zigs00's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Beanpotter Beanpotter'I'm dressed as a harp.' 'A little small aren't you?' 'Are you calling me a lyre?' 767,937
The Usurpation of Fire in DARK SOULS™ III
2 misfit119 misfit119Some games are running so fast on the X it's not even funny. Even Lies of Astaroth. 756,551
Ferdinand Magellan in 7 Days to Die
3 II The Beard II II The Beard IIThe website? http://www.0hitpoints.com/ 671,053
Outbound Flight in STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II
4 Matrarch MatrarchKudos to those who came up with the Alphabet Challenge! Excited for it to get started! 651,394
Loaded! in Just Dance® 2017
5 Van Uden Van UdenBah! Scanners aren't working properly cry 650,923
Too Much Is Not Enough in Dungeon of the Endless
6 Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyNo Weekly Recap. Working OT as per usual! Will try and prepare earlier next weekend. 516,031
Point of Impact in Batman™: Arkham Knight
7 DaveKinetic DaveKineticTo start Clicker Heroes or not? That is the question. 507,435
QB Crusher in Mutant Football League
8 Omfamna OmfamnaAnyone else getting Monster Hunter World? 471,627
First Blood in iO The Game
9 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9Just thought I'd let you all know that I ain't dead....yet. 467,747
Friends with Benefits in Gears of War 2
10 Bojan Bojan 421,303
The Festival in Assassin's Creed® Origins
11 Codsternation CodsternationIt's a strange world. Let's keep it that way. 411,056
Hate this Thing in Agents of Mayhem
12 Clever Jake Clever Jake 409,213
Overkill in Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™
13 Edward Hyena Edward HyenaIt's just Forza, Fortnite, and Destiny every day now. 394,918
Centurion in Gems of War
14 The Chuck Chuck The Chuck ChuckWow I barely come on here anymore... Work and kids and real life sure kill the gaming... 390,678
Mother Catch in Stardew Valley
15 Mr J1m Mr J1mPool Nation FX patched again. Endurance achievements nightmare hard again!! 359,248
A Hero's Job Is Never Easy in LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2
16 Aeris Gainzbrah Aeris Gainzbrah 353,922
Overachieve much in Fallout Shelter
17 Mickey Burns Mickey BurnsThe Last Remnant: Fuck this fucking shit. BR = BS. 351,424
Unstoppable: Hall of Heroes in Too Human
18 drabik drabikMerry Christmas, from your favourite turtle. 327,056
Creator of Modernity in Doodle God™ Blitz
19 Chakaal Starr Chakaal StarrThought the new star wars was great! 320,443
Maxed Out in Forza Horizon 3
20 Badly Worn Toy Badly Worn ToySpawn of BWT is alive! 314,917
Oswald's New Groove in Disney Epic Mickey 2
21 System of a Dom System of a DomWell.... Spider-Man - Homecoming is awesome!! 306,073
Low Altitude in Microsoft Solitaire Collection
22 Tasty Pastry Tasty PastryHey all! I need some help from some fellow gamers! I'm trying to finish up my dissertation and need some more responses to one of my surveys. 292,397
You've Got the Skills in Zoo Tycoon
23 TrueAchievement TrueAchievementOff to Ubisoft today, it's going to be an interesting time! 291,623
I Know My Land in Assassin's Creed® Origins
24 Mike Langlois Mike LangloisJust had an idea I suggested back in 2012 implemented apparently. 262,451
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in Assassin's Creed® Origins
25 Will072 Will072 255,879
Do It You Won't Do It in Guitar Hero Live
26 Kuranes Kuranes"One thing I've learned; if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all." 218,975
Treasure Hunter in Sword Coast Legends™
27 RoiNegreFromage RoiNegreFromage 215,157
Mission 214 in Rocksmith 2014
28 DavieMarshall DavieMarshallFar Cry 3 is a bore. Discuss. Reasoning - Gorgeous environment. Generic gameplay mechanics. 208,322
Kifflom! in Grand Theft Auto V
29 zigs00 zigs00 199,797
Kitchen Nightmares in Overcooked
30 Dimitri DimitriFINALLY (almost) back to normal! 194,550
Earth To Earth in Injustice™ 2
31 SebastianSB SebastianSBContrast is super short, has terrible platforming, and is astonishingly glitchy. 188,351
Smooth Cooperators in Rock Band 4
32 ShinraAlpha ShinraAlphaAn Xbox One with Dragon Age Inquistion & Sunset Overdrive..? Tempting... 175,389
Long Road Ahead in Sword Coast Legends™
33 Aerodynamo AerodynamoNothing is permitted, everything is true. 154,415
A Complete Collection in Stardew Valley
34 MortyDice MortyDiceI'd love my subscription to work across systems! 151,374
Bring a Friend in Forza Horizon 3
35 ShinUkyo ShinUkyoAll the Transformers games are on sale for $10 a piece this week, and they will all be delisted following this. GET THEM. 146,506
36 jphil03 jphil03We Will Remember Them. 145,626
Bifrosty Reception in LEGO® Marvel
37 punkyliar punkyliar 135,403
Hydra in InnerSpace
38 Potato Handle Potato HandleWell, my 360 died, it was bought in April '07, so it just hit the 5-year mark; can anyone top that? :P 133,922
Filling Out Nicely in Rock Band 4
39 Eddie Ruckus Eddie RuckusSpending a lot of time casting games, WTH happened? 132,586
You are the Longshot in Madden NFL 18
40 Hoffman HoffmanThe Division 1.3 update has been downloading for 2.5 hours. Uggggggg 125,019
Top Gun in World of Tanks
41 KamhiX96 KamhiX96Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years 117,903
Landowner in Skyrim
42 AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 112,479
Throne's Eye View in Rock Band 4
43 SDaggers SDaggers 94,213
End Game in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
44 Lozzy Denton Lozzy DentonIncredibly proud to call myself a British cyclist today 90,188
Red Dawn in Red Faction: Guerrilla
45 DanAmrich DanAmrichThe journalistic fly on Activision's wall - oneofswords.com 87,043
Simply Walked Into... Metropolis in LEGO® Dimensions™
46 Strangemiester Strangemiester- Rise of Shitemares is total wank, just incase anyone was thinking of playing it. 71,127
Fibbage 2: True Lies in The Jackbox Party Pack 2
47 Horizons II Horizons II 66,434
The Legend Begins in Happy Wars
48 hankford hankford 65,319
Elite Collector in Forza Motorsport 7
49 Cra1gm0nkey Cra1gm0nkeyJust bought Kane and Lynch for £3.. looked at the achievement list. Don't know whether to bother now. :/ 53,107
The Downward Spiral in Red Dead Redemption
50 ACBlender ACBlender:O 38,837
Going For Gold in Madden NFL 18
51 Chromium Stars Chromium StarsSANS has the 2017 Holiday Hack Challenge up. Wheeeeeee! 36,242
Rain City in Touchdown Hero
52 gVee gVee 26,711
Threat Detected in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare
53 ReporterJoe ReporterJoe 24,986
Both Barrels in Perfect Dark