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1 RedmptionDenied RedmptionDeniedhttps://twitter.com/Xbox/status/1325989117000179712?s=19 3,220,345 View history chart
2 smrnov smrnov 3,140,334
3 Casino83 Casino83Power your Dreams 2,989,725
4 jimmyhova jimmyhova 2,975,972
5 Pigimus Prime Pigimus PrimeHall of Fame 2x winner 2,897,690
6 SiegfriedX SiegfriedX2500 games completed! 🥳🥳🥳 2,774,680
7 Spawnycher Spawnychertop 1 FR top 6 world 2,738,233
8 Sangriaz SangriazI was interviewed on episode 128 of Achievement Hunting podcast: https://ah101.podbean.com/e/level-128-goal-tending/ 2,700,970
9 True Marvellous True MarvellousHate broken achievements come join the Achievement Fixers https://discord.gg/4mCWwcb7WX 2,660,193 View history chart
10 red tanuki red tanuki 2,592,335
11 Riffai Riffai 2,498,310 View history chart
12 Dwaggienite DwaggieniteAchievement Fixers! https://discord.gg/4mCWwcb7WX We make the unobtainable, obtainable! 2,456,260 View history chart
13 LUDO97410 LUDO97410........... 2,442,380
14 ChaosSlayerX187 ChaosSlayerX187 2,415,815
15 Sir Draven Sir Draven¡Primer mexicano en llegar al 1,000,000G! Un tipo común y corriente. Más corriente que común. 2,405,135 View history chart
16 lucas1987 lucas1987Alright, done spamming. Time to work on my goals for WP. Going down May 16th in case you need to complete any games before then. 2,402,514 View history chart
17 gomuhimo RSC gomuhimo RSCEnjoy & Exciting 2,395,880
18 rafaelgrn rafaelgrnX1 com Totoro - https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=0zSxVZBlFpg 2,394,131 View history chart
19 mechanic arms mechanic armsI Love Minor Games! 2,392,922 View history chart
20 Five1oh Five1oh"Eat.Sleep.Work.Game.Repeat." 2,338,825 View history chart
21 otakon62 otakon62Xbox-world.fr| Achievements hunter | 2.210.000G | French Xbox Hall of Famer | Follow me on twitter @otakon62 | 2,313,944 View history chart
22 Stallion83 Stallion83Streaming Sniper Elite 5 which just came out on Xbox Game Pass. Live now | http://www.Twitch.tv/Stallion83 2,271,279
23 Dallasthedude Dallasthedude 2,253,756 View history chart
24 UnawareBoss UnawareBoss 2,244,834 View history chart
25 Tendoman77 Tendoman77Finally, all of the annoying Halo Infinite cheevos are done and over with, only the battle pass left to do. 2,238,011
26 Totally Krispix Totally Krispix 2,231,370 View history chart
27 Corrupt XBA Corrupt XBALooking for a co-op partner to bean dive Hell Warders 2,226,290 View history chart
28 CLARION 85 CLARION 85https://twitter.com/CLARION_85/status/1512409093033582596 2,154,970
29 BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiEasy Achievement Games On Sale This Week: https://youtu.be/8Y0552NlwT8 2,126,020 View history chart
30 GD BerserkerTTD GD BerserkerTTDGamerscore Desperados 2,116,725 View history chart
31 The Dauntless The DauntlessRETIRED: Officially retired from achievement hunting! 2,110,065
32 xXxBANE83xXx xXxBANE83xXxErfolge schalten sich mal wieder nicht frei! M$ hat es seit 2013 nicht geschafft dieses Problem zu lösen 2,105,270
33 Oriole2682 Oriole2682 2,095,277 View history chart
34 NutriWhip NutriWhip#1 in PA 2,094,683 View history chart
35 Ow Nitram Ow Nitram 2,092,400
36 Celtic Force Celtic Force 2,066,715
37 NastyMastaDaddy NastyMastaDaddyGiveaway for Doodle Devil: 3volution https://gleam.io/DQanh/doodle-devil-3volution-xbox-one-code-... 2,063,720 View history chart
38 Clarissalover ClarissaloverNew Achievements for A Fold Apart—complete the two bonus chapters. 2,059,790 View history chart
39 Neomaster NeomasterFirst person in New Zealand and Australia to reach 2 Million Gamerscore! 2,057,035 View history chart
40 Stealth David Stealth DavidMazter0fPuppetz would like to giveaway his 4 free codes he's entitled to for 4 years subscribed to my channel www.Twitch.tv/StealthDavid 2,049,451 View history chart
41 Nate1528 Nate1528 2,032,732 View history chart
42 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehAnother two games finished before they leave game pass 😃 2,010,780 View history chart
43 AbleHenry AbleHenry 2,008,205 View history chart
44 Streak Leader Streak LeaderJust hit 2,000,000 GS. Time to play some stuff I want to play. Save the crap games (or try to) for AF 2022! 2,007,480 View history chart
45 Conor x420a Conor x420a 2,006,040 View history chart
46 Minioger MiniogerHad my gamertag 14ish years. Finally there are commas in the gamerscore on my dashboard. 🤣 1,998,985 View history chart
47 rayyy Imao rayyy ImaoFrameRateMerch.com | Twitch.tv/Ray 1,983,720
48 BuoyantMite7 BuoyantMite7 1,981,410 View history chart
49 The Gauna The Gauna 1,976,555
50 Jeremy Jay One Jeremy Jay OneLess than 30k to go! 1,973,760 View history chart