Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announces Online Service

By SgtDigglesworth, 7 years ago
NAMCO BANDAI Europe recently announced a new online premium service for their upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The World Tekken Federation will not only allow gamers to better connect with fellow players around the world, it will also provide complete statistical breakdowns of the entire Tekken roster that will better explain the weaknesses and strengths of each individual fighter.

Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing for NAMCO BANDAI Games America, had this to say regarding the new service:

World Tekken Federation is a premium service that aims to connect players to the Tekken worldwide community in a way never before seen with a fighting game. Being able to unite the entire Tekken global community is an incredibly exciting initiative that will help extend the competitive nature of the series well past Tekken Tag Tournament 2's launch date.
To better understand what the World Tekken Federation is all about, here is a breakdown of the key components featured within the service, followed by a video.

Scout: The World Tekken Federation gives the vast Tekken community a centralized hub for all things Tekken. Participate in the forums to discuss character strategies, move sets and gain insightful knowledge from the community. Connect with Tekken players of all skill levels to join or create teams and track their personal or team stats against other teams as they make their way through the leaderboards. Team leaders will be able to recruit rising competitors in the community to create an all-star roster of players.

Train: The World Tekken Federation gives players access to a wealth of fighter stats to help improve their chances of defeating their foes in the King of Iron Fist arena. Players will be able to view and analyze their player card to gain insightful metrics pertaining to their entire battle history. Find out which character tag-team combinations work best, and which characters need more time with Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s robust training mode known as the Fight Lab. Players will also be able to extract valuable information about their opponents for the next time they meet in the ring.

In addition to the key components of the World Tekken Federation, you can also have a constant connection with the community, not only from home, but also from your tablet or smartphone. NAMCO BANDAI has not announced whether this service will be free or if there is an annual fee or a one-time fee. We will be sure to keep you posted for any information surrounding the new online service for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

With even more news surrounding Tekken still on the plate for today and ready for fans to gobble up, there is a new intro video, as well as the second part to the intermediate tutorial video from Level Up Your Game. Take a look.

The World Tekken Federation will launch the same day as Tekken Tag Tournament 2's release in North America on September 11th and on September 14th in Europe.

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