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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1,601 P4R4N0ID P4ND4 P4R4N0ID P4ND4next on the list Titanfall Thief and Watch_dogs 5,839 Mad Scientist in Rocket League
1,602 Bigguyacv Bigguyacv 5,836 Legend of Shadow in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
1,603 GEONESS GEONESSTrying 5,835 You Will Obey in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition
1,604 I2ekt I2ekt100,000 gamerscore! 5,834 Don't go in There! in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
1,605 Farreg FarregYou lag, you lose. 5,832 Rising Star in Micro Machines World Series
1,606 Hillenmeyer1 Hillenmeyer1i hope the creator of flappy goat spills ketchup and mustard all over their shirt today and it can't be washed out. 5,830 Catching up on some reading in Battlefield 1
1,607 NempoSenpaki NempoSenpakiLooking for challenges 5,830 Event-full in Injustice 2
1,608 SpartanCell117 SpartanCell117 5,827 Inventor in Dead Rising 4
1,609 AK47 Lipscombe AK47 Lipscombe 5,825 Task Force Expert in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
1,610 Relentless H8it Relentless H8it 5,824 Some light reading in Halo Wars 2
1,611 killa552 killa552#8 overall for the Washington State leaderboard in Role-Playing games in 2015! 5,819 Tenno and Hooch in Warframe
1,612 ObiWanKenRoby ObiWanKenRoby 5,816 The Free Folk in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition
1,613 SpaceDust SpaceDustdoing it just one point at a time! 5,815 Mastery: Energy Hoarder in Hamster Universe (WP)
1,614 LJ Hunter LJ Hunter"You're either good or you have better internet." 5,815 What Goes Up… in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
1,615 TokenEffort TokenEffort 5,809 Flatline in HITMAN
1,616 LaMbSHoT23 LaMbSHoT23 5,806 Knowledge is Power in Gigantic
1,617 LordRaptor333 LordRaptor333I'm Player1! 5,801 Dig Site Victor in Titanfall
1,618 TRC G00SE TRC G00SE 5,797 Everyday I'm Shovellin' in Forza Horizon 3
1,619 Major Zilly Major Zilly 5,795 “The ‘I’ in Team” – Expert in BioShock
1,620 Glenelgman Glenelgman 5,795 Passing the Time in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
1,621 xX F0RD MAN Xx xX F0RD MAN Xxanyone wanna help me with minecraft?? 5,793 The Storm in Dead Island Riptide (Xbox 360)
1,622 C Daddy159 C Daddy159 5,792 Fully Equipped in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360)
1,623 Justin Huf Justin HufI aim to misbehave 5,791 Starcatcher in Child of Light
1,624 BTips BTipsCurrently Playing: Anything I haven't completed yet. 5,786 Dragon Slayer in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
1,625 CommandoBigBird CommandoBigBird60% completion by New Years! 5,786 Rocket Genocider in Rocket League
1,626 Luke norn iron Luke norn iron 5,781 Frequent flyer in FIFA 09
1,627 Caleb LK Caleb LKWanting to complete Sniper Elite V2 so I can sell it and get the new Tomb Raider. 5,781 Truth and Reconciliation in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
1,628 Ojotango Ojotango 5,779 Virtuoso in BattleBlock Theater
1,629 JasonXmurder JasonXmurderI love completing the Lego games, but getting 100% on Lego Complete Saga is really a task that kills it for me. 5,776 Become a Superhero in Fortnite
1,630 xXlucak1llerXx xXlucak1llerXx 5,773 Death Spheres in Neverwinter
1,631 Extrapolates Extrapolates 5,770 Chest Candy in Gears of War 4
1,632 ToKi N O HaKaI ToKi N O HaKaIDeus Ex Human Revolution [h ]3 5,769 Mission Accomplished in Mass Effect: Andromeda
1,633 IRONxREAVER IRONxREAVER 5,769 Just A Taste in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
