Greed Corp - Trailer & Community Site Launch

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Independent Dutch developer W!Games today launched their new community website and revealed the new trailer for their upcoming XBLA title Greed Corp. The game is a turn-based strategy (think equal parts Carcassonne, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution and Command & Conquer), and boasts both a 10+ hour single-player campaign and two-, three- and four-player wholly customisable online matches across over 35 unlockable maps. The game uses a unique and innovative land collapsing mechanic, as the four factions battle intensely while harvesting the land surrounding them and build armies to defeat opponents.

The trailer -
- is an undeniably gorgeous, hand-painted wonder, outlining the history of the game's fictional setting of Mistbound and the destructive nature of greed and industry. Honestly, the trailer is stunning, give it a watch.

The newest and richest universe in gaming is ready to start revealing some of its secrets as W!Games are set to open the borders to the Mistbound universe. The fascinating backdrop to its forthcoming innovative strategy game Greed Corp, the world is introduced with a two minute trailer exploring the history of Mistbound, along with the launch of the community website.

The Mistbound community website will contain continuously updated information on this beautifully realized gaming landscape including the games situated within it, beginning with the aforementioned Greed Corp. There will be weekly blogs giving a behind-the-scenes look in to the daily life of the studio and the ongoing development of the various games as well as blogs written by the inhabitants of the Mistbound world. Get pumpkin growing advice from veteran Freemen walker pilot Max Brawley, the latest strategic tips on how to beat your friends in Greed Corp straight from the lips of an Empire General, and a travel blog describing the locations and adventures of legendary Pirate leader Evander.

Mistbound: A beautiful world, divided by greed...
Mistbound is the name of the original IP developed by W!Games. This rich fictional world was created as a platform for the studio's multi-format downloadable games and other media. Greed Corp is the first in a series of games situated in this universe. Inspired by the industrial revolutions of the 19th century and its subsequent destructive effects on the environment, Mistbound tells stories of a beautiful world once rich in resources and now on the brink of collapse. Automated industry has brought great material wealth, but relentless harvesting and mining has forever altered the world and its inhabitants. The last unspoiled lands are at stake in new conflicts between four factions, while the stripped and barren earth around them slowly succumbs to a thick mist that creeps ever closer...
W!Games also announced that if you register on their community website, you're in with a chance of winning one of five free copies of the game come launch day, as well as the chance to play with the developers themselves. Hop on over to to sign up for your chance to win a copy.

The game is currently scheduled for release in "Early 2010," but as with most XBLA games we probably won't know until a week or two before it drops onto the marketplace.

To see the previous teaser and gameplay trailers, check W!Games' official YouTube channel: For screenshots, the developer diary and to join the Mistbound community, check the official site: