Frostbite's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 smrnov smrnov 2,950,019
A Bleak Ending in The Escapists: The Walking Dead
2 Stallion83 Stallion83GIVEAWAY! Live now on Twitch streaming Fortnite and giving away a Fortnite Xbox One download code during the stream. 2,849,615
Countdown in Pressure Overdrive
3 Rand al Thor 19 Rand al Thor 19RiME Review is up: 2,028,919
Pop the Piñata in Pressure Overdrive
4 Stealth David Stealth David 1,456,303
Be my Guest in Monsters vs. Aliens
5 Matt DB87 Matt DB87 1,358,094
6 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4Ever700,000 gamerscore on the dot!!!!!!!!!! 1,333,330
Timed Traveller in Shred It!
7 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 1,295,476
Hero of the day in Adam's Venture: Origins
8 Totally Krispix Totally Krispix 1,252,280
Perfect Batter in Baseball Riot
9 DOA DOA 1,238,044
License to Quill in Yooka-Laylee
10 tjayars tjayars 1,228,965
Taking Independence in Fallout 4
11 MightyMango MightyMangoOk my Xbox collecting friends. Was F1 2013 an NTSC release in the states or was it Canadian? It looks like the PAL/EU release is out there 1,060,720
Senior sovereign in Imperia Online
12 Fshguy FshguyAlmost time for Achievement Fest... 1,032,465
The Collector in Save the Ninja Clan
13 K4rn4ge K4rn4gePSA: There are some EA Server Shutdowns this Fall - thanks to Shadow for the heads up: 1,009,100
Those Fumes in SMITE
14 Hotdogmcgee HotdogmcgeeBacklog Blowout Blog 3: More Mantis burn, 43/50 and ~20k away from buying the last two cars 997,295
Master mechanic in Mantis Burn Racing
15 xRogue 5x xRogue 5x 997,138
Ready for Ranked in SpeedRunners
16 Kaens Kaenswon 27 Achievements and 11 Challenges in 3 games, for a total of 630 Gamerscore. Not exactly a big month! 982,032
I'm a liar in Subject 13
17 Buckswana Buckswana 970,971
Garage space at a premium in Mantis Burn Racing
18 IrishWarrior022 IrishWarrior022 963,159
Play all game modes in Demon's Crystals
19 xX Gambit69 Xx xX Gambit69 XxPost Nolan Wonder Woman best DCU film 908,029
There and Back Again in Marvel Heroes Omega
20 LausDomini LausDomini 890,791
Enthusiast in Momonga Pinball Adventures
21 Streak Leader Streak LeaderAF 2017 stats: 255 achievements, 14,525 GS, 18 completions. 886,738
Faster Than Lights in Voodoo Vince: Remastered
22 SmokenRocket SmokenRocketMy 2017 Achievement Fest Stats: 17 GP, 387 achievements, 15,640 GS, 14 Completions...Yellow room tore it up!! 808,524
So Close! in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
23 Croaker111 Croaker111 785,922
Time Travel Will Tell in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
24 griffey95 griffey95Well, finally the day hit that typing gr into the address bar defaults to Gravity Tales and not TA. 747,557
I'm Not Scared Of The Boogeyman in Gems of War
25 MetallicaGhost MetallicaGhost 742,133
26 SnapDragon SnapDragonTA should have "Roguelike" and "Metroidvania" genres/tags. I'd love to see leaderboards based on those! 734,986
Madame Destiny in Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
27 NiteJokester NiteJokesterFun Times! 718,974
Pass Attack 300 in Canadian Football 2017
28 Wise Cognizant Wise CognizantNeed a teammate for GTASC 2016 709,962
Zombie Slaughter in Dead Rising 2
E1M1 in DOOM
30 Rare Bishop Rare BishopIf anybody has Nitro or Overdrive crates in Rocket League, let me know. Thank you 644,450
Completed Cohen's Masterpiece in BioShock
31 Illum1na Illum1nadone. it was a decent decade. to all friends: thanks for all those moments! 641,176
Hordemaster in Gems of War
32 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieFinished the Alphabet challenge, but screwed up the 'Jessie Plan'. Less than 30 minutes to go...wonder who will miss that deadline 637,421
