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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 lucas1987 lucas1987I wanna try a challenge. I'm off for 10 days. I wanna see if anyone can suggest 5 easy games to do and I'll try and do 1 from each person's list. Any 1,533,159
Lies in The Walking Dead: Michonne
2 Remeki Remeki 1,440,763
3 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4EverLooking for a partner for killer instinct season 1 1,282,861
Consistency Is King in Project CARS
4 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 1,227,767
Saddle Up in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
5 Dark silence669 Dark silence669 1,116,067
In Style in Watch_Dogs 2
6 Thulgrum ThulgrumNever seen a GTASC team fall apart in first two months.... kids..... 1,087,527
Balthasar Gelt in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
7 The Fury I84I The Fury I84IKudos for my GTASC team members for working together to get another bonus clap 1,050,851
Difficult End in Assassin's Creed III
8 Dalimbak Dalimbak 1,025,339
Elementary, My Dear Jesse. in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series
The Grave Will Out the Truth in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
10 FatalCthulhu666 FatalCthulhu666Blood for the Blood God,Skulls for the Skull Throne 949,198
Objection! in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
11 DJ RJester DJ RJester 934,652
Festival Masters in Earthlock: Festival of Magic
12 DivineWind72 DivineWind72Fuckoff Tony, you cunt. 897,022
Overachieve much in Fallout Shelter
13 Fatal x Blade Fatal x Blade 869,616
Dishonorable Discharge in For Honor
14 Apocalypse Kane Apocalypse KaneAfter a snowfall without precedent, an earthquake, and a 153-hours blackout, I'm still alive! 868,743
Devil on Your Shoulder in Tales from the Borderlands (Xbox 360)
15 Snitchnose Snitchnoseback from holiday now i need $$$$ 862,614
Vault-Tec Engineer in Fallout Shelter
16 Awoo AwooPlease someone make a Twelvelock solution already ;/ 839,367
Well Done-geon! in Happy Dungeons
17 Aggressive dog Aggressive dog 839,355
Playing House in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
18 ponypo2001 ponypo2001Still no Far Cry Primal achievements live. Hope they're up for launch. 831,827
Shutterbug in Life Is Strange
19 BigNev44 BigNev44Rise of the Tomb Raider season pass for $6? SOLD! 819,391
Ghosts Never Die in Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox 360)
20 Goggs25 Goggs25Aiming for No. 1 spot in Europe for trueachievement in RPG'S titles 817,306
Gunsmith in Mass Effect 3
21 EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 798,862
Master of the New Year in Doodle God: Ultimate Edition
22 Trecool Trecoolhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QapvJeWiHwo 794,560
Making the most of the day in Halo Wars 2
23 Iced Hawk Iced HawkOn road again... 787,969
Blow to Your Character in Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition
24 Slash29 Slash29 786,132
Paint 'n Elbow Grease in Fallout Shelter
25 hupheryspangler hupheryspangler 783,448
Underdog in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
26 wbs wbsFinally recompleted Killer Instinct. 1013 hours and 17,676 matches played. Time for Season 4 and 6000G toast 771,010
Ouch in MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore
27 Clarissalover ClarissaloverLooking for Kick-Ass 2 and the French Hot Wheels: Beat That! for 360. 747,856
WRB Champion in REAL STEEL
28 RBX Storm RBX Storm 733,140
Designer in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
29 Valioukha ValioukhaBonne année 2017 à tous et toutes ! Happy New Year 2017 everyone ;-) 731,175
On Deadly Ground in Trials of the Blood Dragon
30 Lil Miss Cherry Lil Miss CherryOur website is featured in the Knee Deep trailer on the official Xbox YouTube channel :D Love moments like this! 728,508
Team Player in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
31 Lethal Hunter Lethal HunterWorking on Dark Souls 3, WWE 2K16, Dragon Age:Inquisition, Resident Evil:Rev 2, Shadow of Mordor, Wolf Among us. 713,750
A Better Future, Underground in Fallout Shelter
32 mfeforever mfeforever 712,917
You're The Best in NHL 16
33 o Solid Ghost o o Solid Ghost o 707,783
Home Sweet Home in Fallout Shelter
34 Jay Insomniak Jay Insomniak 706,730
Defeated Peach Wilkins in BioShock (JP) (Xbox 360)
35 Five1oh Five1ohI'm back! Feel my mostly slow consistent wrath 704,552
Dominated in Halo Wars 2
36 Spartan2491 Spartan2491Signal 1000 696,879
Paint 'n Elbow Grease in Fallout Shelter
37 Boost17 Boost17Mental note: when leaving messages on answerphones about xmas presents, emphasize clearly so your parents dont spend ages searching for Jed Rising. 689,928
Target Führer: Albert Hall in Sniper Elite 4
38 Nikolai420 Nikolai420 689,269
Chopping Spree in Dead Rising 4
39 Riconoclast RiconoclastBuying a game, let alone a sports one, that's going to have it's online shut down in 24 months... 683,972
Captain in Lost Sea
40 Danny Dubs 86 Danny Dubs 86Man, Stardew Valley is scratching all of my Harvest Moon itches. 677,498
In Your Heart Shall Burn in Dragon Age: Inquisition
41 Morrigan2350 Morrigan2350Beat the Call of Juarez server shutdown. Yeah. 675,394
You're Fired! in Fallout Shelter
42 Finnan Finnan63/63 Perfect Dark speedruns completed (21/21 levels) 662,958
Scraptastic in Fallout Shelter
43 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantom 661,532
Overseer in Fallout Shelter
44 ChasIII ChasIII 658,218
Legendary Warrior in Deadliest Warrior: Legends
45 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1D8 more Raider attacks for the Fallout Shelter completion. Got bored and dropped like 100k caps on elevators. 657,286
Legend of the Wastes in Fallout Shelter
46 Red Master 11 Red Master 11 652,646
Walking-around money in The Crew
47 xDartz xNVx xDartz xNVx 640,303
It's lonely up here in World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap
48 Dark Rocky X Dark Rocky XSo apparently sharing boobs from Mafia 3 is very offensive on Xbox Live... o...k roll 633,722
Protector in For Honor
49 Serious X Devil Serious X Devil 633,678
Revealing the Unseen in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
50 o Heres Jonny o o Heres Jonny oBean Dive has ruined my completion goal. But I do get to play some new games! 631,726
Momentum Shift in DOOM
51 Van Uden Van UdenAnyone know if WP has problems? Hamster Universe achievements are not showing up on my profile or my phone 631,194
To Tame a Living God in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
52 Plaguewielder87 Plaguewielder87 628,609
Resolution in Fragments of Him
53 ibh82 ibh82 624,303
Gliding Over All in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
54 ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85 624,002
Far, Far Away... in Rocket League
55 TachikomaShiki TachikomaShiki 613,254
Shoot the Messenger in Resident Evil 5
56 II PenanCe II PenanCe''Life is a game we're meant to loose.'' 610,348
Don't You Die on Me! in Dead Rising 2
57 GreatPotBandito GreatPotBanditoI'm such a sucker for free and hard games. 607,114
A Long Time Ago... in Angry Birds Star Wars II (WP)
58 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 600,037
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
59 LORDOFDOOKIE69 LORDOFDOOKIE6916,666 achievements. Time to retire. 598,384
Creator of civilization in Doodle God: Ultimate Edition
60 Grimace221 Grimace221Remember when a beta was a beta? These days, seems like a beta is a glorified demo. 595,295
Dark Clouds in Final Fantasy XV
61 Monchow Monchow 586,506
Station A-45 in The Final Station
62 Suko Suikoden Suko Suikoden 580,052
Slaver in Overlord II
63 Majinbro Majinbro 577,713
Let there be rock! in Deadlight: Directors Cut
64 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir1I can't stand Threes! 575,227
Experimentation in Gimme Five (Win 10)
65 Devious Jedi Devious JediDevious Jedi won 1,396 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 51 games, for a total of 67,146 TrueAchievement points (33,740 Gamerscore). 573,604
My Place or Yours in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
66 Jon81D Jon81D 573,384
Points Make Prizes in Banjo-Tooie
67 Acap AcapLove my cat <3 572,448
2-Piece Silk Suit in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
68 OniKawazu OniKawazuCan anyone help me with MS Mahjong July 12th daily? I can't do the golden tiles, it's the only one of 93 I'm stuck on. 562,181
Rain Maker in Clouds & Sheep 2
69 xMANNY FRE5Hx xMANNY FRE5HxAll caught up on season 6 of Game of Thrones. Good stuff. 557,233
True Shovelry in Shovel Knight
70 Swinny Costello Swinny CostelloWhy do half of the ID@Xbox RPGs have unobtainable achievements? What the hell... 555,766
一騎当千の証 in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (JP)
71 Noaxis Noaxis 552,882
VIP in Project CARS
72 sonydex sonydex 551,907
The Way of the Voice in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
73 BaronVoNewman BaronVoNewmanCold almost gone! 549,983
Decked Out in Overwatch: Origins Edition
74 WJS Osiris WJS Osirisnew world of tanks achieves smile good news for the haters looks like the 360 has been capped at 99 achieves 548,152
Skillful governor in Imperia Online (WP)
75 m4rc4nt0ny m4rc4nt0nyFallout 4 : why pick and choose from the perks when you can have them all? 546,113
Done That in Borderlands 2
76 Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45What game should i Stream today Enter here to vote : http://www.strawpoll.me/12354657 545,279
77 rayvenus 2 rayvenus 2 545,102
Parole Day in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
78 AlwayzLIFTED AlwayzLIFTEDskyrim job 543,363
The artist's impression in Layers of Fear
79 Fluffytoast Fluffytoast 541,003
#Forzathon Taking Out The Trash in Forza Horizon 3
80 EvilTommy EvilTommy 540,030
You're A Wizard in For Honor
81 xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxYay back to level boosting on Skyrim SE to reach lvl 80 for Legendary Dragon Spawn. Thank god for the spell exploit :) 530,941
Stalhrim Crafter in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
82 LuffyXxXhugo LuffyXxXhugoPaegan Terrorism Tactics 528,266
Pickled Monkey in Toy Soldiers
83 Matthew Twist Matthew Twist 525,246
Committed in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
84 Crimson Drifter Crimson DrifterAnyone need to boost Ryse? Would like to get a couple weekly sessions going. Let me know! 516,159
Favorite in Sunset Overdrive
85 loco alien 505 loco alien 50542/65 Onyx Medals (Seriously 3.0) 514,858
Moving on up! in Gears of War 4
86 Irondan316 Irondan316I've finally found an XBOX Games with Gold title that I hate more than Dark Dream Don't Die. Burn in Hell, PROJECT Cars!!!!!!!!!! 513,450
Omaha Steaks®, Delicious! in Splosion Man
87 xLsWx xLsWxfor health reasons/community reasons/achievement reasons I am putting the xbox away could be a few days, could be a few months who knows. 509,663
Monarch Platinum in Bejeweled Live + (WP)
88 Mazter0fPuppetz Mazter0fPuppetz 506,190
Freefall in Batman: Arkham City
89 Eff GX Eff GXLFG Rocket League Certified Item Veteran Boost 497,855
25K Clicks in Hamster Universe (WP)
90 HD Addict HD Addict 496,292
Trophy Fisherman in Neverwinter
91 DEADPOOL289 DEADPOOL289There can be only one ! 496,178
Made It Big in Happy Dungeons
92 KARMAgoesHARD KARMAgoesHARDAnyone want to buy Duke Nukem(Xbox One)? $14 shipped paypal OBO... 495,286
Invaders Must Die! in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour
93 Maximus Rage Maximus Rage 495,098
Blistering Performance in Rock Band 4
94 SneakyStabbalot SneakyStabbalotwon 91 Achievements in 8 games, for a total of 4,463 TrueAchievement points (3,495 Gamerscore) despite The Division :) 484,772
We shall fight on the beaches in Sniper Elite 4
95 Cloud XTUK Cloud XTUK 484,120
Cupid in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
96 PeteOzzy PeteOzzy 479,722
Kraken in ABZÛ
97 x Mataeus x x Mataeus xTrueSteamAchievements Add me on Steam! Looking to trade cards. 479,371
Made In Tropico in Tropico 5 - Penultimate Edition
98 RichRichie1989 RichRichie1989THE UK has voted to come out of the EU HOORAY 479,257
They did their homework in FIFA 17
99 Fleshwrither FleshwritherInstant Indie Hits (10 games) for 20€ instead of 100€. Worth it? 478,469
IMBA in Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure
100 Pocrage PocrageBack to the RPG Grind 476,914
Things Got Personal in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard