Freamwhole's Awesome AHP Alphabet Challenge

This is my first foray into hosting a challenge. I've always enjoyed looking for achievements like a scavenger hunt versus trying to accumulate as many as possible.
This may or may not fit the bill, but I'm sure we'll all have a lot of fun doing it. So, here's the challenge:
Each participant will attempt to unlock an achievement for each letter of the English alphabet sequentially. It will be a race starting at the letter "A" - once an achievement is unlocked starting with "A", you can move on to find one that begins with "B" then "C", and so on and so forth.
First one to finish all 26 letters will be declared the winner. In the spirit of full disclosure: the alphabet is A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z - I hope that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone

Contest Details can be found in my blog
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1 NastyMastaDaddy NastyMastaDaddyFollow me on Its a fun environment! Join Discord if you dare 6,715 Veteran Club Members in NHL 18
2 MADeyePadEYE MADeyePadEYEXO WOOP 4,060 Bounty - Cerbero in Forsaken Remastered
3 acedawg4 acedawg4I HATE missable achievements SOOO much!!! 2,750 Your First Chapter of Death! It's So Cute in Felix The Reaper
4 Freamwhole FreamwholeI love seeing my contest ideas come to fruition. The TA Dev Staff is awesome at converting these into fun community events. 2,275 The Art of Trolling in Castle Invasion: Throne Out
5 ozbuffinatic ozbuffinaticI see Ted people. 2,138 Basket Maker in WORLDS Builder: Farm & Craft (Win 10)
6 Jinksie EPR Jinksie EPR 2,040 Car Culture in Forza Motorsport 6
7 doughboyee doughboyee 935 Quiplash XL: Jinx Jinx in The Jackbox Party Pack 2
8 hotcurls3088 hotcurls3088 765 Bird watching in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
9 R56CooperS11 R56CooperS11 665 Cayde's Pathfinder in Destiny 2
10 Watty8883 Watty8883 510 Godhunter in Oh My Godheads
11 seamonkeypowder seamonkeypowder 485 Not Alone in Hammerwatch
12 SaucySlingo SaucySlingoClose call but week 4 here we come for GTASC! 395 Gate Crasher in Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops (Win 8)
13 Xtowers XtowersForza 6 shutting down and features are being disabled well before the shutdown date. :( 60 Methodical search in Battlefield 4
14 Xylofreak03 Xylofreak03I miss my Xbox 10 You Fight Like A Merchant in Sea of Thieves
15 griffey95 griffey95175 gs this weekend. Still the most I've played in a while. Just on a PS4 instead. 0 Squad Goals in Gears POP!
16 bigeasy97 bigeasy97If I thought I was busy before, I am about to get a whole lot busier now that I officially passed th 0 Holy Shtako! in Defiance 2050
17 Irish Goliath x Irish Goliath x 0 Bath Time in Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
18 PUBLIC WITNESS PUBLIC WITNESS 0 Give to the Poor in Red Dead Redemption 2
19 AmazingSpider97 AmazingSpider97Mad Moxxi’s Underdome is the most boring DLC I ever played! 0 To The End in Call of Duty: WWII
20 ROGUE 1992 ROGUE 1992LEAGUES COMING TO CONSOLE IN 2020!!! 0 Contract Assassin in HITMAN