Twin Birth Master in Viva Piñata: TIP
33 Detainee 1304 Detainee 1304 613,634
You're GOLD, Gold! in Just Dance® 2017
34 Koding KodingIs Forza Hub down? It won't open for me on XB1 or PC... 602,934
Fiesta Fun in Forza Horizon 2
35 smitts1 smitts1 554,939
Dream Twist in Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut
36 MrGompers MrGompers 552,963
Amberophobia in JUJU
37 CrustyDirtDemon CrustyDirtDemonOk guys sorry I havent been on for a minute, but my back surgery was a lilttle harsher than expected. 552,860
NCIS Agent in NCIS Game
38 Slim Pizza Boy Slim Pizza Boylets see if I can get back into shape with some achievementness 535,519
Super Fuel in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
39 J eVeRy DaY 514 J eVeRy DaY 514 529,394
Perilous Perfectionist in Joy Ride Turbo
40 EVlL ZOMBlE EVlL ZOMBlE 504,337
Can't Be Kept Down in Runbow
41 SITH RICK SITH RICKwon 122 Achievements in 16 games, for a total of 8,101 TrueAchievement points (5,348 Gamerscore). 500,163
Designer in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
42 Maximus Rage Maximus Rage 498,740
Beyond Death in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
43 toddycst toddycstOne day a week to play Xbox and xbl is down. 485,819
Librarian in Minecraft PE: iOS
44 Bozack BozackStill can't believe this is AF 6th year. So great to see so many great RL friends again. 475,851
Rescue the Survivors in Fortnite
45 Omfamna OmfamnaStill alive, still playing FFXIV. Hope everyone is awesome! 467,170
Philly in Touchdown Hero
46 Badson42 Badson42Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, I made it to level 48! 466,638
Can You Dig It in Runbow
47 MyFryHole MyFryHoleLevel 75/100 455,438
You have your moments in STAR WARS™ Battlefront™
48 B8TINGU B8TINGUGuess I'll bean dive the rest of the year...that should be fun! 453,415
Renaissance Age in Battle Ages
49 buckyfellini buckyfelliniLiving vicariously through myself. 443,609
Early Bird in Iron Crypticle
50 Deez Apples Deez ApplesWe're going on an adventure! 443,497
Seven Principles in Warframe
51 Frostbite FrostbiteNew Status Update.... 440,259
Animal Control in Fallout 4
52 Smallywood Smallywood 434,122
Blind Spot in The Way
53 CRU x360a CRU x360a4 words to a guys heart-- I love video games! 417,205
Daredevil in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered
54 LADY DEATH 13 LADY DEATH 13hope to get back to 95% someday? 411,427
Operation Meridian in Battle Islands: Commanders
55 UberToast UberToastFinally finished Wizard Goals on one Pinball table in The Pinball Arcade. Gorgar has been defeated. 408,232
Obtain 100 Stars in Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight
Top Drone in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands - Standard Edition
57 Tandar1 Tandar1Anyone want to do the Madden 2013 boosting before closure? 392,450
Devil on Your Shoulder in Tales from the Borderlands - Episode 1: Zer0 Sum
58 BlueHusker BlueHusker 387,042
Rescue the Survivors in Fortnite
59 SparkyMP SparkyMP27 days since I played a game. The streak will probably end today thanks to the new Wolfenstein. 368,982
All Your Game Are Belong to Us in Trials Fusion
60 DeadInside247 DeadInside247Had a blast at AF 2017! See y'all next year!! 365,604
Tetrad in Quatros Origins
61 A1337Haxor A1337Haxor 345,311
The Phantom Menace in LEGO Star Wars: TCS
62 ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L 336,341
Mirror... MIRROR! in LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham
63 Misha LinGhan Misha LinGhanZombies Zombies Zombies ! 334,949
Armed to the Teeth in Diablo III
64 pTartTX pTartTXSign up for my Birthday Bash Challenge! 328,903
Professor Campbell Would Be Proud... in Gems of War
65 Fatces Fatces 325,242
