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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
2,701 MiniMarioTT MiniMarioTT:) 4,022 A team of TWO in The Bradwell Conspiracy
2,702 SauceyMGee SauceyMGeeDark souls = Best game this console generation. 4,020 Legend in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2,703 m0nk33z m0nk33zSo after not gaming for 2 years. Do i buy ghost or blops 2 first? 4,020 The Player in Apex Legends
2,704 BigBjoern BigBjoern 4,019 Private in Tembo The Badass Elephant
2,705 Cyroxyk Cyroxyk 4,014 Star Bound in Borderlands 3
2,706 O1 SNIPER ELITE O1 SNIPER ELITEI hope Xbox live dropping out hasn't cost me my streak, am on 277 days and am aiming for 1 year. 4,011 Circle of Friends in Dungeon Siege III
2,707 Harrison101 Harrison10150,000 TA! Shweet! 4,006 Double Or Quits in Snooker 19
2,708 The Inductor The Inductor 4,004 That Old COG Technology in Gears 5
2,709 T Muffy T Muffy100k TA! 4,002 Smelt Everything! in Minecraft (Win 10)
2,710 grzegorz74 grzegorz74 3,997 Networking in Assassin's Creed Unity
2,711 lVlanaconda lVlanaconda 3,996 Simple Geometry in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
2,712 Lordpol25 Lordpol25 3,994 Six Chapters in Gears of War 4
2,713 LIL KILLER117 LIL KILLER117 3,994 Revere Him! Praise Him! in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
2,714 Pulse True Pulse TrueCheck Out My Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/user/Creater521 3,992 Repaid in Blood in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
2,715 Da M0nkey Da M0nkey 3,991 Farewell in The Walking Dead: Michonne
2,716 Master Krane Master Krane 3,990 Protect the People in Devil May Cry 5
2,717 Jamesons Folly Jamesons Follywww.scorephoria.com 3,987 Stay Golden in Borderlands 3
2,718 Vollmernator VollmernatorHaving Fun With Xbox One 3,987 Someone get that kid the puck! in NHL 19
2,719 mmbb mmbb 3,975 People Person in Rocket League
2,720 JJNelson83 JJNelson83 3,965 Vaulting Your Way To The Top in Borderlands 3
2,721 LtKetch LtKetch 3,964 A Day To Remember in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
2,722 travalanche1985 travalanche1985 3,960 So I Got That Going for Me in Minecraft
2,723 Lofty Donkey Lofty Donkey 3,959 Reach Lordran in Dark Souls (PC)
2,724 GunsTanksCannon GunsTanksCannon 3,959 Duke of Cowerdon in Kingdoms & Lords (WP)
2,725 You So Shady You So Shady 3,957 3 Star First in Forza Street (Win 10)
2,726 VakPrototypexX VakPrototypexX 3,957 A Friendship Resurrected in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
2,727 NoodlesSWA123 NoodlesSWA123Fuck F2P Games 3,956 Nelson Bay Veteran in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2,728 Left2Cry Left2Cry 3,955 In the footsteps of the masters in GreedFall
2,729 shadowman1 X shadowman1 Xawesome 3,952 Lowest Point in Grand Theft Auto IV (PC)
2,730 system52 system52Cake is FTW 3,951 Skulltaker Halo 3: Grunt Birthday Party in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
2,731 RiiqL RiiqL 3,949 High-Stakes Play in Destiny 2
2,732 MarkyV78 MarkyV78Just rediscovered Subnautica! (thanks updates) 3,948 Coalition of Ordered Wins in Gears POP!
