Winners: July Monthly Sweepstakes

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Our previous monthly sweepstakes was notable in the voting process for one reason. There were so many great entries. Not just good entries, great entries.

After deliberating over what seemed like an impossible shortlist, here are our winners in descending order. Thanks to you all for sharing your stories with us, there were some really great reads. If you didn't skim through the entries, I suggest going back and having a read once you're done here!

First Place - 3 months of Xbox LIVE Gold - Fallen Primarch
My favorite memory from gaming is from Streets of Rage 2 on the Mega Drive. I was 7 at the time and me and my mum had been trying to beat the game for about 2 weeks always losing on the second to last level. One day she picks me up from school and she's dead excited. She'd spent most of the day, since dropping me off, playing and had managed to reach the last level. Instead of completing it she'd paused and waited until I got home so we could finish it together.
Second Place - 800 MSP - Daeryoon
My favorite memory of gaming is going head to head in Tetris against my brother and father because that was how we bonded when I was younger and it is a fond memory of my father. My brother usually won but it was glorious those few times I beat him. I think my dad just played to spend time with us.
Third Place - 1 year of TA Pro Subscription - Kaervak
My favorite gaming memory is getting my NES on Christmas morning. I was probably 7 or 8 years old and I can still remember that day (I'm 30 now) Tearing open that wrapping paper, jaw wide open in amazement at getting a Nintendo. I remember running into my parent's bedroom and waking them up at some ungodly early hour I was so excited. Super Mario Brothers & Duck Hunt, such a great day. That single day started so much fun in my life with video games.
Of all the threads I've had to trawl through to compose a shortlist, this was the best. Thanks!