Iron Brigade Coming to GFWL

By Chewie, 6 years ago
A couple of weeks ago, those of you who are subscribed to our (frankly awesome) weekly newsletter may have noticed something a little strange: under the 'New Achievement Lists' section, a game was listed that has actually been out since back in 2011. That game was No, it wasn't a funky bit of coding. Nor was it a gremlin, deliberately trying to mess up our newsletter loveliness. It was, in fact, due to our scanners picking up a brand new listing, also entitled Iron Brigade. Needless to say, it was confounding.

Developers Double Fine have now shed some light on our confusion and confirmed that is coming soon through Steam, with all the achievement goodness that GFWL brings. The game will also include the 'Rise of the Martian Bear' DLC from the original game, for a total GS of 250.

To celebrate the launch and remind players of what the game looks like, Double Fine also released the following screens from the PC version.
07/08/2012 - Screen 1

07/08/2012 - Screen 2

07/08/2012 - Screen 3

07/08/2012 - Screen 4

If that news wasn't exciting enough for you, the original XBLA game has been permanently reduced to 800 MSP, most likely as part of the August Recently Reduced items. So now you really have no excuse not to grab the game on either your Xbox or PC or both.

Iron Brigade for PC is released through Steam on August 13. No pricing information has been released as yet.
Credit for this story goes to Teh Paralyzer
Written by Chewie
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