Discounting Unobtainable Achievements On TA

This is a petition leaderboard to propose a change on TrueAchievements that will exclude Unobtainable achievements from a game's completion requirement.

Please join this leaderboard if you agree; that once you have unlocked every achievement in a game that it is possible to unlock without breaking TA cheater policy, then you have completed that game and it should be counted as such.

It is the opinion of this leaderboard; that once you have unlocked all possible achievements of a game then you have completed the game. Note that this does not include Discontinued achievements, as it would be unfair to those that have unlocked those achievements already.

There are currently (2016-01-10) '77' games on TA that can never be completed nor added to anyone's Trophy Case because they contain unobtainable achievements that no one can ever unlock.

It is not the fault nor should it be the punishment of any individual on TA who started games with unobtainable achievements, either knowingly or otherwise. They should not have to suffer the inability to ever reach 100% Completion percentage or add games they have completed to the maximum possible completion available in their Trophy Case.

TrueAchievements currently assume that there are not enough people who support the idea that a game is complete when it has been completed to the fullest extent possible, this is obviously wrong, and with enough people TA should consider a vote for the full site on whether these Unobtainable achievements should continue to be counted in order to complete an incompletable game.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' Achievements completion %age
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Vin Risen 360 Vin Risen 360Cloudberry Kingdom Completed 100% completion! :D Video: 100.00% You're not worthy as my opponent in DmC: Devil May Cry
2 invuln3r4bl3 invuln3r4bl3 99.98% Go for the Gold in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
3 Shikamaru 91 Shikamaru 91 99.96% Wanted in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4 Deadzone Fight Deadzone Fight... 99.95% Principalities in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
5 Fuelled by Beer Fuelled by BeerRIP frankie : ( 99.94% Instigator in Fallout 4
6 Papa Sev Papa Sev 99.93% House Rules in Scrabble
7 VeLiaNTx VeLiaNTxHope the person who made the achievement list for R-type Dimensions gets herpes. 99.88% Medal of Valor in Mass Effect
8 LibelluleGino LibelluleGino 99.84% Elite survivor in How to Survive 2
9 WhiterValkyrie WhiterValkyrie 99.82% A+ in potions class! in How to Survive 2
10 ShadyShall ShadyShallI am a sucker for the Lego games... i wish they would all be $20 [hate waiting for sales] 99.72% Master of Collection in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game
11 UK360 COMMANDO UK360 COMMANDOJust bagged my second ever Radley medal :) 99.71% An Army Of Four in XCOM: Enemy Within
12 dieotze74 dieotze74 99.69% HI SCORE MODE 2,000,000 points in ACA NEOGEO SHOCK TROOPERS 2nd Squad (Win 10)
13 Anomaly XVII Anomaly XVIIThe Constant Crack of Cranial Clubbing 99.67% It's Art in Red Dead Redemption 2
15 Perdiep PerdiepAut agere aut mori 99.65% Timelord in Gnomes Garden: New Home
16 Crackhaw2 Crackhaw2it just wont stop more eso dlc. The game is gonna end up being 5000plus G 99.65% Exotique in Destiny 2
17 Kamakazi59 Kamakazi59XBOX ONE = Day 1 99.65% The Flawed Teacher in Q.U.B.E. 2
18 SUGA CC SUGA CC 99.61% Wishing for the Best in Destiny 2
19 whitty113 whitty113Does anyone know a good driving/racing game with NO multiplayer? 99.61% The Big Leagues in Snooker Nation Championship
20 ReD S1X ReD S1Xno ideas or motivation to play another game. 99.56% Your Vote Counts in HITMAN
21 Ephidel EphidelFinally back up to 99% completion rate. Just a handful of crap left. 99.54% Crushing Conclusion in Turok
22 Avisole Avisole 99.50% Total Play Time 100 Hrs. in Dead or Alive 4
23 Guilty115 Guilty115 99.49% Blessed by All in Final Fantasy XV
24 KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33Damn bounties on RDR2 were kicking my ass had to start the game over. Good thing i was only on ch2, Playing safe this time. 99.49% Give to the Poor in Red Dead Redemption 2
25 idleblue idleblue 99.49% Buckle Up in Red Dead Redemption 2