Unscathed in NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4
66 Wade Thompson Wade Thompsonred faction, need a booster for like 30 minutes 315,346
I Like That Wookiee... in LEGO® STAR WARS™: TFA
67 FragEmAndSmile FragEmAndSmileUpdated 1/11/2016 - Xbox 360 games for sale (all 3 regions) check TA blog 307,682
No Hands! in Monster Jam
68 ohjay08 ohjay08That's suppose to be TA. And Battleship WP is a piece of crap. 301,851
Dashing through the Rift in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition
69 ZeroDesolation ZeroDesolationif anyone is doing or wants to do the Minecraft ach just added, please hit me up tonight. 296,706
Great View From Up Here in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
70 McD76 McD76Selling a lot of my 360 games. PM for details. Dutch gamers only 287,453
What Is Dead Can Sometimes Die in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition
71 Cause CauseAnyone need to do the Enemy Front multiplayer? I just picked it up. 279,857
Appropriation in Age of Empires: Castle Siege
72 The Dren The DrenCan anyone help me with the play Roblox with 3 of your friends Achievement? 265,216
You Need a Mint in Minecraft
73 Streetrunner77 Streetrunner77 253,054
Finding the Macguffin in Scene It®
74 ThrR4nMyWolfpak ThrR4nMyWolfpak............................... 230,881
Trailblazer in ROBLOX
75 Fafhrdd FafhrddIn Borderlands the stupid Crimson Armory glitched on me. Now I can't get back in and finish my LAST mission. 229,880
Token of Affection in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
76 Mr Achievement Mr Achievement 219,161
Now That's a Knife! in Gears of War 4
77 James Vexed James Vexed 217,065
Through Mud and Blood in Battlefield™ 1
78 CKinAL CKinALCKinAL won 859 Achievements in 70 games, for a total of 24,264 TrueAchievement points (19,195 GamerScore). 209,278
Take it to Go in Microsoft Mahjong
79 Dog of Thunder Dog of Thunder$4,544 raised for Extra-Life. Team TA will obliterate the $5k goal. 203,874
Newbie in Despicable Me
80 G IS WAVY G IS WAVYcame out the cut looking like fredo and hit a lick on a hater #300 195,998
Chimp on the Barbie in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
81 Cormyre CormyreTrueSteamAchievements 195,503
Waiting on You in Halo 5: Guardians
82 bdg7884 bdg7884Trying to clean my card up and raise my completion %. It's been a struggle! Grinding through Gay Tony 100% and Borderlands DLC 189,846
Why not me in the Super Bowl in Madden NFL 16
83 xXIzaHovaXx xXIzaHovaXxLoving the summer... 177,845
Let's Cook! in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
84 Davey1979 Davey1979 164,018
Perfect Fight in Alien Hominid HD
85 SATAN 250 SATAN 250 161,033
One Mistress and No Master in Civilization Revolut'n
86 Amew Amew 144,269
Tourist in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
87 i am 4orty2wo i am 4orty2wo 137,176
Threat Assessment in DOOM
88 Cramine v2 Cramine v2 86,692
I Have a Gwent Problem in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
89 Bergieeee Bergieeee 84,366
Rising Star in FIFA 15
90 Mr Doug Wilson Mr Doug WilsonTA is awesome 71,635
Double Trouble in Army of TWO™: TDC
91 CJdevil6789123 CJdevil6789123 70,237
Bake Bread in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
92 JunkyardDoug JunkyardDougHey Ubisoft Montreal...When we gonna finally see a follow up for prince of persia (not the forgotten sands)?? 63,129
All You Need Is Doug in A World of Keflings
93 Skywalker123080 Skywalker123080 40,890
Inaugural Season in The Golf Club 2™
94 JunkyardDoug2 JunkyardDoug2 8,867
Revenge of the Sith in LEGO Star Wars: TCS
95 Audiofrost Audiofrost 3,219
First Time Trader in BattleBlock Theater
96 xXPuitXx xXPuitXxDone with Black Ops 342
ZFF's 4 Evr in Plants vs. Zombies