CryEngine 3 Tech Demo Trailer

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
When Crysis 2 was released it was safe to say that, graphically, it was an amazing experience. Crytek's brand new engine, CryEngine 3, will be used to render Crysis 3, and gamers will be able to appreciate the all new tesellation in real-time, which in short is the juxtaposition of shapes in a pattern, improved ocean and water rendering and dynamic volumetric lighting.

Crytek recently released a trailer that not only details all of the mechanics of the new engine, but also takes you on a tour of how it alters and intensifies the stunning landscapes you can expect in Crysis 3.

CryEngine 3 will make its debut, in all of its beauty, when Crysis 3 makes its way to store shelves sometime in the Spring of 2013. For all of our other Crysis 3 coverage make your way here.
Credit for this story goes to METAL MIN0TAUR