Blog Improvements

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
The blogging features of TA have become hugely popular, with almost 25,000 blogs having been written since we originally added them.

I thought it time we added a bit more functionality, so today a host of new code has gone live.

Blog Leaderboard
The Blog Leaderboard shows the top 100 gamers based on their number of followers. You'll also see their latest post linked here, and can also filter the list to include only your friends.

Blog Followers and Blogs Followed
When going to a blog page, you can now click on the number of followers to get a list of everyone following that gamer's blog. You can also easilly link from there to see the other blogs they are following. This should make navigation of the TA blogosphere considerably easier...

Other Blogs list
When reading a specific blog post, you'll now see a list of 10 other blogs they've written on the right hand side (the blogs immediately before and after the one you are reading), along with the number of comments they have. Again, this should make quick traversing of a blog much more straight forward.

Blog Comment Notifications
I've been asked many times to make it possible for you to be notified when someone comments on a blog you've already commented on. There is now a setting for this in the new Notifications section of My Settings - note: it defaults to No notification so if you want to receive these you'll need to turn them on.

...Bonus Solution and Review Comment Notifications
Not on the blog theme but equally as useful, is a new setting for notification when someone comments on a Solution or Review you've previously commented on. You can find this in the same notification section of My Settings


P.S. I will be at GamesCom next week so if any TAers are also there and would like to meet up for a beer/chat then please drop me a PM!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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