Heavy Gear Coming To Consoles

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Dream Pod 9, the company behind the Heavy Gear franchise that spans RPGs (including a new d20 system), miniatures, card games and hobby supplies announced today that they would be adding modern consoles to their stable with a new Heavy Gear videogame. The world of Heavy Gear takes place in the year 6132 on the planet Terra Nova, cut off from the rest of humanity after the collapse of the Human Concordat. This has led to the rise of powerful city-states on Terra Nova which vie for land, resources and domiance using advanced walker suits called "Gears". Crewed by a brave soldier, or perhaps a small unit of them based off of the size of the Gear, these suits have a wide variety of design and purpose.

Dream Pod 9 has hired Stompy Bot Productions to handle the development of Heavy Gear. While Dream Pod 9 gave no details as to if this game will be retail or arcade, Stompy Bot Productions specializes in digital games, making it likely that Heavy Gear will be a XBLA title.

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When more information on the title becomes available, we will be sure to let you know.