2,733 JemmFI JemmFI 3,946 I Mustache You A Question in Borderlands 3
2,734 Owningj00 Owningj00GO RED SOX!!!!!! 3,943 A Flawless Getaway in Crysis 3
2,735 ConorIRL1995 ConorIRL1995Bioshock Infinite didn't save a thing on me!! Now i have to start all over again! Still, what an ama 3,942 Getting an Upgrade in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
2,736 robin kurosaki robin kurosaki 3,942 Let's try one more time... in Deadpool (Xbox 360)
2,737 starofdavid11 starofdavid11 3,934 Damn, Gina in Borderlands 3
2,738 L4DANathan L4DANathanCONTROL, DELTA HERE, WE'VE HIJACKED A BRUMAK. 3,933 We need More Explosions! in Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 8)
2,739 Sly Sneaky Fox Sly Sneaky FoxTrying to finish off older games before Xbox servers decide to shutdown... 3,932 Exhibition Expert in Forza Horizon 3
2,740 chrismcpartlan chrismcpartlanLooking for 1 more player to join Assassin's creed: Black Flag (360) boosting tonight 3,932 Just In The Nick Of Time in Bayonetta
2,741 Robertkinz Robertkinz 3,930 Choosing My Religion in Fable Anniversary
2,742 melorous melorous 3,926 Florida Man in Borderlands 3
2,743 Doctor Tiki Doctor Tiki 3,925 Citizens First and Soldiers Second in State of Decay 2
2,744 moomoomashoo moomoomashoowut 3,925 Well Played in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
2,745 PSYCHO WHISKY PSYCHO WHISKYMuffin Tastic :D 3,918 Home Comforts in Red Dead Redemption 2
2,746 FlukyGorgon6351 FlukyGorgon635170k :D 3,917 Bolo me away in Gears POP!
2,747 AMS07Aries AMS07Aries 3,913 Mechani-Cool in Borderlands 3
2,748 Charlotte8080 Charlotte8080Hi :) I'm 37 French gamer girl, playing for fun and not for flirt (please guys...i'm exhausted). htt 3,912 Winter Secrets in Trine Enchanted Edition
2,749 Shepele ShepeleTrueachievements.com 3,911 Stunt Puller in Forza Horizon 4
2,750 DeluxeMazzeo DeluxeMazzeoCut the chatter! Initializing drop sequence. 3,904 Bolt-Ons in Borderlands 3
2,751 VintageRyan VintageRyan 3,902 Everything's Cactus in Assault Android Cactus
2,752 zT x TricKzz zT x TricKzz100000 Gamerescore achieved 04/04/2019 3,900 Once More From the Top in Gears 5
2,753 AmericanGamer65 AmericanGamer65 3,899 Dirty hands in Car Mechanic Simulator
2,754 Sanevin Sanevin 3,895 Research and Development in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
2,755 BootlessScotty BootlessScottyhello my old xbox friends im back on xbox new console new gamertag forevabootless add me 3,887 The Angelic Ruins in Borderlands
2,756 NiteRiter NiteRitersleeping 3,883 For Sera in Gears POP!
2,757 looz looz 3,877 De-Aleera-ious in Torchlight II
2,758 retaksedud retaksedud 3,877 Finally, a moment of rest... in Dead Cells
2,759 SirSkunkalot SirSkunkalotchilling! 3,874 Coronation Trickin' in Forza Horizon 4
2,760 Aksharr Aksharrso no more online passes for future games too...i dont know how to say it..but i guess I LOVE EA!!! 3,866 Barras Bravas in Rocket League
2,761 GremUK GremUKSome random message to change my status 3,865 Become a Superstar in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
2,762 LazyCreeper LazyCreeperEat Me 3,865 War Chest 1 in Gears POP!
