Gamescom 2012: New Dead Space 3 Trailer [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Update: Yet another trailer has emerged out of Gamescom, this one showing off the brand new weapon-crafting capabilities.

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EA just finished their Gamescom Press Conference and revealed some new details about Visceral Games' upcoming One of the biggest announcements was that this third iteration of Isaac Clarke's crusade against the necromorphs will include customizable weapon crafting. You will now be able to collect pieces and parts to weapons and upgrade them with various features to help you dismember your enemies.

Also announced was the (inevitable) Dead Space 3 Limited Edition. Gamers who preorder the Limited Edition of the game will gain access to the first two "game bundles": “First Contact” and “Witness the Truth”. These bundles will each contain an advanced suit and a new weapon. These new weapons will act as initial blueprints for the "millions of permutations" that gamers will be able to create using the new weapon crafting system.

EA provided some further details on these first two bundles:

"First Contact” Bundle
· First Contact Suit: This unique EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) suit was built by the SCAF (Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces) for encounters with "foreign entities.” It sports a flamboyant golden finish to provide protection from long-term space exposure and thick armor for… unspecified reasons. The suit was given the nickname "First Contact" by the scientists who made it.

· Negotiator Weapon: While technically classified by the SCAF as a "scientific instrument,” the gold-plated "Negotiator" is loaded with some surprisingly aggressive hardware. The overclocked, top-mounted Tesla Beam is capable of bursting a man-sized organism into several pieces with a single shot. The bottom-mounted Linegun appears to have been built with the sole purpose of cleanly dismembering organic tissue from a distance.
”Witness the Truth” Bundle
· Witness Suit: These insulated suits were worn by a SCAF deep dig team assigned to exhume the darkest secrets of Tau Volantis. Whatever they found locked deep in the ice changed them forever. When they emerged weeks later, they were covered head to toe in strange graffiti and claimed to be "Witnesses to the Truth.”

· Evangelizer Weapon: A modification of the standard AL-2 used by the Sovereign Colonies Legionaries, this version sports a souped-up AL-2g assault rifle on the top with an Emerson 2100 "Big Boy" tactical shotgun on the bottom. The surviving "Witnesses" of the SCAF deep dig team dubbed it the Evangelizer and decorated them top to bottom with strange symbols.
EA and Visceral have also unleashed a new trailer.

Not to be undersold, a few more screenshots have also seen the light of day.

Gamescom 1

Gamescom 2

Gamescom 3

The final revelation was the announcement of the release date. Gamers will need to stock up on fresh knickers and boxers when Dead Space 3 drops on February 5th in North America and February 8th in Europe.
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