1,634 legend777666 legend777666 5,769 Into the Fire in Halo 5: Guardians
1,635 Zarakai1989 Zarakai1989 5,757 The Chosen One in Islands of Wakfu
1,636 ManicMetalhead ManicMetalheadAccidentally started my bean dive early, oops. 5,756 Ready Fight! in Runbow
1,637 DeaconJr71 DeaconJr71 5,754 Unknown veteran in WWE 2K17
1,638 Mbizonsp Mbizonsp 5,754 Immortal in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
1,639 KinectKid333 KinectKid333Going for 400 days on leap frog this year. Let's do this boys!!! 5,753 2,000,000 Points in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
1,640 Gameskeeper GameskeeperSo many games, so little time. 5,741 Welcome to Forza Hub in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex (Win 10)
1,641 Wise Owl 2000 Wise Owl 2000Looking to boost Ghostbusters: Payday. Send me a PM, if you’re interested in boosting at the weekend. 5,739 Defection Deterred in HITMAN
1,642 Roxy x360a Roxy x360a 5,738 What Was That in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
1,643 JOHNNY C4NUCK JOHNNY C4NUCKWhy are there 124 people that want to boost Skyrim? *face palm* 5,732 Split Decision in The Walking Dead: Season Two (Xbox 360)
1,644 xGoIdie xGoIdieFinally decided to change my tag after almost 7 years. 5,731 Rocket Genocider in Rocket League
1,645 Fluzi Goliath Fluzi GoliathFinally - 100,000 GS :) 5,731 Strategic planning in FIFA 17
1,646 rabidinfection rabidinfection 5,730 Last-Second Bingo in Microsoft Bingo (Win 10)
1,647 Ozzy InFeRno Ozzy InFeRno 5,729 Who's Next in Injustice 2
1,648 TheEman28 TheEman28Even if you shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize! 5,729 Advanced Soldier in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
1,649 Mexican Steel Mexican SteelJust spent $2,600 on a pc. Console gaming will be on hold for a while. 5,728 Sandman in Hitman: Absolution
1,650 Rogues83 Rogues83 5,728 Taking Inventory in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
1,651 Fearles Syco Fearles SycoWooo FINALLY got it done! 5,727 Goldfinger in Clicker Heroes
1,652 Ryowebo RyoweboThat's what she said... 5,726 Welcome to Montellino in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360)
1,653 sham93 sham93 5,724 The Smart Driver in Mad Max
1,654 Yushir0 Yushir0Finally picked up the Xbox One S, Battlefield 1 Edition. If my wallet has to suffer, it should be for a game I know I'll like! 5,721 It's Just One Bullet in The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)
1,655 GAMERJET XBL GAMERJET XBLHitman Absolution Save Damaged -_- 5,718 Off the Grid in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
1,656 D0N WISKERAND0 D0N WISKERAND0Games eh? 5,718 Silent shot in Wolfenstein: The New Order
1,657 Destructionat3r Destructionat3r 5,716 Just Get Me Outta Here in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
1,658 daemonic13 daemonic13Thinking of going Pro Account next week :) 5,716 Complete Episode 2 in Lost Planet 2
1,659 Schrut3B33ts Schrut3B33ts 5,714 Book of Demons in SMITE
1,660 RenovatedInk RenovatedInk 5,714 Institutionalized in Fallout 4
1,661 Bek151 Bek151Playing on my PS3 until i decide to get an Xbox again 5,713 Low Altitude in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
1,662 JFC Salvation JFC SalvationRiding hard! 5,712 Decorated in Battlefield 1
1,663 Lord Midas Lord MidasWould you kindly? 5,712 Revenge in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
1,664 TomPanda 1984 TomPanda 1984Summer time = fun time 5,711 The Curse of the Black Pearl in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
