Jet Set Radio Dated and Priced [UPDATE]

By litepink, 6 years ago
Update: Since the publication of this article, SEGA has released several screens. Check them out in the original story below!

Original Story
After the jubilation following its initial announcement, anticipation only grew with more and more news about the HD upgrade to coming to XBLA. Two overwhelming questions were, or course, “When?” and “How much?”.

We are pleased to tell you that SEGA has revealed a September 19th release date and that it will only run you 800 MSP. While many of you would have reluctantly paid anything to play the game once more (with achievements and gamerscore no less), this price point is sure to please most everyone.

You know what else is pleasing? Screens! Luckily, we have some to share with you:

Jet Set Radio 8

Jet Set Radio 7

Jet Set Radio 6

Jet Set Radio 5

Jet Set Radio 4

Jet Set Radio 3

Jet Set Radio 2

Jet Set Radio 1

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Credit for this story goes to HUstlinonradio