Castle Crashers Tournament Announced

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
To celebrate the upcoming 3 million leaderboard milestone for the XBLA hit, the guys at The Behemoth have decided to bring back the Tournament of Champions to determine who is the best Arena fighter of the world. Don't miss your chance to join as the first prize of the 2012 Tournament of Champions includes a Golden Xbox 360!

cct 1

Here is a screenshot of the swag you will receive if you come in 1st. A kiss from a princess is not included.

cct 2

First place will be getting a golden Xbox 360, an army of twenty-five squeezy chickens, one chonku-chonku mini-figurine in the Castle Crashers color of your choice, all nine Castle Crashers mobile phone charms, a warm beanie hat, Behemoth tee and the very new, ultra-cool Necromancer figurine! The Necromancer figurine will be signed by the development crew at The Behemoth.
There are more prizes to win, for those warriors that will brave the dangers of the Arena. Below you can find the complete list.

2nd place will also have their very own signed Necromancer figurine, the stylish Behemoth t-shirt, knit beanie hat, one Castle Crashers mobile phone charm of their choice, one chonku-chonku mini-figurines in the Castle Crashers color of their choice and fifteen squeezy chickens for those fifteen days of much needed stress relief.

3rd place will own a set of four Castle Crashers chonku-chonku mini figurines (includes red, blue, green and orange), ten squeezy chickens, a Behemoth t-shirt, knit beanie hat and one Castle Crashers mobile phone charm of their choice.

Everyone in the top 50 of the tournament will win a prize, and the top 24 of the tournament will get a special bonus as well.

To be eligible for the tournament you have to be in the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players on the Castle Crashers leaderboards by noon (PST) on August 17th. The top 100 will compete in 1 on 1 Arena matches, in a single elimination tournament format on Saturday August 25th until only one is left standing! You can read the full rules on this page.

If you have not tried out Castle Crashers, but you would like to take part in the tournament you can download it here.