Project Needlemouse Will Only Star Sonic

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
I kid. I kid. I am rejoicing. Dancing down the isles.

The next Sonic game is not only a 2D affair (I’m hoping they’ll revise that and go with 2.5D like Shadow Complex), but it will only contain our favorite blue speedster. Sonic will not share the limelight with any of his previous cohorts. Sega made that official announcement today in their American blog.

Today, we are about to break the trend that has continued on for many years. To the thousands of you out there asking for a game where Sonic is the only playable character – rejoice. As of today, your wish has been granted.

In Project Needlemouse, there will be no new characters – playable or otherwise. The focus will remain solely on one blue hedgehog.
This is amazing news. I am one of those that believe Sonic, in order to return to his former glory, needs to go “retro” like what Mega Man has recently undergone with Mega Man 9.

It appears Sega has finally gotten on the right path towards a successful title.