BioWare Hard At Work On Mass Effect 3

By WeisGuy9, 8 years ago
Even as the entire gaming world waits breathlessly for Mass Effect 2 to be released, BioWare wanted to be sure that we knew they weren't slacking off or resting on their laurels.

Casey Hudson, project manager at BioWare , told IGN "We are already at work on Mass Effect 3. Building the first bits of the story, putting that together."

Don't worry, however, about any shortage of DLC support for the upcoming Mass Effect 2. Hudson assures us we will be seeing an "intense" line-up of DLC shortly after the game's release. It appears that the driving force behind this push is to see the complete trilogy released "within the console's life span."

You won't hear any complaints from this gamer, but I think I'll wait to count my chickens after they've hatched.