26 SANGOKUk9000 SANGOKUk9000 99.48% Die Zombies, Die! in Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
27 Zephir 37 Zephir 37 99.47% Breakout in Red Dead Redemption 2
28 BadCranky BadCranky100 % Perfektionist 99.44% Fast and Furious in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
29 MRT TERMINATOR MRT TERMINATOR5000 Achievements and climbing :) 99.39% Supreme Eagle in Killer Instinct
30 Current Future Current FutureHaven't heard the achievement pop in a while. I'm surprised as hell I haven't gone into some sort o 99.37% Hooked in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
31 oI Mr Sm1th Io oI Mr Sm1th IoHat wer Interesse an meinen Xbox 360 Japan/Korea Games? 99.31% Always Improving in Borderlands 2
32 Dragonborn Gear Dragonborn Gear 99.27% Welcome to the family in The Council
33 oxHARMONxo oxHARMONxoWith the removal of Comrades on FFXV, should I anticipate the other DLC being removed too? 99.21% カノンの首飾り in Zoids Infinity EX Neo
34 Major Berga Major Bergathanks beef.... and to all those that offered to help... thanks ta community...!!!!! 99.19% Star Centurion in Forza Horizon 4
35 R00S7ER R00S7ER 99.16% Lest Ye Be Judged in Destiny 2
36 MAIZCORN MAIZCORN 99.16% Storyteller in Battlefield V
37 CHRI5T0PH5R CHRI5T0PH5RBroadband down, hotspot used. Need to continue achvmnt streak! Need ideas by end of tomorrow 99.15% A Light in the Darkness in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two (Xbox 360)
38 gabrielguns gabrielgunsTop1000 .. 99.2% \0/ 99.13% HI SCORE MODE 300 points in ACA NEOGEO THE KING OF FIGHTERS '99
39 Gouldy1972 Gouldy1972 99.09% Totally Smashed in Burnout Paradise Remastered
40 Dizyne DizyneJust waiting for some more games 99.06% Let There Be Light in Final Fantasy XV
41 Palesius Palesius...on the long hard road to 99%... 99.04% Aww Nuts! in Saints Row 2
42 IEXECUTION BKI IEXECUTION BKIDown to just 2 Payday 2 achievements now...time to start a few new games! 99.04% DLC: Mars: Martian Journal in Far Cry 5
43 KillerBALLzzzz KillerBALLzzzz99.76% - 96/100 Games Complete - 99/100 sans DLC - Just need to finish Battlefront to be caught up. 98.97% Breaking and Entering in Red Dead Redemption 2
44 sachsenhusky sachsenhuskyTrueAchievements Stats are the greatest. 98.94% Series Major in Red Dead Redemption 2
45 Pipboy212 Pipboy212 98.89% Turn It Up To 11 in Gears of War 4
46 EverGoodMe EverGoodMeI Like Camel Toes...Crip Walking On My Nose. 98.80% Treasure Collector in Tomb Raider: Underworld
47 Jan 0 Jan 0 98.54% My Nemesis in Banjo-Tooie
48 AVARAT AVARATCommitted 'til the End 98.54% Buckle Up in Red Dead Redemption 2
49 DonNikos DonNikos 98.46% Como Te Llama in Shadow of the Tomb Raider
50 shelbygt5252 shelbygt5252 98.37% Horseman in Darksiders Warmastered Edition
51 platinumpwnzor platinumpwnzor 98.36% Carbon Collector in Livelock
52 iFeaRLeSs zZXx iFeaRLeSs zZXx 98.36% Born Survivor in Tom Clancy's The Division
53 Papy Maxouille Papy MaxouilleBatman Telltale Series incapable de faire des trad FR!!! 98.24% Remember in Storm Boy
54 Champ NZL Champ NZL 98.19% The Take in Dragon Age II
55 GMHOT GMHOTGMHOT = GodmorgonHerrnÖnskasTe? = "Good morning Sir, would you like some tea?" in Swedish. I am a co 98.10% A Terrifying Assassin in Resident Evil 4 HD (Xbox 360)
56 indolentpwnstar indolentpwnstarUHH2 - 152 valid achievements, 17 valid games. Don't think I'll be participating. 98.02% Local Support Act in Rocksmith
57 EliteAchievr420 EliteAchievr420 97.89% Royal Retinue Rumble in Final Fantasy XV
58 millboy millboy 97.86% Nothing Is Over! in Gears of War 4
59 Fifas Funeral Fifas FuneralWhen I start Black Ops 4 it dosen't let me start the campaign is that a glitch ? I'm embarassed to ask help for that lol. 97.75% Beacons of Hope in Final Fantasy XV
60 Goku Black XT Goku Black XT 97.69% Legendary Warrior in Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition
61 Sgt Malarkey Br Sgt Malarkey BrProcuro um ou dois jogadores para os Heists do GTA V !!!! 97.67% Born to Hoon in Forza Horizon 3
62 Parallax Arguer Parallax Arguer 97.62% My Turn To Speak in Tales from the Borderlands
63 One Eyed Tigh One Eyed TighRIP, Telltale Games 97.59% Back to Business in BATMAN – The Telltale Series (Xbox 360)