2,763 Coldrain Coldrain 3,864 Strive for Perfection in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
2,764 IllusiveMouse IllusiveMouse 3,857 Selfless Giver in Dark Souls II
2,765 Kalso Kalso 3,854 Red Mist in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
2,766 BaSiiC Gnar BaSiiC GnarProducing EDM and getting cheevos 3,853 Keen Observer in Crysis
2,767 Awesomeness3010 Awesomeness3010Games are fun. 3,847 I Feel the Need in Forza Horizon 4
2,768 Nuromanzer Nuromanzer 3,847 Hovertank in Neon Chrome
2,769 SomaticTrash701 SomaticTrash701 3,846 Well-Rounded in Apex Legends
2,770 Sindath SindathPlaying Max Payne 3 3,846 Second Century in Forza Horizon 4
2,771 Prowler833 Prowler833 3,844 Small Town, Big Job in Grand Theft Auto V
2,772 Tetrahedrite TetrahedriteHaloPodcastEvolved.com 3,842 Gungeon Acolyte in Enter the Gungeon
2,773 MiNiGuN TiMe MiNiGuN TiMe 3,842 Special Edition in Forza Horizon 4
2,774 FallopianHam69 FallopianHam69 3,838 Accessorizing in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
2,775 PinataZombie PinataZombie 3,835 Like A Bird in Far Cry 5
2,776 blaznfalcn blaznfalcnStupidity isn't punishable by death. If it was, there would be one hell of a population drop! 3,829 Melee virtuoso in GreedFall
2,777 IgnotusVirtus IgnotusVirtusCheck out my Youtube Channel for a lot of different content! New stuff going up soon :). Link: https 3,829 Special Issue Weaponry in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
2,778 Shinigami9099 Shinigami9099 3,828 Perky's Revenge! in Gears 5
2,779 Raggak Raggakfaitan gayms 3,828 Cow Tipper in Minecraft
2,780 Gretzky996 Gretzky996I love jews and black people. (Quentin that includes you) 3,828 Accessorizing in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
2,781 swen doesborg swen doesborg 3,821 Paestum Ruins in Medal of Honor: Airborne
2,782 eXquisite anu eXquisite anu 3,821 Instant karma in For The King
2,783 Waks Trode Waks TrodeAnyone for PES 2019? 3,819 Goalmouth Guardian in eFootball PES 2020
2,784 Niacine Niacineoh hai Halo :) have you been working out? 3,819 Taking Inventory in Minecraft (Android)
2,785 WhenDevilStrik3 WhenDevilStrik3 3,819 Second Chances in NBA 2K20
2,786 BIGCol70 BIGCol70 3,812 No More Favors in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
2,787 KZOIDBERG89 KZOIDBERG89Im gunna try to break 100k this summer and keep up in forums lol 3,809 Battle Tested in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
2,788 II Kronyx II II Kronyx IICan't wait for Minecraft on Xbox. 3,808 Ice Castle in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
2,789 biggiesmalls337 biggiesmalls337 3,804 Everything is Better with Friends in We Were Here
2,790 ANP2287 ANP2287 3,804 Discovered the True Threat to Sera in Gears 5
2,791 TheGreatestEvaX TheGreatestEvaX 3,803 Comeback City in Madden NFL 19
2,792 MiintyFresh MiintyFresh 3,803 Silver Lining in theHunter: Call of the Wild
2,793 WS Spartan 17 WS Spartan 17Well... I'm up. 3,801 Hey, it's-a-me again! in Mirror's Edge Catalyst
2,794 ITS ALivEx ITS ALivEx 3,789 Bounty Hunter in Borderlands 2
2,795 RoxasBeatz RoxasBeatzMore active on PS4 --> YesImAPwnda Add me ;) 3,789 Goat Any Last Words? in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
2,796 Scowy Scowy 3,788 Passing the Time in Minecraft
2,797 MrHammond92 MrHammond92 3,787 Halfway to Hell in Crysis 3
2,798 George McBain George McBaintwitch.tv/georgemcbain ... playing all Xbox 360 games from launch. 3,785 First Unlock in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)
2,799 BlazingSteelyD BlazingSteelyDSo any suggestions for #3000 3,784 Believe in a Hero in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
2,800 Mikokun MikokunVacation in a vacation. 3,782 Missing in Action in Mass Effect 2