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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Sky360 Sky360 100.00% Veteran in Resident Evil 3: Z Version
2 Smoka Tech Smoka Tech"Tutta la notte coca e mignotte" (Cit. Avvofatto Andrea Diprè) 100.00% Killer lvl 10 in Null Drifter
3 intheshallow intheshallow 100.00% Free from the puppet string in Lies of P
4 Lyre220 Lyre220TA ratio > 2 100.00% Momma Said I Can't Die in Gears of War 4
5 brydgesr brydgesr 100.00% Personalised Podium in EA SPORTS WRC
6 Lord Terentius Lord Terentius 100.00% Legendary Dark Witch in Bayonetta
7 Steef397 Steef397 100.00% Time to Roll the Credits in Silent Hill HD Collection
8 I No It Isnt I I No It Isnt IFinally! Back to 100%!! 13539 / 10,000 for Seriously ... Gears of War on Leaderboards (10830 kills in one week) 100.00% Moon Shot in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered
9 No Glitches No Glitches 100.00% Ringbearer in Tacoma
10 Eblio EblioYou Don't Stop Playing Because You Get Old. But You Could Get Old If You Stop Playing! 99.99% Level 20 in Ballotron Oceans
11 DigiLuigi DigiLuigi 99.99% Dream Team in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
12 invuln3r4bl3 invuln3r4bl3 99.98% Grandmaster of Bronze in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
13 xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 99.97% Written in Stone in Call of the Sea
14 jedimaster573 jedimaster573 99.97% Heroes of Ancient Britain in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
15 EL1TE HUNTER EL1TE HUNTER 99.97% Well, what did you achieve? in World War Z
16 UNeakOne UNeakOne 99.96% Deconstructed in Scars Above
17 RobT II RobT II 99.95% Might Beyond Sight in Borderlands 3
18 TonTon Perave TonTon Perave 99.95% Level 5 in Aery - Stone Age
19 Papa Sev Papa Sev 99.95% The Gem in the Tower in Conan Exiles
20 KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33Merry Christmas everybody !!! 99.94% Skilled in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed
21 Sir of Sirs Oo Sir of Sirs Oo 99.94% Untouchable in Dead Space
22 ox BlackJack xo ox BlackJack xoAchievements for life! 99.92% The Passenger in Aliens: Dark Descent
23 Wylaf Beulbe Wylaf BeulbeI have now 500k Gamerscore! now to complete more games. I want to thank anyone and everyone who has helped me along the way. 99.92% JASPER! in Titan Chaser
24 OMyJessicaAlba OMyJessicaAlba 99.92% Level 25 in ReactorX 2
25 Chris mad man Chris mad man 99.89% Master of Tasks in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
26 Piggy Smalls Piggy Smalls#156 99.87% The Family You Choose in Starfield
27 Momie Momie 99.86% Buried Secrets in Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360)
28 CRAZYPSYO CRAZYPSYO 99.83% The Ultimate Price in Immortals Fenyx Rising
29 LibelluleGino LibelluleGino 99.80% Demon Destroyer in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
30 LolitaB66 LolitaB66 99.79% Casino Royalty in Prominence Poker
31 romaneconti romaneconti 99.78% Circle Line in PlateUp!
32 whitty113 whitty113Does anyone know a good driving/racing game with NO multiplayer? 99.76% We Talked That Fight Right Out of You in Broken Age
33 x1001x Puppys x1001x Puppys 99.75% Gleaming the Cube in Remnant II
34 oI Mr Sm1th Io oI Mr Sm1th Io 99.74% Under Control in Moto Rush GT
35 Reaper Blue Reaper Blue 99.74% Hard Work Wasted in Death Squared
36 Caranthial Caranthial 99.73% Experienced in TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge
37 UK360 COMMANDO UK360 COMMANDOJust bagged my second ever Radley medal :) 99.71% An Army Of Four in XCOM: Enemy Within
38 Thuepo ThuepoCompletely honest player !!! 99.71% Turn It Up To 11 in Gears of War 4
39 TangerineGamer TangerineGamer 99.70% Trigger Discipline in Aliens: Fireteam Elite
40 craig killed ya craig killed ya 99.69% As Promised in F1 Manager 2023
41 ChaoticReign747 ChaoticReign747 99.69% Go for the Bronze in Microsoft Mahjong (Windows)
42 CAPP360 CAPP360Tell us what you're up to. 99.68% A New Beginning in The Talos Principle II
43 WRATH 0F PAIN WRATH 0F PAINFighting for my life!!! 99.67% True Nightrunner in Dying Light 2: Stay Human
44 Lockyz75 Lockyz75 99.66% Parasites Lost in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
45 CEO Dashing CEO Dashing1st place in Mexico 100% completionist leaderboards 12th place in worldwide 100% Completionist hitting on 2023/08/06 99.65% Our House in UNO
46 keuma keuma 99.65% Dungeon Master in Cat Quest II
47 count023 count023Blimey, soloing Doom Eternal with 2 dummies was a chore. 99.62% The Maquette in Maquette
48 RLB Hypnotic RLB HypnoticThe year of Final Fantasy has begun. Starting the new year early with the prequel. 99.61% Diamond Disintegrator in Final Fantasy VII
49 Nightwasp82 Nightwasp82 99.61% Go for the Silver in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Windows)
50 AciD237 AciD237Achievement unlocked: it's a girl! :) My 2nd one 99.60% Holidays! in Bluey: The Videogame
51 ShadowBlade1488 ShadowBlade1488 99.60% Don't Forget Me in Star Trek: Resurgence
