Xbox Windows Branding Hopes To Unify

By DavieMarshall,
Who would have believed that all these years on we'd be talking about Minesweeper on the front page? Well, the new Xbox Windows branding as reported by CVG ensures that is the case as Microsoft look to bring the achievement treatment and a unified brand to the classic games set to be bundled with Windows 8 at launch.

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Also known to be carrying the Xbox Windows brand at Windows 8 launch is Mahjong. The classic titles are rumoured to offer 50G a piece but it's not clear how this might expand to include new titles in the future. One would logically expect the Windows 8 styled App Store to offer downloadable games, but this is purely speculation at this point.

It's no secret that Microsoft is desperate to reboot many of their products and features under the Windows 8 banner, from Office 2013, SmartGlass and up to and including the next generation Xbox if rumours are to be believed.

Keep an eye out for more details on the Xbox Windows category as we learn more about it.
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