Netflix Updated With An Option Just For Kids

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
If you use Netflix on your Xbox 360 then you may have noticed that sometime yesterday an update started rolling out to the platform with a new 'Just For Kids' feature. As you'd expect this allows you to optimise the app specially for kids so they're not faced with the option of firing up Saw II when you're out of the room.

The experience is described as "a special section on Netflix that makes it easier and more fun for kids and families to browse and instantly watch a large selection of kid-friendly TV shows and movies". Here's a quick video which explains more:

If you haven't seen this new option yet, when you next fire up Netflix you should be prompted to install a ~100MB update which will then provide you with the new options immediately after the update is applied. It's worth checking out, the ability to choose programmes based on a favourite characters is particularly cool.

External image

A little side note worth mentioning here is that you will have to move through the 'normal' or 'kids' selection screen a few times while Netflix learns your viewing habits. After a series of repeated 'normal' selections, you will no longer be prompted but will be able to return to the screen to choose a different viewing mode in the future if you wish.

Thanks to everyone in the community who sent this in!