52 Avisole Avisole 99.60% Shadow in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider (Windows)
53 Chuchu Beleza Chuchu Beleza 99.59% Cleared 2 Trials in Ninja Gaiden Σ
54 gabrielguns gabrielguns. 99.57% Unstoppable in Mahjong by Microsoft (Mobile)
55 Morbious17 Morbious17 99.54% Solosseum Supremo in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - The Prince's Edition
56 VxM xENS1F3RUMx VxM xENS1F3RUMx 99.53% Ribbonator in Gears of War 4
57 cancermatt2 cancermatt2It's time to tackle all of the DLC hidden within my backlog... 99.50% Dead Drop in BioShock Infinite
58 winstonpeak winstonpeak 99.49% Trials and Tribulations in Gems of War
59 v WINTERBURN v v WINTERBURN v 99.48% Hell from Above Taggert in Hour of Victory
60 Arran R W Arran R WHY3VJ-DDCDH-279QY-CRQMK-TY7FZ 99.43% Cryptographer in Cocoon
61 motor drive motor drive 99.41%
62 Fancy Bacon Fancy Bacon 99.41% Jack Flash in Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival
63 JoNNy BoJanGls JoNNy BoJanGlsEnjoying AMERICAS win over the elites 99.39% Hotel California in Dead Island 2
64 Racer AndreG72 Racer AndreG72Time to reduce the backlog... 99.39% Oliver Collins in CODE VEIN
65 MAIZCORN MAIZCORN 99.38% Platformer XII in Froggie - A Retro Platformer
66 Trombonafide TrombonafideFinished my Paldeck! Got all 137 Pals and Elemental Variants. 99.34% Zoologist, pt. III in Cassette Beasts
67 Avata AvataWould anyone with either the Toy Box Takeover or Speedway play sets be willing to help me with my la 99.34% Shardbearer Morgott in Elden Ring
68 CorleoneGang CorleoneGang 99.32% MW3 - Death Row in Call of Duty
69 Major Berga Major BergaBack into lockdown... :( Corona virus beard is going good tho…!!! 99.32% This is Deeper in Dead Island 2
70 Dizyne DizynePersona 3, 4 and 5 all done!!!! Took 350 hours the past few months but was totally 100% worth every minute. 99.30% Punch Drunk in Baldur's Gate 3
71 Yume3n Yume3n 99.30% Rustic Charm in Alan Wake 2
72 Godanix Godanix 99.29% A Foul Feast in Remnant II
73 Beast Incarnate Beast IncarnateGuess I'll be using TA exclusively for achievment tracking. The Xbox Achievements App and now xbox.c 99.29% Show Off in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
74 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoN 99.23% Level 25 in ReactorX 2 (Windows)
75 ReD S1X ReD S1Xregrets starting FH5. hating the online multiplayer mode 99.18% The hand that feeds in Halo Wars 2
76 Clarissalover ClarissaloverThanks to K4rn4age for giving me a Grounded save. Will share with others. 99.17% Heroic Champion in Skylanders SWAP Force
77 Vito084 Vito084Why is it so hard to just get 8 people in a race lobby in NFS Unbound 🙄 99.14% Ice breaker in Super Ninja Miner
78 Fastest Slug Fastest SlugGears of war 5...Seriously achievement. I might play something else now. 99.11% 10th Level Completed in sCATch: The Painter Cat
79 Silvesta Silvesta 99.11% Destiny in Ori and the Will of the Wisps
80 DragonFangDan DragonFangDanNot optimized and full of bugs, but I'll complete this XBL Minecraft yet. 99.11% Expert Driver in Totally Reliable Delivery Service
81 IHighQualityI IHighQualityI 99.09% Winning Streak in Classic Pool
82 Capcom VS Chris Capcom VS Chris 99.09% Double Feature in Super Street Fighter IV
83 Don Nielson Don NielsonOld enough to know better, young enough not to care! | 99.08% You Snooze, You Lose in Assassin's Creed Mirage
84 SJL 4979 SJL 4979 99.08% The Story Come True in Alan Wake 2
85 DarthCaedus13 DarthCaedus13Working on For honor and GoW3 99.06% Cry Havoc in For Honor
86 Vander10 Vander10 99.04% Enemy Appetizers in Conan
87 Method 24 Method 24 99.03% Kingmaker in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
88 GMichaelC GMichaelC 99.02% Cash in Hand in Mafia III: Definitive Edition
89 Krispyfoot Krispyfoot 98.98% HSA - 15 in Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats
90 T0X1CASSGAMR T0X1CASSGAMR 98.95% Strive for Perfection in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
91 Blackjoker107 Blackjoker107 98.93% Companions in Revenant Saga
92 Firedog553 Firedog553 98.93% Local Liberator in Skylanders Imaginators
93 Mike the Owl Mike the OwlI'm back :D 98.91% A Friendship Resurrected in Grand Theft Auto V
94 Rillan Rillan 98.91% Peak Season in Cities: Skylines
95 Ilindur Ilindur05.03.2023 - Super speed, super score, 1 million GamerScore and so much more! 98.87% Down with the Sickness in Dead Island 2
96 Gyadrun Gyadrun 98.87% C'est la vie in Metro Redux
97 I1I GODZEUS I1I I1I GODZEUS I1Igracias manu 98.84% Traveler in Starfield
98 Pedle Zelnip Pedle ZelnipTABS -- DONE! Goofy game that's trivially easy with debug mode. If you're into strategy type games I could see this being a lot of fun. 98.83% It's working! It's working! in Return to Grace
99 Volta Cosmos Volta Cosmos!At3ncion! 98.82% Rare Collector in Dishonored
100 Blueglue78 Blueglue78Square-Enix...noi due dobbiamo parlare. 98.80% Memories of Azur in Greak: Memories of Azur
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