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1 punkyliar punkyliarTwo broken achievements in Shift Quantum. Likely going to need a new save file roll 30,701
2 WebChimp UK WebChimp UKTwelve 5GS achievements sorted 28,522
3 Spilner Spilner 23,375
4 TrueAchievement TrueAchievementFinally made My Threads much faster smile 20,457
5 Beanpotter Beanpotterdive Finished! 930 cheese mints for recovery. 19,850
6 dropK1CK ninJA dropK1CK ninJARabble-rousers! 19,309
7 drabik drabikMerry Christmas, from your favourite turtle. 18,077
8 Epsilon Theta Epsilon ThetaCompleted Sword Coast Legends on Hard. No achievement, save gone... 17,841
9 Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyFor f**k sake. Let the TGN team down right here - 14,441
10 ChewieOnIce ChewieOnIceUrg, three achievements failed to unlock last night through BC - only showing on the game and console - hoping they sync! 13,288
11 Allgorhythm Allgorhythm“Waiting is a skill like anything else.” Jack Reacher 12,777
12 alklein92201 alklein92201 12,533
13 matdan matdanTo those saying Defiance 2 wasn't happening, you were dead wrong. 11,840
14 Clever Jake Clever JakeSo semi final time is upon us, maybe this time it will be different! Feeling sick already laugh 11,716
15 Matrarch MatrarchKudos to those who came up with the Alphabet Challenge! Excited for it to get started! 11,651
16 xPut Name Herex xPut Name HerexAfter five years, I've decided to put the hammer down and leave the Moderator Team. It's been a plea 11,647
17 LuckyConquerer2 LuckyConquerer2Forza Horizon 2 joins FH and FM5 in being GWG deleted from my Game Collection before starting. 11,559
18 Twinkling82 Twinkling82So apparently I only have mp and kills with weapons left for Snoopy Flying Aces. Guys, help me out here. 1v1, easy boosted. 11,301
20 Eurydace Eurydace 10,501
21 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieHappy Pi day!!! 9,980
22 zigs00 zigs00 9,102
23 planting42 planting42#GTASC Solo Bonus - Deja Vu: End the scoring period with the same GS and Achievement totals as the previous period. 9,074
24 Musquito MusquitoCompletion #2018-011: Late Shift (Xbox One) 9,050
25 Will072 Will072 8,701
26 o DEEVIUS o o DEEVIUS oYou're forgetting space corps directive 795289 8,443
27 osubluejacket osubluejacketQuick Question - I have a $30 Best Buy gift card to use. Should I get ESO: Tamriel Unlimited or buy 8,323
28 DaveKinetic DaveKinetic2018/19 TA Fantasy football (soccer) league: EPL Fantasy Football 2018/19 8,071
29 LV 1 Blue Slime LV 1 Blue SlimeSo few RPGs released on the 360, so many released on the One. 8,025
30 Hoffman HoffmanMonster Hunter World is a surprisingly fun grind-fest. 7,934
31 SebastianSB SebastianSB 7,798
32 Mystic Typh00n Mystic Typh00nSummer is a garbage season. 7,710
33 AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 7,659
34 Tasty Pastry Tasty PastryHey all! I need some help from some fellow gamers! I'm trying to finish up my dissertation and need 7,610
35 dudecrazy108 dudecrazy108Bloons TD5 is the best Tower Defense game made for Xbox One. 7,432
36 W1LLYMAN W1LLYMANFFS... I didn't notice you had to push a button to start day 12... all of my gaming today didn't cou 7,342
37 Reborn Insanity Reborn InsanityI need to start some massive games to meet the minimum requirements for UHH 7,339
38 Aeris Gainzbrah Aeris Gainzbrah 7,336
39 System of a Dom System of a DomWell.... Spider-Man - Homecoming is awesome!! 7,154
40 Sashamorning Sashamorning777,777. Appropriate that it was Tekken 7. smile 7,151
41 Claptrap NL Claptrap NLIs the premium pass worth it on Battlefield 4? 7,053
42 Yazite YaziteSo glad I waited patiently for Crash on XB1 rather than buy a PS4 7,024
43 KBop a doo KBop a doo 6,851
44 Legohead 1977 Legohead 197784 down, 102 to go. (643 achievements) 81% Recovered (Added Asemblance and Tetra's Escape) 6,768
45 zzUrbanSpaceman zzUrbanSpacemanEpisode 2 of my new podcast Real Gamerscore was just published, check it out! 6,621
46 Senior Chupon Senior ChuponI know I'm late to the party and still early in the game, but damn Batman Enemy Within seems like it's better than the 1st season. 6,396
47 Beachem BeachemBeen gone for so long. Finally getting back into gaming. Picked up Gears 4. Looking for people to pl 6,321
