanquisher in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
48 AirNath AirNath 1,027,831
Easy to Overlook in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
49 Ryot Control Ryot Control#GITGUD2019 1,019,345
Earning Credit in Disney Pixar Toy Story Mania!
Play Extra Level 1 in Woodle Tree Adventures
51 Johnny Sinister Johnny SinisterStill a little confused about WP store closing. If I buy games now, will the service still sync achievement? 1,010,465
Gents, take a walk in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
52 BreakingPad68 BreakingPad68Bye Bye Windows Phone ... 1,010,333
Awesome Combo! in Conga Master
53 DAZTK DAZTKA massive high five to my team The N4k3d Midgets for making runners up in GTASC 2016! Its been a cra 1,003,267
Creator of Magic in Doodle God: Evolution
54 Trecool TrecoolYou're so money and you don't even know it! 998,910
Otherworldly Bonds in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
55 ROBBERT DHT ROBBERT DHTThe first day of the Christmas event makes me start a new game already to run idle. My poor recovered completion% this year :( 997,882
Sunset in The Mooseman
56 liddd liddd 995,696
Tidyman in Metro Exodus (Win 10)
57 Shawn1991 Shawn1991Alien vs Predator easily has the worst matchmaking system I have ever seen. 994,171
Found Flex in Kameo: Elements of Power
58 illdizzog illdizzog 991,626
Last-Second Bingo in Microsoft Bingo (Win 10)
59 ZER0 Y0DA ZER0 Y0DA 974,474
We're Just Getting Started in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
60 WAFFLETRAIN7997 WAFFLETRAIN7997Anyone that completes Halo Reach MCC before the 14 is a cheater and should be treated as such 955,226
Old Bones in Halo 5: Guardians
61 fighterx93chipp fighterx93chippOn Behalf of AH101, we are giving away a copy of WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition: https://gleam.io/8GYEY/wwe-2k20-deluxe-edition-from-ah101 951,610
Apex Legend in Apex Legends
62 xMagicMunKix xMagicMunKix 934,160
Power Trip in Gears POP!
63 anthonyd46 anthonyd46. 928,825
Like A Top in NBA 2K18
64 frenchdawg frenchdawgAmazing spiderman (wp) just wiped my progress. Was about 90% through the challenges. Yay 928,507
The Mantis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
65 fronkdegronk fronkdegronkHigh Plains Drifter aka The Accidental Completionist 924,614
I'm Sorry, Dave in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
66 BrutishMuffin BrutishMuffinLatest 100%: Modern Tales: Age of Invention 919,211
Rescue a Kitten Too? in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
67 SlightlyErotic SlightlyErotic. 905,273
Italy in Glass Masquerade
68 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieHappy PI Day!!! 892,299
Medium Master in Microsoft Sudoku (Mobile)
69 VixyNyan VixyNyanhttps://youtu.be/tZ29od_BWwQ After many years in development, Qute has finally finished Natsuki Chronicles!! Release 2019-12-25!!! toast 889,534
Like a train! in Gravel
70 Gucci Gromzzz Gucci Gromzzzfor some reason TA is incredibly slow for me. Every other website is working fine. Any suggestions 889,390
Welcome to The Eliminator in Forza Horizon 4
71 Auston53 Auston53Anyone have a copy of Skate 2 DE I could buy? 877,509
Bee our guest in Minecraft
72 Best ln Philly Best ln PhillyMet up with A 0 UB3RLOZ3R https://imgur.com/a/BLSdJvV 872,843
Battle-Car Collector in Rocket League
73 Kitty Skies Kitty SkiesWhy do I have to click notifications 1000000 times for them to disappear? Why can't I view friends only on Leaderboards? 868,390
Top of the Food Chain in Forza Horizon 4
74 HiddenPrecision HiddenPrecisionGood idea Coalition! Lets release a pay to win/complete Gears game! 862,723
Grim Pilgrimage in Dead by Daylight
75 Fastest Slug Fastest SlugGears of war 5...Seriously achievement. I might play something else now. 859,435
I Never Asked For This in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
76 Stifler4Life Stifler4Life 852,400
Just As Great As The Original in Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip
77 Frank9080 Frank9080 849,029
High caution in World War Z
78 Chardcore ChardcoreI've retired from achievements. I'm a speedrunner now. Http://www.twitch.tv/sheschardcore 847,177
Storm Abolisher in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
79 UDGuy UDGuyHalo Wars 2 complete! Halo Wars series now 100% 845,026
Ice Destroyer in Microsoft Sudoku (Mobile)
80 Dark Rocky X Dark Rocky XSpyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy is coming to Xbox as well! http://m.ign.com/articles/2018/04/05/s 836,304
Blasphemy unto Heaven in Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
81 HucBerCranPerry HucBerCranPerryYou stupid dude 835,374
Pro Player POP! in Gears POP!
82 vSully vSully 782,306
Human Shields in Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
83 Heaven In Vain Heaven In VainReturning 2019... Name change incoming... Im Back 776,816
In the belly of the beast in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
84 Shinnizle ShinnizleGears 5 is slowly making me lose my mind. 765,805
Game Breaker in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
85 Montana97 Montana97coming out of retirement for the 550k push. 758,926
UFC 1: The Beginning in EA SPORTS UFC 3
86 A 0 E Monkey A 0 E Monkeyearned 0 achievements in 2015 for 0 GamerScore worth 15332 TA 753,370
Out of this world in Overcooked
87 Stiffwhip Stiffwhip 747,603
And… He's All Yours in Gears 5
88 RadiantViper RadiantViperFrom the makes of the Xbone comes ... the Xbox SEries X or ... the XBOXSEX! 745,064
Jet Setter in LEGO Rock Band
89 dieotze74 dieotze74 743,854
Shoot the Alps in Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
90 cooorpse cooorpse 728,624
Where have you been? in Minecraft (Kindle Fire)
91 MonDab MonDab 718,059
Prion Victory in Plague Inc: Evolved
92 NatasNaes NatasNaesI failed hangman!!!!!!!!! 703,885
To the Lookout in PAW Patrol: On a Roll
93 The Allslayer The Allslayer 661,579
That's Mine! (King Knight) in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
94 xDartz xNVx xDartz xNVx 656,915
All that glitters... in Warhammer: Chaosbane
95 reaper ecg reaper ecg 655,753
Clash of the Gods in KINGDOM HEARTS III
96 Priinz 31er Priinz 31er 625,581
Band of Heroes in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
97 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 611,699
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
98 ryanb1705 ryanb1705 606,084
Came To Win in Microsoft Wordament (Mobile)
99 Toppy UK Toppy UK 589,406
Backseat Mechanic in A Way Out
100 MrZombieChicken MrZombieChicken 583,575
Not Again in Goat Simulator