A Few New Features

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Hey good people of TA!

Trophy Case

Something I have often been asked is "Why can't we put completed games in our Trophy Case?". When I originally wrote the trophy case functionality, I hadn't considered this as a possibility, so the trophy case was heavilly tied to the achievement table which made this change very difficult.

Over the weekend I completely changed the way the trophy case works - which means you can now add those completed games in there!

You need to go the game page (or any page where the game header is displayed) and you'll find a new Add to Trophy Case button under the game pic if you have completed it, and if your trophy case isn't already full.

You can also now view other people's trophy case in full by clicking on the new View button in the top right of the panel on their home page.

New Threads

Another hotly requested feature was a\ way to view New Threads since your last visit. While I haven't quite nailed the since last visit part, you can now choose all new Threads or new Posts from any point in time from the new Forums->New Threads page.

Twitter Link

You can now keep up to date with all things TA by following the TA twitter feed on:


Game TA Ratios

Game TA Ratios are now viewable on My Games and Games List pages - you can also choose whether to show the game's full TA Ratio in the My Games list or your own TA Ratio for that game in My Settings

Solutions Guide

Our Content Team, now led by Van Uden, have put together a formal set of rules for writing solutions for the site, you can find a link to these guidelines in your Useful Links tab, and they are also linked from the achievement pages when adding a guide.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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