64 JumpingTeacher JumpingTeacherI like unlocking achievement. 97.52% Target Führer: 0 Days Without Incident in Sniper Elite 4
65 JvlakaveIi JvlakaveIi 97.50% Master Craftsman in Red Dead Redemption 2
66 GD BerserkerTTD GD BerserkerTTDGamerscore Desperados 97.41% Have mercy in Fox n Forests
67 HYBRID HIVE HYBRID HIVEWish i did gold digger when i had the chance. Maybe 9 more years I'll get another chance... 97.35% Choice is Good in Comix Zone
68 Vito084 Vito084Far Cry 6 May be announced tonight at the game awards. 97.30% Don't Choke on My Smoke in Just Cause 4
69 Fooga FoogaAre there any decent guides for Final Fantasy XV? I could have sworn there was a WT for it somewhere. 97.26% The Search in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
70 AnxiousAbe AnxiousAbedoctor doctor iv got a steering wheel down my pants its driving me nuts :) 97.19% Play the Objective in Battlefield 1
71 Ibiki Morino Ibiki Morino 97.16% Kill or Be Killed in Fallout 76
72 Mr Les Black Mr Les Black 97.12% Rookie in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
73 Streak Leader Streak LeaderLego DC Super-Villians: Not nearly as broken and glitchy as the usual Lego game. Very enjoyable!! 97.10% That's very Pacific in Hungry Shark World
74 ItsRoflz ItsRoflz100,000 G w/ 100% completion goals 97.06% Mr. Nice Guy in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
75 DRGFury DRGFury 97.00% Hold your breath in RiME
76 FranconianX FranconianX 96.95% Horses for Courses in Red Dead Redemption 2
77 EPvW EPvW 96.95% The Token Experience in South Park: The Fractured but Whole
78 KILLER1NST1NCTS KILLER1NST1NCTSMy gamer score right now is GOLD!!! 123,420!!!!! 96.90% Live and Let Fly in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
79 No Politics No PoliticsSo pumped for Red Dead! Who wants to create a posse?! 96.82% Blue Screen of Death in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
80 Trombonafide TrombonafideFor a housewarming self-gift, I got a 4K TV and an Xbox One X. :] 96.82% Civic Doodle: Reelection in The Jackbox Party Pack 4
81 Womi Womi 96.82% Pilot’s Licence in Forza Horizon 4
82 Dallasthedude DallasthedudeWho wants to gift me TA pro? Lol 96.75% White Boss Defeated in Battle Knights
83 DefEdge DefEdge 96.58% Motorhead in Borderlands 2
84 Zenkoto ZenkotoAs a collector, I'm finding myself becoming increasingly drawn to buying indie games on PS4 due to limited print runs of games being done. 96.57% Blessed by All in Final Fantasy XV
85 Guidality Guidality 96.55% Star Seeker in Microsoft Wordament (Mobile)
86 J4me5 R0ck5 J4me5 R0ck5I spend more time researching deals and buying games than i do playing them?!? 96.46% Grin and Bear it in Red Dead Redemption 2
87 Seven Clip Seven Clip 96.44% Case 3 - "Shock Rock" in CSI: Hard Evidence
88 Novaan Verdiano Novaan VerdianoDmC: Definitive Version and DMC4 Special Edition announced. Yeeeeeees. 96.39% Rocketeer in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)
89 LCDS Nito LCDS Nito 96.37% A Giant-Man Among Insects in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
90 Rogernater RogernaterAssassin's Creed Syndicate has made me come back to assassins creed series! great game 96.35% Stunt Superhero in Forza Horizon 4
91 Law Violation Law ViolationHosting some WoT (360) Sessions - hit me up if you're interested! 96.33% Washed Ashore in Red Dead Redemption 2
92 Cruzer628 Cruzer628 96.28% Weaver's Warrior in Sniper Elite 4
93 AndreFlash83 AndreFlash83Just some more days and vacation, finally some free time to put games and life in order rock 96.26% Dogged Rider in Final Fantasy XV
94 ARCHER MIKE ARCHER MIKE 96.23% Settling Feuds in Red Dead Redemption 2
95 Frankie DrumsNY Frankie DrumsNYAshen is out! 96.07% Whispers Folk in Ashen
96 Carl Corny Carl Corny 96.06% A Special Deal in KILLING FLOOR 2
97 jasonlc3221 jasonlc3221Just a word of warning: avoid any old Windows 8 games if u care about ur completion %, ESPECIALLY if u plan on playing them on a Windows 10 device 95.91% Hello Little Friend in Saints Row IV
98 Tonic24k Tonic24kI </3 glitched achievements 95.91% Ultimate Team Alliance in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
99 unco ordin8or unco ordin8or 95.85% Peak Performer in Mirror's Edge Catalyst
100 SebVin SebVinJup. 95.81% Pest Control in State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition