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This leaderboard is monthly and based on Gamerscore.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' Gamerscore
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 FullMoonBeaver FullMoonBeaverAnyone else having achievements unlock late or not at all? One was seriously delayed in Control, and now one hasn't unlocked. 710,301 A bite for the Entity in Dead by Daylight
2 xaero xaeroshoutout to COVID for the extra time to get through my backlog 586,660 People Watcher in Yakuza 3 Remastered (Win 10)
3 Flame Architect Flame Architect 439,556 Vanguard in Halo 3
4 dubdeetwothree dubdeetwothree 349,355 Here Comes a New Challenger! in Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection
5 DoddyLama DoddyLama 348,345 An other in Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions
6 Chui Chui 332,110 Where we're going we don't need thrones in Moving Out (Win 10)
7 ClerkJester ClerkJester 291,426 Remember in Storm Boy
8 Elexeter Elexeter 281,170 Getting Started in Duck Life Adventure
9 Korean B B Q Korean B B Q 278,128 Bona fide bargain in River City Girls
10 Oh Johantos Oh Johantos 274,405 Seahorse in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
11 slayground slayground 252,202 Apex Recon in Apex Legends
12 The Gaspless The Gaspless 240,142 Kick, Shoot, Burn in The Evil Within 2
13 DramaticSAnTA DramaticSAnTAMarching On Together 234,000 Stuntmasta' in DIRT 5
14 TheNatolinator TheNatolinatorAchievement Hunter. 232,427 Challenge Completed in NBA 2K21
15 planchetflaw planchetflaw 231,612 Look Mom, I Can Fly in Wreckfest
16 FeudalHyper Guy FeudalHyper Guy 228,281 Seasoned Commander in Terminator Salvation
17 InfectedGenetic InfectedGenetic 198,945 Eagle's Dive in Assassin's Creed
18 Jondonkey tC Jondonkey tC 187,110 Survive the Wild in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
19 Peytovich Peytovich 176,163 The Price of Oil in Mafia II: Definitive Edition
20 nujays nujays 172,680 Little Tokyo in Cyberpunk 2077
21 Trujew TrujewI jew jew jews you! 166,139 Complete Prologue A in Lost Planet 2
22 MAST3R SHAKE04 MAST3R SHAKE04 165,675 Heads Will Roll in HITMAN 2
23 StrawHatLawliet StrawHatLawliet 163,307 The cake is a lie in Mad Games Tycoon
24 Gosilex GosilexInsieme per la vittoria! 163,195 Well Dressed in The Outer Worlds
25 PrincessBell88 PrincessBell88 151,090 Hack the World in Watch_Dogs 2
26 Scar04c Scar04c 141,441 Vault-Tec Architect in Fallout Shelter
27 AJoker XIII AJoker XIIIHA HA HA 138,745 Thief in NBA 2K21 (Xbox One)
28 KyleGamer24 KyleGamer24 123,110 Need more coffee! in Timberman VS
29 KwH Fatality Xx KwH Fatality XxBlack ops 1 zombies help? 103,540 It's all about control with you in Jurassic World Evolution
30 v Sim CO v Sim CO 63,314 First steps in Royal Tower Defense
31 Deadlyyero Deadlyyero 26,590 Supreme Orchid in Killer Instinct