Nontagteamer and Employed

A leaderboard for gamers that don't cheat, don't tagteam and are employed with a job.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 TexhnolyzedMech TexhnolyzedMechAll about money now fuck this shit.. 1,477,830
Herbalist in How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition
2 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 1,347,755
What Goes Up in Human Fall Flat
A New Day in Gotham in BATMAN – The Telltale Series
4 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN 1,105,520
Veteran in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition
5 RAILBAIT RAILBAITGot teamed up with some fucking pleb in GTASC who scored 15 Gamerscore in week 1. 1,004,055
Hunting For Gold in Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai
6 Zombified ZombifiedRogue-like = annoyingly painful, punch the developer in the face like. 959,793
Rabble Rouser in Gems of War
7 Sillva SillvaACA NEOGEO WORLD HEROES (Win 10) Achievements Achievements are now working, Merry Christmas <3 893,350
Georgia's Last City in The Walking Dead Collection - The Telltale Series
8 wbs wbsI have a 12 month gold card for a Brazil account to trade or sell. Gold is apparently region locked now. 832,719
First Taste of Victory in NBA Playgrounds
9 sjeemone sjeemone 745,517
Yeti Catcher in Overwatch: Origins Edition
10 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantom 739,314
Builder in Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360)
11 KY PRO 2008 KY PRO 2008anyways 608,077
No Buckets Allowed in NBA LIVE 18
12 RETROPANTY RETROPANTY2017 year of the bullet hell 568,452
You Challenge Me! in Tekken 7
13 Rusty Nail zh Rusty Nail zhGamers are soon able to exchange PS4 trophies for PS store credits! 567,128
Treasurer III in Battle Islands
14 LAFTA LAFTARound 72 on Der Eisensrache! 512,243
Survivor in Overwatch: Origins Edition
15 I3EAR iN MiND I3EAR iN MiNDRoad Rage & carmageddon coming both on consoles this year?!! This is my childhood all over again... update: both were shit :( 414,052
Ricky Recruit in Call of Duty: WWII
16 Great2baGator Great2baGator 411,208
On Parole in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)
17 JAYDOG 757 JAYDOG 757 388,044
Into the Night in Fortnite
18 REALFOX81 REALFOX81Anyone can try out to download windows phone games to a wp7.8 phone. does this still work?? 320,771
404: Xandar Not Found in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
19 GriZzly GRiP GriZzly GRiP 282,065
Iron Belly in Minecraft
20 Doboistvan Doboistvan 273,660
Saint Chamond Operator in Battlefield 1
21 Blighttown Hobo Blighttown HoboGuess who got a dragon tooth in dks2 yep this guy 266,269
No Going Back in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Speedreader in Gone Home: Console Edition
23 Gcash81001 Gcash81001I need to get some gaming in 235,488
Gone Spelunking in Tom Clancy's The Division
24 dudecrazy108 dudecrazy108Bloons TD5 is the best Tower Defense game made for Xbox One. 226,288
Third Time's the Charm in Watch_Dogs 2
25 I Dwight I I Dwight I 221,644
Fire Sale in Homefront
26 ANIM4L CHIN ANIM4L CHINHave you seen him? 174,802
Reading the Past in Rise of the Tomb Raider
27 Al Rajul Al RajulLooking for online matches of 'Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?'. 124,347
Home Sweet Home in Fallout Shelter
28 Storm Shadow l Storm Shadow l 109,612
Build bridges in FIFA 18
29 Sinistershadowz Sinistershadowz 35,376
Elder Knowledge in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Storm Shadow l FIFA 18 Build bridges Storm Shadow l won the Build bridges achievement in FIFA 18 for 21 points
FL trooper be Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Veteran FL trooper be won the Veteran achievement in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for 217 points
FL trooper be Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Team Player FL trooper be won the Team Player achievement in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for 50 points
Rusty Nail zh Battle Islands Treasurer III Rusty Nail zh won the Treasurer III achievement in Battle Islands for 314 points
ClockWrkPhantom Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360) Builder ClockWrkPhantom won the Builder achievement in Far Cry 4 (Xbox 360) for 47 points
ClockWrkPhantom Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) Army of One ClockWrkPhantom won the Army of One achievement in Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) for 42 points
MysticWeirdo Human Fall Flat What Goes Up MysticWeirdo won the What Goes Up achievement in Human Fall Flat for 22 points
ClockWrkPhantom Saints Row IV (AU) Saintified ClockWrkPhantom won the Saintified achievement in Saints Row IV (AU) for 18 points
ClockWrkPhantom Saints Row IV (AU) Zero Saints Thirty ClockWrkPhantom won the Zero Saints Thirty achievement in Saints Row IV (AU) for 10 points
I3EAR iN MiND Call of Duty: WWII Ricky Recruit I3EAR iN MiND won the Ricky Recruit achievement in Call of Duty: WWII for 53 points
RAILBAIT Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai Bonus Master RAILBAIT won the Bonus Master achievement in Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai for 30 points