48 TrapMuzik99 TrapMuzik99 6,309
49 Kennyannydenny KennyannydennyTrying to complete the rest of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Achievements, this is going to be a long haul.. 6,299
50 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9Just thought I'd let you all know that I ain't dead....yet. 6,275
51 Sanada Sanada6v6 Doomfist Elimination on Overwatch. Fighter confirmed? 6,254
52 JamP0und32 JamP0und32 6,031
53 LitaOsiris LitaOsiris 5,899
54 misfit119 misfit119 5,891
55 Wyyvern WyyvernOnrush is a great example against 'online only', I've lost 20 mins of single-player progress twice today because of a 'loss of connection to servers' 5,674
56 blkalleykat blkalleykat 5,624
57 Graymouse 1 Graymouse 1 5,589
58 DrSchlepenstein DrSchlepenstein 5,582
59 Ashen Seraph Ashen SeraphWhy am I min-maxing my character for FFXV Comrades? I could have beaten all this content a couple days ago, but I can't stop. 5,513
60 Eskobar M92 Eskobar M92Halo 4 > Fortnite 5,503
61 Lozzy Denton Lozzy DentonIncredibly proud to call myself a British cyclist today 5,494
62 BulletLukey BulletLukey 5,372
63 Elyoh Elyoh 5,340
64 CounterInsurgnt CounterInsurgntGive me your support, if you want ;) Achievement Discussion 5,330
65 Dimmock DimmockOh bugger me, saints row is backwards compatible now. Good a reason as any to play through it again :D 5,316
66 litepink litepinkBack in the 90s, I was in a very famous TV show 5,281
67 HolyHalfDead HolyHalfDeadI am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. 5,173
68 LAFTA LAFTARound 72 on Der Eisensrache! 5,057
69 XBL Prophet XBL ProphetNew GT is SchizoPsycho74 5,000
70 Shadow Kisuragi Shadow KisuragiSince everyone's asking/posting... there's a global issue with achievement syncing right now. Have seen tons of threads on the issue. 4,982
71 Nomstuff NomstuffPh'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn 4,902
72 ClownTastic ClownTasticDamn, Survival Mode for Banner Saga 2 is a bastard. 4,893
73 Patsreds Patsreds 4,892
74 The Globalizer The Globalizer 4,879
75 Zonrith1 Zonrith1Mad Max isn't a terrible game... but it isn't great, either. 4,680
76 JMJimmy JMJimmyNo achievements earned, 2xMilestones ;) 4,560
78 Dog of Thunder Dog of Thunder 4,497
79 DavieMarshall DavieMarshallFar Cry 3 is a bore. Discuss. Reasoning - Gorgeous environment. Generic gameplay mechanics. 4,484
80 Das Kuhnen Das KuhnenBlind campaign run of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard all week! Stop on by: ht 4,461
81 MC0REBE MC0REBEIn an hour, I'll be renting a server on BF4 Final Stand DLC to start the 10 hours idling. If you want to join, join the Xbox One party I'm in! wave 4,458
82 Living Legends Living LegendsWant motivation to play games? Wait for server closures like me headspin 4,301
83 ChinDocta ChinDoctaWith the UHH coming I regret buying a webcam for my streams, now you'll have to watch me falling asleep on stream. 4,186
84 NawtyCawty NawtyCawtyBean dive complete! Couldn’t be bothered to start the rest. Only 1,180 achievements to get back now! 4,185
85 Mikhail Krauser Mikhail KrauserTop 10 in Canada for Survival Horror. 4,124
86 L33tSpriggs L33tSpriggs 4,098
87 Aerodynamo AerodynamoNothing is permitted, everything is true. 3,996
88 kbgray27 kbgray27 3,924
89 MugenKairo MugenKairoWho is doing the Bean Dive this year? Got 8 games lined up and pretty excited! 3,911
90 Ergo Me Smart Ergo Me Smart 3,894
91 acedawg4 acedawg4Why is cheaper to buy payday DLC individually than in bundle? 3,885
92 Mickey Burns Mickey BurnsThe Last Remnant: Fuck this fucking shit. BR = BS. 3,859
93 Exalted Entity Exalted Entity 3,806
94 albajos albajosIt's not a bug, it's a feature. 3,681
95 Negative ZZ Negative ZZMy fists only playthrough of Skyrim got me to 50k! 3,672
96 The Monk BAD IT The Monk BAD IT 3,666
97 Crimson Drifter Crimson DrifterWell, PUBG is on sale. Maybe its time to find out what its all about 3,612
98 MortyDice MortyDiceI'd love my subscription to work across systems! 3,609
99 Badly Worn Toy Badly Worn ToySpawn of BWT is alive! 3,590
100 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyAfter many many years and missed opportunities, it is finally complete!! 3,547