Dead or Alive 5 Opening Declaration Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
When we last left Helena and her Doatec Corporation, the place was in shambles as the research lab was destroyed and Helena barely escaped with her life. Now it would seem that the Doatec Corporation has been rebuilt under Helena's leadership and the Dead or Alive tournament is being brought back as well. That's about all the plot one needs for Dead or Alive 5, but here's the opening declaration trailer so you can see for yourself why everyone is going to be kung-fu fighting.

I for one, am anxiously awaiting Dead or Alive 5 as I loved Thankfully the wait is almost over as we return to the 3D combat arena on September 25th in North America and September 28th in Europe. Remember, the Collector's Edition with the recently revealed premiuim swimsuit content will also be available in all regions for those interested.