Feed On This New Dead Space 3 Artwork

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
When Isaac Clarke crash lands on the frozen planet, Tau Volantis, he'll be faced with some familiar foes, but he'll also meet some new ones that are ready to tear his limbs in half the same way Isaac has been doing for a few years now. Some of you are surely familiar with this new breed of necromorph, called the "feeder", as it's been spotted in previews around the web.

Today, Visceral Games released some concept art to formally introduce the feeder, which is created when the desperate human survivors take to eating necromorph flesh to survive.

feeder 4

feeder 3

feeder 2

Feeders are blind, but they make up for their loss of sight with acute senses of smell and hearing. Some lighting can also attract them despite their nearly complete lack of vision. When startled, they'll attack in swiftly moving hordes and they unhinge their jaws to swallow their victims' (in this case, Isaac and John's) heads whole.

You can avoid interacting with them by drawing them away with noise, or just remaining quiet. Set them off, though, and you'll be making things difficult for yourself. This sounds like an interesting mechanic for the new co-op mode, as pairs of survivors will need to trust each other in the dark, cold corridors, and quickly forgive each other when things go awry.

feeder 1

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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