1,665 Llama Ops Llama Ops 5,711 Great Escape in NHL 17
1,666 MJR HAV0K MJR HAV0K 5,706
1,667 SMUGBOY SMUGBOY 5,706 The Dawn Breaks in The Walking Dead - A New Frontier
1,668 Master Durge Master DurgeKickin ass and Taking names 5,706 Covered in Blood in Mafia III
1,669 Tveilor Tveilor 5,706 Saving Private Marius in Ryse: Son of Rome
1,670 SMOLDERPICKEM44 SMOLDERPICKEM44To many Games!!!! 5,699 Closed Flying Fortress Door in Blue Dragon
1,671 DarkthingW DarkthingW 5,695 No Place Like Haum in Watch_Dogs 2
1,672 Crushem400 Crushem400 5,691 Hardware Fail in Watch_Dogs
1,673 aKILLes82 aKILLes82 5,688 Artisan in Stardew Valley
1,674 Dakotaknight Dakotaknight 5,673 The First Dinosaurs On Our Tour in Jurassic Park: The Game
1,675 TigerDarkangel TigerDarkangelGOW 1: 7907/ 10.000; GOW 2: 7340/ 100.000; GOW 3: 10/ 65 ONYX MEDALS 5,672 Take A Bite Out Of Crime in Sleeping Dogs (DE)
1,676 KillerJoey9 KillerJoey9 5,667 Legend Hunter in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
1,677 Leflues Leflues 5,666 Ride the Worm in Terraria
1,678 two cans a corn two cans a cornWhere to go from here is the question. 5,660 Go for the Gold in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
1,679 Canary Wundaboy Canary WundaboyTrying to get my friends list back onto Gears 3... 5,658 Hunters Hunted in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
1,680 Maelstorm95 Maelstorm95Odd. Unlocked an achievement that shows up under the game on xbox.com but not added to my profile in general 5,656 Enchanter in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
1,681 Mark B Writing Mark B Writing 5,655 Shieldbuster in XCOM: Enemy Within
1,682 G4IVl3 0V3R G4IVl3 0V3R 5,655 Lock, Stock, And Then Some in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
1,683 MIK3 WB MIK3 WBWaddaaa Facckk?? 5,645 Untended Graves in Dark Souls III
1,684 IdeaLista82 IdeaLista82So many games after my last Bean Dive. Don't know where to start... 5,645 There Ain't No Way in The Walking Dead
1,685 Nick Mnemonic Nick MnemonicThimbleweed Park = 52nd Completed Game-a-Reno 5,644 You're a Legend! in LEGO CITY Undercover
1,686 Kaleeb MuadDib Kaleeb MuadDib 5,640 The White Wizard in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition
1,687 Stolle 911 Stolle 911 5,636 Solid Gold, Baby! in Grand Theft Auto V
1,688 TimTaiwan TimTaiwanwell, I have not update status in ages... but happy chinese new year 5,636 Suicide by Proxy in Prey
1,689 GreenBeretEater GreenBeretEaterLeeds Leeds Leeds!!! 5,634 Slotted in FIFA 17
1,690 NOL LUV DI NOL LUV DI 5,634 Fireworks in Mass Effect: Andromeda
1,691 MetaGame MetaGameThree Fourths Home: Extended Edition has become my 40th game completion! 5,633 Two Birds in Outland
1,692 Rice Reap3r Rice Reap3rToo many games to do 5,632 They Call Him The Vigilante in Watch_Dogs
1,693 shushhh shushhh 5,631 Impressive. Most impressive. in Star Wars Battlefront
1,694 CyberellaD Nile CyberellaD NileI been on ps4 for the past year. 5,630 Time to Kill in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
1,695 Zz ZykLoN zZ Zz ZykLoN zZRare - Xbox One Collection mit 30 Spielen 5,627 We eSports Now in Twitch
1,696 Eros60 Eros60 5,626 Mirror Match in SMITE
1,697 Disturbed XBA Disturbed XBAWow... Final Stand sucks. 5,625 Altruist Acolyte in Grand Theft Auto V
1,698 burymagnets burymagnetsHow do they work? 5,623 Chasing Anarchy in Anarchy Reigns
1,699 CHEW9190 CHEW9190Just blastin' and relaxin' 5,622 Call me "Sir" in Battlefield 4
1,700 n3wt89 n3wt89First game ever to 1000 gs Assassins Creed 5,621 Smooth Talker in Fallout Shelter