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These leaderboards have advanced customization and tracking features.
You can view these scores by Game Genre(s), Game Platform, Gamer Region and Gamer Country, as well as setting up TA Bots to track your position on them
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Achievement StreaksAchievement Streaks Shows the top 100 achievement streaks earned by gamers on TA
Gamer by Rare Achievements WonGamer by Rare Achievements Won Shows gamers by the number of Rare Achievements they have (Rare is defined by Xbox)
Gamer by PostsGamer by Posts Shows every gamer that we are tracking, in order of their Forum Post Count
Gamer by SolutionsGamer by Solutions Shows every gamer that we are tracking, in order of the number of solutions they have posted
Gamer by Blog FollowersGamer by Blog Followers Shows the top 100 followed gamer blogs
Game by TrueAchievementsGame by TrueAchievements Shows every game that we are tracking, in order of their TrueAchievement score
Game by TrueAchievement RatioGame by TrueAchievement Ratio Shows every game that we are tracking, in order of their TrueAchievement Ratio

User created leaderboards

User Leaderboard Created by Access Gamers %ile
xbox360achievements.org The Yiddler Public 4,487 0
1000+ Achievements Blackflame0729 Public 3,806 0
30+ Gamers Public 2,540 0
<> GAMERS STILL ON THEIR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT <> UpcountryTripod Public 2,387 0
UK Gamers Original Timmy Public 2,121 0
Over 18 and Under 30 DonkeyTheBard Public 2,100 0
xb0x m1l Gr4u xDzin Request 1,481 0
U.S Gamers Rare Bishop Public 1,374 0
30000+ trueachievement score Maelstorm95 Public 1,372 0
True Completion Percentage o DEEVIUS o Request 1,334 0
RPG Addicts! NightStalkar Public 1,131 0
360voice.com PHUTURE 909 Public 1,091 0
True TA Ratio o DEEVIUS o Request 1,052 0
Multiplayer Achievement Haters Mr Fiddler Public 879 0
FR Gamers Public 743 0
Discounting Unobtainable Achievements On TA invuln3r4bl3 Public 725 0
Gears 4 - Horde/Versus Weapon Skin Achievements Slain Incarnate Public 705 0
I PLAY My Own Games ! Misha LinGhan Public 659 0
Achievement whores silencer018 Public 623 0
Achievement Hounds Podcast AHP Elite Dawg Public 614 0
Gamers who haven't played Avatar:TBE Flopadopasaurus Public 604 0
Rooster Teeth Fans SeraphimNeeded Public 594 0
Over 30 and under 75 bye bye xboxone Public 582 0
Published Walkthrough Writers MC0REBE Request 563 0
TRUE TITLES o DEEVIUS o Public 542 0
Request of "my game collection" on TA Musquito Public 530 0
GTASC 2014 planting42 Public 517 0
100,000+ Gamerscore. The Mascal Public 497 0
Achievements Completion %age xEndriux Public 479 0
The Road to Sybarite Rey27 Public 456 0
TrueAchievement Ratio ComesBrothers Public 450 0
Join if you're sick of EA turning off servers DarthGoose13 Public 442 0
Girl Gamers Missis Beki Public 433 0
Ghostbusters - Give us our Patch!! UK360 COMMANDO Public 429 0
Cheaters should be banned from TA! Stealth David Public 429 0
FPS Lovers! NightStalkar Public 414 0
id Software Death Cadaveric Public 410 0
3,000+ Achievements. ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L Public 409 0
Gamers with a Windows Phone Mercenary Girl Public 394 0
Gamers With Kinect GRWR Public 383 0
Magic The Gathering Tournaments MattiasAnderson Public 382 0
Cheap Ass Gamers (CAGs) DRUNKZ 27 Request 381 0
Backlog Junkie Templar Punk Public 374 0
GTASC 2015 planting42 Public 362 0
succes360.com FMR Public 360 0
Achievement Hounds Podcast Marathon moroniccow Public 354 0
The Great British Ach. Leaderboard LUFC WEAVE 87 Public 350 0
Xonebros XoneBros Public 348 0