Facebook Integration

By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
It was way back in Jan '09 when we first added Twitter integration to the site, allowing you to auto-post Completed Games, Achievement Wins, Milestones etc direct to your Twitter feed from TA.

Well over 5,000 of you are now using TA to show off on the Twitter-sphere! And if you use twitter and haven't set it up yet, get over to the Twitter Settings page and set it up now!

Now, a mere 3 and a half years later (!), we bring you facebook integration!

You can get TA to auto-post any or all of the following events to your facebook timeline:

- Completed Games
- Milestones
- TA Status Changes
- New Blog Posts

Here's an example of what a completed game post looks like on facebook:

External image

(Apologies for the game used, I needed something I could complete quickly to test it laugh)

To set up your facebook integration there's a link on your Customize menu, or you can click here:

Facebook Settings

You'll go through the standard facebook app linking procedure.

If you have other ideas of things you'd like auto-posted to your facebook page then please post in this thread (I thought started games might also be a nice idea)...


P.S. If you don't use facebook or twitter, you really don't need to tell us how much you hate social networks in this thread smile
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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